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Guide on packing a music studio

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    Packing a music studio is not an easy thing to do. This is a delicate process that demands a lot of care, caution, and good organization. But it can be done. You’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on your musical gear. Therefore, you will need to figure out some ways to rule out the chance of damaging your property. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a guide to help you pack all of your high-dollar equipment safely. However, keep in mind that hiring professionals, such as moving companies in Trinity Fl, who have experience this is always a better choice.

    Music studio gear.
    Handling your pricy music gear requires careful planning, caution, and care.

    Planning well ahead

    • Make an inventory. Typically, a music studio equipment includes guitar amplifiers, mixing stations, recording stations, cameras, microphones, computers, and musical instruments. Make sure to record all the objects that are on the shipping list. This will help you plan your next step.
    • Prepare the new studio. Loading your music studio into a moving truck is only the first part. You’ll need to prepare the new space as well. So, ask yourself this: is it ready to use? Make sure that you soundproof your studio. Also, measure all of your furniture. This way, you’ll have no difficulty fitting everything in the new space.
    • Enlist professionals. Packing a music studio requires a lot of nerves, care, and stamina. Therefore, booking professional packing services can help you with this daunting task.

    Packing a music studio

    Be very cautious about packing your music studio equipment

    Some things are difficult to move without professionals. Music studio equipment and furniture are very fragile. In light of that, you should treat it like it is a box of fine china. So make sure that you exercise caution when packing your music studio to avoid damaging your possessions. Sure, some things, such as a lost mouthpiece for a clarinet, can be easily replaced. However, if the transit does damage to the body of an instrument, it won’t sound how it should. Likewise, we guess that you would want nothing more than to keep certain parts of your studio safe. By this, we primary mean computers and hard drives full of data.

    Find appropriate containers and boxes

    Professionals, such as moving companies in Belleair, are sure to provide you with necessary materials. However, if you don’t want to use the company’s boxes, you should know how to pack some of it yourself. Packing these items must be a priority and handled with proper care. This means that you should first gather special packing supplies for protecting your furniture and instruments. These include boxes, cases, bubble wrap, and other padding materials. Also, you may want to label them so you know what is what and how many similar items you have.

    Use the original cases and packages

    Use hard-shelled cases for packing your music studio instruments.
    When packing your music studio instruments, their original cases are the best option.

    If possible, use the original packaging. Usually, instruments come in their cases. They are either with soft-shell or hard-shell. If your instrument has a hard case, you can rest assured that it will be safe. However, a soft case provides protection primarily from moisture and dust. So, some padding will be necessary. The same goes for packing the rest of the music workroom equipment. The original boxes will protect it during the move, but some extra layers are more than welcome. Bubble wrap is useful for small to medium items. For instance, stands, soundproofing panels, cables, patch panels, and racks can be packed in softer materials.

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