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Hillsborough vs. Pinellas County – which one is more popular these days?

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    If you are looking to purchase a property in either Hillsborough or Pinellas County, you might want to know a bit more about each area before you make a decision. When it comes to Hillsborough vs. Pinellas county, the major influencing factor is the property tax. Insurance comes into play, as well, but the property tax is the most important thing to consider. With the help of Big Man’s Moving Company, you will not have a hard time relocating to either county so you might as well see which one brings the most benefits. In this article, we are going to take a look at the property tax rate between the counties and provide you with additional information on both.

    Hillsborough vs. Pinellas County – Why choose one over the other?

    To start with, if you are like living near large bodies of water, Pinellas is a clear choice. Most of its area is near the water, after all. But, Hillsborough is larger and might provide more amenities and opportunities. It depends on what kind of lifestyle you prefer, really. When it comes to relocating to either area, you can utilize the same moving companies in Lutz for both counties. Where Pinelass is a more “out of the way” experience, Hillsborough provides easy access to downtown and the major beaches.

    Property tax

    If we were to look at the property tax alone, Pinellas would be the clear winner here. Hillsborough County has some of the highest tax rates in the U.S. However, it also has a rather high median home value. Despite the tax rate, the County is extremely popular. But the tax numbers are not to be underestimated. In 2015, the median property tax was just a dollar shy of $2100. This means that you may need to cut down on some services from movers Dunedin FL in order to account for this expense. On the other hand, Pinellas features a lower tax rate. In the same period, the median property tax was $1777. As you can see, that is a few hundred dollars that you can spend on anything else. You can easily hire more services from your movers, or buy something new and shiny.

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    Always look at the taxes before deciding on your new home

    Benefits of Hillsborough

    First of all, this County is a safe one, with plenty of great public and private schools. It features upscale apartments, as well as townhouses. The residents and the government keep the place clean at all times and the crime rate is rather low. You may want to consider hiring additional moving services so you can enjoy its lakes and parks as soon as you arrive. But the most important thing about Hillsborough is that the community is happy and friendly.

    Benefits of Pinellas

    Pinellas County has its own set of benefits. The job market is great, and it is really easy to land a job in this area. But the most fascinating about it is the towns. They look like something straight out of a book, and each one is a joy to visit. There are many fun things to do in this County, and you will be able to enjoy amazing weather all year round. Of course, there are all sorts of restaurants, parks, and other amenities easily available.

    In the “battle” of Hillsborough vs. Pinellas County, there is no clear winner. Both Counties have their set of benefits and the decision usually comes down to personal preference. You will not regret relocating into either of them.

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