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Moving to Largo FL: pros and cons

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    Deciding where to move is one of the biggest tasks of your relocation. It will depend on many factors, such as your job, the family’s needs, and simply your preferences. Do you like hiking and mountains? Then maybe moving to Colorado is what you need to do. A fan of warm weather all year long and want to live close to the beach? Moving to Largo FL is a great option! If you are intrigued about living in this Florida city, read on to learn more about it. Big Man’s Moving Company Florida will always be ready to relocate you to Largo, whenever you wish!

    yellow van parked next to the beach
    When you move to Largo, you’ll always be minutes away from the nearest beach. Let us help relocate you safely, so you can fully enjoy this new chapter of your life.

    What should you know before moving to Largo, FL?

    The third-largest city in the Pinellas County, Florida, has so much to offer. It is one of those places that are small enough to not be overwhelming, yet big enough to have everything you may need. Nowadays, it has almost 100,000 residents and still doesn’t like a small town. A cool fact about Largo is that it is a sister-city to a Japanese city called Tosamayada, in the Kōchi Prefecture. Locals agree that one of the best things about Largo is its large library, with over 250,000 titles. This library has been around for over 100 years!

    man browsing books in a library
    If you love to browse around the library and pick your next beach read, Largo library is where you want to be. You’re sure to find a great book amongst its shelves!

    When researching about Largo, you’ll see that it has a very active community that’s focused on improving every aspect of your day-to-day life in this Florida city. There are regular City Council meetings that discuss and work on common problems that arise in the community. It’s a great place for senior relocation – over 30% of Largo’s population are residents who are 65+ years old.

    elderly man and woman on a florida beach
    Largo has a great community of seniors – that’s why it might be a perfect place for your retirement. They will welcome you with open arms!

    Think about your own needs before choosing a city to settle in

    Of course, as we already mentioned, Largo won’t be ideal for all. For instance, if you’re not ready for an average summer temperature of 90 degrees, then moving to Largo isn’t for you. Even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees. This is great for someone who isn’t a fan of extreme colds. Movers in Largo FL will be ready to relocate you whenever you wish, but we do have one tip for you. If you want to avoid the heat, consider moving in the autumn and winter months. It will still be warm enough and safe to drive. And you (and your movers) won’t be sweating in the hot Florida sunshine when moving your boxes! Moreover, moving in the off-season may be cheaper and better for your relocation budget. 

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