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How to decide between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg when planning to move to Pinellas County

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Pinellas County is a Florida gem located in the central part of the state’s west coast. With nearly 917,000 residents, the second smallest it’s in fact the most densely populated county in the Sunshine State. Youngsters and retirees, families, and businesses, all find it appealing and flock to some of its 24 municipalities to put their roots. If you’re considering moving to Pinellas County, rest assured, it’s a no-brainer. But then, how do you decide between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg? The local experts at one of the finest Clearwater moving companies have a wealth of information to share with you. At Big Man’s Moving Company we will not only facilitate your seamless transfer but we will help you with making an informed decision on which one has more to offer – Safety Harbor or St Petersburg? So, let’s dig in.

Moving to Pinellas County and how to decide between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg

Recently, people have been relocating to Florida in droves. Besides, Floridians are also on the move, as the Sunshine State does offer diversity in terms of quality of life. So, no matter if you’re moving here from another state, or shifting location within Florida, Pinellas County has captured your attention for sure.

A couple doing their moving research
To decide between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg, have clear preferences and expectations when relocating to Pinellas County

Taking a central part in the state, there are a lot of fantastic places that make up this beautiful county. Clearwater is the county’s seat, so consider looking up the best Clearwater moving services much before you up sticks. There are lots of fantastic places here offering a lot to fit anyone’s taste. Choosing the right one to settle in it will of course depend on a number of your personal preferences.

However, if you are weighing on how to choose between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg, you have come to the right place. Below we are listing the most useful info to give you the picture of what to expect from either of the two. So, compare them, match them with your personal lifestyle expectations, and you will be ready to pack for moving in no time!

Making your choice between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg – what are your expectations?

Do you prefer living in a big city and among larger crowds? Or are you looking to make a home in a rather small place with a calmer vibe? Are you moving your business along with your household? And will you be commuting to and from work? When choosing between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg, take all of these into consideration.

Either way, make a point to partner with the most trusted moving companies St Petersburg FL has, as this way you’ll be sure that your move will be a great experience, no matter which one of the two you settle for.

Before anything else, Safety Harbor and St Petersburg aren’t that far apart. It takes 30 minutes to get from one to the other, and both have an abundance of beautiful sceneries. However, St Petersburg is much larger than Safety Harbor. It has nearly 267,000 residents as compared to the 17,000 residing in its counterpart. Within itself, this will surely influence your experience in your home-to-be. Thus, factor this in and make it easy for yourself to decide between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg.

A residential home
Unlike St Petersburg, Safety Harbor provides calmer settings and a suburban feel

A brief introduction to The Sunshine City

Shining between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, St Petersburg is the largest city in Pinellas County. Its moniker, The Sunshine City, is pretty much self-explanatory. Surely, the nice weather isn’t the criterion by which to choose betwixt Safety Harbor and St Petersburg. Both are warm and sunny year-round. But, these are some of the main perks of St Pete.  

Here you’ll enjoy fantastic beaches, world-class museums, and top-rated restaurants and shopping venues. The downtown area is the beating heart of the city. In St Petersburg, you’ll find the largest collection of Salvador Daly’s works outside of Spain, in its namesake museum.

St Pete Pier is the local favorite for leisurely strolls and the beautiful Fort De Soto Park is the perfect backdrop for lots of outdoor activities in a verdant setting. Further, let’s see what its counterpart has to offer, and thus bring you one step closer to your final decision between St Petersburg and Safety Harbor.

The spring of the Holy Spirit at a glance

Perhaps the easiest way to determine between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg is to make up your mind on one thing. Do you like living in a more central, bustling city area, or you are after a suburban feel and calmer surroundings? If the latter one is your vision, then the spring of the Holy Spirit is the way to go.

Illusion by S. Daly
St Petersburg FL has a world-class arts and culture scene, as well as great outdoor activities

Safety Harbor is technically a suburb of St Petersburg. It’s located on the west side of Tampa Bay, and it gives you easy access to great beaches, and larger cities, including Tampa. This family-friendly place has some of the best events in the Tampa Bay area. And, you are sure to enjoy fantastic dining and shopping along its Main Street. If growing a family is your next big step, book your movers Safety Harbor FL with no hesitation. Picking either Safety Harbour or St Petersburg allows you to enjoy the perks of both, as they are a quick hop apart.

Decide between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg based on the cost of living

Now, we have come to that part which will likely be the deciding factor in your match between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg. For your convenience, here is a basic overview of the essential costs, and how they both compare.

  • Annual income. The median household income in St Petersburg is $45,000 per year. In Safety Harbor you can expect to earn around $58, 300 annually.
  • Home prices. Buying a home in St Petersburg comes at $284, 000. To do so in Safety Harbor will cost you $385,000 on average.
  • Overal index. On a scale of 100, St Petersburg scores 98 in terms of cost of living. Safety Harbor is rated with a score of 109.

In summary, these are the foundations to help you decide between Safety Harbor and St Petersburg, and which one to make your new home when moving to Pinellas County. So, take your lead from here, and partner with the most dependable movers in the area for your perfect relocation.

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