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Moving interstate with kids: tips and tricks

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Moving is a great change for any family. Moving from an old home to a new one, parting with friends, and changing the way your children live – it can cause a lot of stress. Fortunately, we at Big Man’s Moving Company Florida know there is something you can do to prevent this catastrophic situation. In this article, we will talk about some basic principles of moving interstate with kids.

How to make moving interstate with kids easier?

While you may not be able to completely solve the problem, there are tips that can help make the process easier. Here are our top tips to help kids ease into the next interstate move.

Family moving interstate with kids
With these tips, you will make the whole process enjoyable for everyone

1. Get your kids involved in the move!

Between finding a new home, packing, and coordinating with your interstate movers Florida, it’s too easy to lose sight of your kids when moving. Our main recommendation is to involve children in the moving process whenever possible. Even the smallest task can change your kids’ feelings for their new home.

There are several ways to do this. Children can help you organize a yard sale or offer you three basic paint options for your living room walls. Or even help narrow down the homes you are considering. If you have small kids, there are tons of creative ways to repurpose the packing material and create moving day entertainment.

You can also have the children pack some of their boxes. As an extra tip, try customizing the labels on the boxes with your children’s names. And let them decorate their boxes with stickers – they will love it!

2. Use time to your advantage

In some cases, you may have months to prepare for the move. But in other cases, you may have several weeks. If you have time, use it to your advantage. Prepare your children for the move by giving them as much information as possible about your new home. For example, pictures of what their new bedroom will look like, where they will go to school or pictures of the local playground they will visit.

If you are moving on a short schedule, use the time in your old home to make a plan with your child about all stages of the moving process. They may have questions about what will happen. And you can assure them of all the exciting elements of moving to a new home.

3. Visit the place where you are moving

Not all parents will have the opportunity to visit a new location with their children before moving. If you can, plan a walking tour of your new neighborhood, city center, or new school.

Family walking
It can be quite useful to explore a new city before moving interstate with kids

Before visiting, grab a copy of your local newspaper and find out what kind of child-friendly activities are taking place during your visit. A visit to a local playground or recreation center can help open your eyes to a new area. Or, if you don’t have enough time to travel there, you can always check your new location on Google Maps. Moving with kids shouldn’t be a surprise.

4. Hire a child-friendly moving company

On the day you move, you will most likely be tied up with coordinating with your movers Wesley Chapel FL and packing that could leave your children out of sight during the move. There are several moving companies that have developed special arrangements for childcare on the day of moving.

Take a look at the website or blog of the moving company and see if they have special offers or services designed for kids. Some moving companies even pay for childcare services on the day of the move. Other moving companies have invented creative ways to involve children on the move day, such as providing a kit for children (such as coloring books and drawings) they can work with during the move.

5. Have a farewell party

Between your child’s last day at his old school, moving to a new area and making new friends, there are many questions about the move. A farewell party will help them say goodbye when they leave their friends and old home. Host a party at your old home as a celebration of your family’s time and invite your neighbors. Alternatively, you can throw a party at your new home and invite new neighbors.

Encourage friends to bring small souvenirs to the party so your kids can remember them when they move to a new city or school. They will make great keepsakes.

6. Minimize changes after arrival

It is important to minimize changes when moving interstate with kids, especially if you are moving with the really young ones. You may be moving to a new state, but you can keep things the same by customizing your bedroom furniture in the same way or by doing the same morning routines. Also, try to keep any traditions you had in your old home. For example, the family movie shows on Saturday or Sunday brunch. You cannot keep everything the way it was. But the little bits you save during the move can change the world for the better.

7. Prepare for the trip

Your kids probably won’t want to part with their favorite teddy bear or Nintendo for the next week. So make sure you pack a moving-day bag before you move. Explain that it can take a week or two to unpack all moving boxes, so they should keep whatever they want next to them in their moving bag.

Avoid fights and endless questions by investing in technology or inventing car games. Growing up, the long ride probably included many rounds of singing and bingo with license plates. If your kids are not interested in simple games, there is a solution. Today’s kids have car DVD players and electronic games to keep them company. If you have access to the Internet or a smartphone, searching for interesting places and entertainment in your new city can give your child great pleasure!

Box of macaroons
You can even pack them a special travel bag with snacks and a game or toy as a surprise upon arrival

When moving interstate with children, little things matter

Moving can seem overwhelming, especially when planning a move with children. Follow these tips to create a comprehensive plan for moving interstate with kids that can make all the difference. This way, your kids will be happy even during these difficult and stressful times.

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