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Guide for Florida residents buying a property out of state

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It happens quite often. The perfect job offer comes in, but there is a catch. For example, it’s in California and you live in Florida. Successfully buying a home in a different state is certainly possible. After all, it happens all the time. But having to arrange many details from afar makes it a bit trickier than buying a home in your current state. First, you have to choose a house, then make an offer, and finally – close. Meanwhile, you’re living in another state. Such an undertaking requires attention and savvy. Our experts at Big Man’s Moving Company FL have come up with a guide for Florida residents buying a property out of state to help you navigate through it. The following tips will help assure that the deal goes easily. You want to end up with a house you’re proud to own.

Florida residents buying a prperty out of state, like the one in the picture, should plan the process carefully
Florida residents buying a property out of state need to approach the process with diligence.

Visit the destination

If it at all possible, visit the city you’re planning on moving to before buying a house. This way you can better evaluate the neighborhoods, culture, and amenities your new city comes with. It’s also a good idea to go on a few home tours while you’re there, even if you’re not prepared to buy yet. You’ll see the home styles in the area, and it might even help you sharpen the list of your must-haves a little more.

Florida residents buying a property out of state should learn about local real estate laws

Eery state, and often city, has different laws in regard to real estate. There are rules concerning disclosures, zoning, inspections, deeds, etc. All of these can affect your purchase. Therefore, try to find an experienced local real estate attorney.  They can explain what laws and fees your new property purchase may come with. They can be your guide for the various conditions, as well as any obligations you might have along the way. In addition, you can check with your city’s housing or planning department to learn more about local laws that could influence your purchase. You don’t want to hire the best interstate movers Florida has to offer, only to encounter a problem once you get there.

Hire a local real estate agent

Since you’re buying from another state, you’ll need an agent in the area who can keep an eye on everything for you. Pick an agent who is familiar with your specific city or neighborhood. Also, ensure that they’re tech-savvy. Video calls while they’re touring properties are very important for Florida residents buying a property out of state. You can get instant feedback from your agent. They can convey their impression of the home to you, all without you traveling back and forth. Don’t rush the choosing process. Interview as many people as it takes to find the right one. Moreover, try to get recommendations from local people, if you know any.

Person writing
Create a list of things your future property has to include.

Prepare a list of must-haves and secure financing

First of all, you need to know what kind of budget you’re working with. Getting pre-approved for your mortgage is an essential step. Decide what you’re comfortable with spending and stick to your budget. Include everything you managed to find out about the real estate laws. For example, when to pay property taxes. After that, make a list of all the things you absolutely need in your house. The more detailed the list, the easier it will be for your real estate agent to find you the right property.

Buy the property

After you have secured finances, researched the area, made a must-have list, it’s house-hunting time. Thankfully, the technology of the 21st century makes it easy for Florida residents buying a property out of state to find what they want. In order to evaluate properties from a distance, you can use:

  • 3D walkthroughs
  • virtual home tours
  • Google Street View.

And don’t forget to rely on your agent for help. As we’ve mentioned before, they can easily do a live video call from your top properties. When you’ve found the right property for you, work with your agent to negotiate, make an offer, and finalize the deal. If you’re planning on selling your current home, sell it before you can close on the new property. After that, you can proceed to schedule an inspection and start packing.

Florida residents buying a property out of state should hire professional movers

Now is the time to research movers and find the best long distance movers Florida has to offer to help you move. Moving across the country on your own isn’t going to be easy. If you can afford to hire a moving company, we strongly recommend doing so. Professional movers can help you with packing, heavy lifting, properly loading the truck. Also, they can handle long-distance transportation with ease. This way, you can look forward to settling in your new house without worrying about your belongings. When looking for the right movers, check the reviews, their websites and contact them in person to see how professional and accommodating they are. Compare estimates as well, and only after all that make your choice.

Two men holding cardboard boxes
Moving long-distance is more complicated than moving locally, make sure to find experienced movers to help you.

Florida residents buying a property out of state – bottom line

As you’ve seen by now, purchasing a house in another state requires careful planning. Multiple steps have to be taken if you want to do it successfully. Therefore, expect to put a fair amount of time and research into the process. Luckily, once everything is done, you’ll be in your new home. New adventures and experiences await you. Florida is, in many aspects, unlike most other states in the US. The hot climate, perpetually sunny skies, and endless golf courses are not easily found in other states. Florida residents buying a property out of state will most likely have to get accustomed to the new state. There will be things you’ll miss after leaving Lakewood Ranch. But those are the good kind of worries.

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