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How to declutter before moving to Florida

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    Over the years, things tend to pile up in our attics, basements, garages, as well as inside our homes. And, most of the time, it is a clutter we could actually do without. Furthermore, if the moment comes when we need to move our home to a different state, we realize how much of a headache the packing and schlepping of these items all the way to Florida could actually give us. So, why not declutter before moving to Florida? Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips.

    Why declutter before moving to Florida?

    Besides cutting down on your overall moving price, saving a lot of money on packing supplies, and making some extra cash on all of your surpluses, there’s a rather obvious point to consider. Why bother bringing something you don’t plan on making use of in the first place? For instance, if you’re moving to Bradenton, where sunbathing is a possibility even in months of January and February, why would you bring all of your heavy winter coats? All winter clothing you should have in your suitcases when your movers Bradenton FL arrive to load them is a light jacket. Plus, ultimately, one winter coat or jacket in case you plan on traveling someplace where the climate is colder.

    How to declutter before moving to Florida

    All you need is a plan, and here is how to do this:

    Devise a system

    An important thing to think about is how you approach this process. In order to properly declutter before moving to Florida, you will need to come up with a system. For example, try creating three piles. A pile that is going to your new home, a pile for recycling/selling/donation, and a trash pile. As you go through your belongings, drop each item into one of the three piles. For larger items such as furniture, you can use the color-coding system.

    Think about where your moving

    Most of the Sunshine state falls under a sub-tropical climate. Because of this, the summers are long and hot, and the winters are short and mild. Those moving to South Florida can plan less for wintry weather than those moving to North Florida. Clearwater is far enough south, for example. So, most of the time, you’ll only need shorts and tank tops. Moreover, it is very rare for snow to fall in the central and southern parts of the state. Therefore, there’s no need for Clearwater moving companies to move your snow boots or a parka, or your sleds and skis.

    Beach in Florida.
    When you consider the Florida weather, one of the areas to declutter before moving to Florida is your closet.

    Set priorities

    • Be honest with yourself. How much is it valuable to you? Will you be particularly happy to see it in your new home?
    • Be ruthless. Check for any duplicates, digitalize what you can, dump what’s broken, etc. Big Man’s Moving Company Florida will move you easier this way
    • Be practical. To declutter before moving to Florida, ask yourself the following questions. Is it worth the money to move it? What purpose does it serve? If you haven’t used something in a year or two, you most probably won’t in the future. On the other hand, someone else might get better use of it, so you can sell or donate those items before you move to the Sunshine State.
    Woman making decisions on how to declutter before moving to Florida.
    For most of us, decision-making is not easy. But, you have to be honest with yourself in these moments.


    You might need help to declutter before moving to Florida

    Some people find it more challenging to get rid of their belongings than others. So, whether it be a spouse, family member, friend, or organizational expert, it might be a good idea to ask for some assistance in purging before relocating to Florida.

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