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How to prepare your children for moving

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Moving is never easy, especially with pets and children. Fortunately, there are some ways you can prepare your children for moving. We have prepared a short guide with tips and tricks to help you with this issue. If you follow it step by step (or any steps, actually) we are certain that you will find that this is not as hard as it can seem. 

A few steps to prepare your children for moving

There are no definite rules you can apply for this procedure. Each move is different and every child is different. Fortunately for you, our guide can be applied to many situations. So, let us begin!

  • Talk to your children. Not surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to prepare your children for moving is to talk to them about it. Communication is the key and your children need to understand that you need to move away. Of course, this is not as easy as moving with pets, for example, but we are certain you can manage to do it without any problems. Let them know about the plans of the move and what you expect them to do while it is ongoing. Trust us, there is nothing better than this.
Two adorable kids drawing together
Make your kids busy while you plan
  • Get your children to help you out. This can be both fun and rewarding. Usually, moving is not a place for children, but we are certain you can find small tasks they can do to keep them occupied. For example,they can pack their favorite toys and things they have laying around in their rooms. They can also be a part of the move. Ask them about where would they like to go once you move and see their reactions. Find something to keep their interest, it will make it easier for both parties.

Depending on your choices and possibilities, you can do the following:

  • Hire a babysitter. This is a good idea if you wish to organize your move while someone else is taking care of your kids. For example, you can’t focus much if you need to take care of them yourself. Thus, prepare your children for moving by letting them know that a babysitter will take care of them for a day. Ask them what would they like to do and where to go and arrange that with your babysitter of choice. Your kids will certainly enjoy that more than staying home during the move.
  • Send them to relatives for a few days. You remember not having time to visit your siblings in New York? Well, this might be the perfect time for you and your children! While you are preparing the ultimate packing checklist, you can send your children on a short “vacation” over to your family. This might be one of the best ideas, if all parties agree, of course. That way your kids will certainly not miss out on anything family-related and you will have time to prepare for your move. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

Things to keep in mind while you prepare your children for moving

You need to understand that children are not like adults in every sense of that word. You cannot expect them to be still during the entire moving process, even if you talk to them about it. Children are children and they do things each and every one of us did when we were younger. However, being a child during the move (especially packing) is not a good thing. Depending on your child, your move might take a lot longer than you have anticipated. Moreover, you will have to take care of your children instead of helping your professional movers. This is not good for both sides.

Babysitter with kids
Prepare your children for moving by calling a babysitter

Fortunately, by understanding this, you can turn it to your advantage. For example, you can ask your children to behave while the packing is complete (if they stay at your home) and tell them that they will be rewarded later. Children love rewards, especially if they feel that they are well-earned. We are certain that, depending on the reward, your children will be on their best behavior during the move itself. You will appreciate that your moving company will appreciate that and your children will appreciate that. Everybody wins, right?

An easy way out of the problem

There are some “easy ways out”, but they highly depend on the situation you are in. For example, you can do the move while your children are at school, but this might not be the best idea. You need to be able to pick up your kids after and leave the house during the move. Moreover, your children will be tired of the road trip if they spent the majority of the day in their schools. Use the Internet and read a brief guide on long-distance moving and see how the entire process goes. Then, plan accordingly to that and include your children as well. A lot of things can be of help – use them all!

A moving company truck on the road
Long-distance moving is hard sometimes

Also, keep in mind that your children are not pets or animals. They are much more than that and thus they demand much more attention. You need to be certain that you will be able to keep them in check at all times during the move, no matter where they are. So, you need to have a good connection with your babysitter or to know them a long time. The same goes for your family or friends who might house your children for the duration of the move. Anything can happen, so it is always the best to be as vigilant as it is humanly possible!

What to do after you prepare your children for moving?

There is not a definite rule about what to do after you prepare your children for moving, unfortunately. A lot of things can change over time and it is, after all, up to you how you will process that information and act according to it. However, we are certain that you can find a way to keep all parties satisfied! Read a book and drink some wine while your children play in your new home, for example. You earned it!


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