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What are some quick repairs that can add value to your Clearwater home?

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Selling a home before moving is one of the most common decisions among people. They want to get as much money as they can and move somewhere else. But, in order to get as much money as possible, you should make some quick repairs that can add value to your Clearwater home. You will have more chance to sell it and for a better price. So, before you start making calls and start hiring residential movers Clearwater FL, be sure to learn how to make the most out of your current house.

What are the best quick repairs that can add value to your Clearwater home?

  • Change the color
  • Replace the door
  • Change the garage door
  • Changing the old windows
  • Trim your plants around the house
  • Place bifold doors
  • Replace the tiles
  • Make a fireplace

Change the colors

Changing the color is one of the most common things that people do when they want to boost their home. Of course, it does not have to be the whole house. It can be a tough job. But, what you can do is paint some crucial things around the house, like the door. The main door is an important part of any house and if it looks bad, you will most likely sell the house for a lower price. Handle this matter and you can increase the price!

a man painting a wall - quick repairs that can add value to your Clearwater home
Repaint your home and hide potential defects

Replace the door

There are many magazines where people have investigated whether the door makes an impact on the buyer. Every one of the magazines says that it makes a big impact and that you have a higher chance to sell your home for a higher price. Even though it may not feel like it, you should still do it. But, when doing it, you should use a more quality door. It should not cost you too much but you could make some extra bucks.

Change the garage door

Another thing that you can do is changing the garage door. You may not believe it but changing the garage door will boost your home’s value. This is a thing that can be done within a day but it could cost a bit. But, you should not expect to boost the value by doing nothing. You need to invest in something in order to gain something. If you are not willing to change the door, you can repaint it and repair it. It should still be good enough.

Changing the old windows

It may seem that this matter will take a lot of your time but it is just not true. In most cases, it will take up to one full day. This is one of the great spring home updates that will certainly help you sell your current home for a better price. This only applies if you have windows that are in bad condition and just attract unnecessary attention. If you have good windows, then you could sit and spend that extra money on something else!

Trim your plans around the house

By trimming your plans around the house, you will significantly boost your house’s value. If you are a first-time homebuyer in Florida, this is something that you should know. Just imagine that you go to look at a house whose yard is not trimmed. You will most likely be willing to spend less than you actually have to offer. It is the same with selling. You have to think about everything that will increase the value of your home. Even if it does not seem like it, you could just ask yourself what are the thing that is important for you when buying!

a house
Handle the yard around your home

Place bifold doors

Placing the bifold doors is a pretty great repair that will certainly add value to your home. It is a great solution for people who love plenty of light in their homes. Also, it is very common nowadays and there is certainly a reason for it. Homes that have bifold doors have a higher value than regular ones. The only problem here could be the lack of knowledge for something like this. You can try to install bifold doors by yourself or you can call a professional to handle it. It should not take a lot of time but it will certainly be useful!

Replace the tiles

Removing old and placing new tiles can sometimes be a time-consuming job. But, if you have the right help, everything can be done within a day. That is why we decide to place this on the list of quick repairs that can add value to your Clearwater home. The thing about tiles is that they make a story. Regular tiles are not that attractive nowadays and you should know that. It is natural that some tiles will come loose too. That is why you should consider replacing the tiles and increasing the value of your home!

Changing the tiles is always a good solution

Make a fireplace

In order to increase the value of your Clearwater home, you should think about making a fireplace. We all love them because they add to the atmosphere. You will not make a mistake if you try to do this. It does not have to be anything big or fancy. You can be sure that it will certainly make a change to the value of your home!

Doing repairs before moving?

If there is enough room, it should be done. Yes, you will have to spend money on your long-distance movers Florida, packing supplies, and on the repairs, but you can be sure that everything will return to you. If you want to sell your home, you can be sure that it will be sold for a pretty good price. Do not think that will be empty-handed!


You can see that there are plenty of quick repairs that can add value to your Clearwater home. But, you will not do all of them. You should always have a real estate agent that will make sure to inform you what is the best course of action. We hope that you will not have any problems during the period!

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