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How to create an inventory list for your move

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If you are going to move, it is a good idea to create an inventory list. There are a lot of reasons as to why this is so, and we will cover them all. However, mostly, this guide will be focused on what you should do in other to create a good inventory list and all the things you can do with it once it is done! With a successful inventory list, your move will be a lot more organized, and creating an inventory list is a crucial part of any move preparation. Furthermore, it is also crucial to take inventory when you are thinking about long-term and short-term storage. Therefore, without further ado, let us begin!

Why you should create an inventory list

Staying organized during a move with a Big Man’s Moving Company FL is key! The same goes for storing! This is because, while relocations might appear trivial at first, they are actually pretty complex affairs that require quite a bit of planning. After all, there are movers to pick, budgets to set, packing material to pick etc… All in all, there is a lot to be done, and sometimes we dong have the ideal 8 week period before the relocation that is most usually recommended to be dedicated for the relocation. Therefore, you need some help to stay organized during all of this.

create an inventory list - a living room
You do need a list to keep track of the packing?

Staying organized during moving is the purpose of an inventory list is for. Here are some of the advantages you will get if you make an inventory list:

  • Get the idea of what you want to move – By making a list of the things you are about to move you are also helping yourself in making a plan for the move. That way you will have all your needs on paper. Any additional services you might need will be made obvious and you will also have
  • Assess the state of the items – If you do the inventory list right, you can also use it as a general inspection for the state of the possessions you keep. That way you know the exact state of everything you have, knowing if something was damaged before or after the move, etc. Taking visual evidence, aka pictures, is recommended.
  • Insurance – If you create an inventory list you can also make sure you have all the information needed not only for the moving estimate but also for moving insurance you will no doubt want!

Pen and paper is always the best option

If you are going to be creating an inventory list for your movers in Trinity FL you better be doing it right! And, the right way of doing it is by writing it down! Now, it is not like we will force you not to use digitals methods of keeping track of your stuff. We are sure those work for some people. And yet, for most, it is simply best to trust the golden standard for list-making – a pen and a paper. By entrusting your list to a very concrete thing you can hold in your arms you are making it significantly less likely that you will miss some kind of detail.

notebook and a pencil
You can never go wrong with a notebook and a pen!

There is also something to be said about the writing of letters and the fact that it simply takes us longer to write stuff down. That added time is actually good since it adds time for you to think about what you are doing and you are making it more likely that you will remember what you wrote. Remember that during the list-making prior to your commercial moving Clearwater FL relocation it is crucial that you put things into separate categories.

It matters little what those categories will be. Be it the frequency of use or size or weight, or all of them. It simply matters that you do some sort of sorting when you are taking inventory in order to make your relocation immediately more organized.

Downsizing options

One way to lower the price of a move is to turn to downsize. In our time’s price of apartments is getting ever higher and the availability of space ever lower. That means that there is more than enough chance that you are actually going to need to downsize once you relocate to wherever that you are going. If you are making an inventory list, you are also at a perfect spot to pick what you should bring with you, and what you should downsize.


donation chidren hand
You can always donate!
  • Sell – Movings are not cheap, so you can also earn a little bit of money back. Be it online or in a garage sale. Simply sell some of the trinkets you don’t need anymore.
  • DonateAmerica’s top charities are more than ready to take in whatever it is that you are willing to give, furniture, toys, and clothes included. So if you are going to create an inventory list, make sure you keep the donation category somewhere in there.
  • Recycle – If you wish to help save the planet, and also possess something that is utterly useless and cannot be used in any way by anyone, why not recycle it? You can even earn a small amount of money for it.

Storage options

The additional option you have when downsizing is doing it on a relatively temporary basis. You can simply use storage facilities provided by movers in Largo FL to store whatever you don’t immediately need for later. Simple as that!

In summary

Hopefully, this has helped you create an inventory list that will serve you well! Our guide has been as short as possible. However, we are very much aware that often people are searching for these kinds of information once they desperately need it. So, if you are in a hurry we are going to present you with a quick summary. First off, when creating an inventory list, make sure you actually do it in writing. Make sure you categorize it to your liking and write down the packaging material needed. Finally, consider how you are going to downsize. Also, check if you are going to find yourself in a need for storage.

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