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What not to wear on your moving day

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There are some things you should not have on your person on your moving day. Unfortunately, not many people know what not to wear when they move. However, we have prepared a short guide to help you out with this dilemma. We sincerely hope that you will find it both useful and interesting enough to stay until the end. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What not to wear during your move

There are several things you should never wear during your moving day. We have divided the items into the following categories:

  • Lower body clothing. When it comes to lower body clothing, avoid wearing something without pockets or baggy stuff. Also, avoid wearing something that limits your flexibility or is for cold climates. Your move will demand a lot of physical activity including crouching and picking up moving boxes. You would want to feel as flexible as possible. Surprisingly enough, your typical every-day jeans work the best for this type of move.
A person in shorts and slippers
Shorts and slippers make the top of our “what not to wear” list
  • Upper body clothing. Pretty much, the same as before. Something that limits your moving ability is definitely on the “what not to wear” list of things. You want to feel both comfortable and ready to work. Something for pockets like a training jacket will work just well. Only make sure that it is not very baggy.
  • Shoes. This is actually the most important part of this list. You can’t expect to do your move in sandals or flip-flops. You need to wear something that will both protect your feet from possible accidents and provide an unobstructed ability to move throughout the process. Some heavier sneakers or working boots will be perfect for this job! You can’t get ready for an interstate move in sandals, we are sorry!

Keep this in mind:

The most important thing is to wear something that will provide the necessary protection from possible accidents during the move, but in which you will not have your movement hindered. Also, keep in mind that you should feel both comfortable and ready to work. Thus, shorts might feel comfortable, but they are exactly the thing what not to wear during your move. Make sure that your clothing is also not new or of sentimental value. It can get dirty or damaged during the moving process.

A clothing rack
Clothes like this is comfortable, but not suitable for your moving day

Moreover, you need to understand that you are by no means limited to wearing everyday clothing during your move. The best idea would be to get a working suit just for that occasion. Knowing what not to wear is not the same as knowing what to wear, however. Some jeans and training jackets might not be fit for the job. Think before the day of your move comes – you have plenty of time.

What not to wear definitely!

There are some things you should never ever wear during your move. Before you make your ultimate packing checklist, consider taking off the items we will list underneath. The list is not long, but it is very important to have this in mind.

  • Jewelry. This might seem trivial, but wearing rings or necklaces might end up hurting you during your move. Those pieces of jewelry might get caught somewhere and end up hurting your neck or fingers. Prevent that by taking off every accessory that might end up hurting you during your move.
  • Baggy clothes. The rules for baggy clothes can be applied to those above as well. Baggy clothes can get stuck on something you are moving and you might end up tripping and falling and getting hurt. Your safety is concern number one. Thus, baggy clothing is definitely on the top of the list of what not to wear during your move.
  • Exposing clothing. If certain parts of your body are exposed, they might get hurt during the move. Moreover, there is a lot of dust during the move, so if you are allergic you might suffer an allergic reaction to the environment. Keep this in mind prior to your move. You will never see someone from a moving company exposed during their work. Learn from the best!

Additional information:

Some things can not only end up being bad for your move, but they can end up hurting you in the long run. Always make sure that your safety comes first and everything else can be settled when the time is right. Moreover, you need to keep this on your mind throughout the entire moving process. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so put your safety and safety of others in the first place. Everything else can be settled.

A guidebook
There is a guidebook for everything, check some about working clothes

Working injuries are not uncommon in this line of work. Moving is not easy and no one ever said it is. Thus, some work-related injuries may occur only based on the clothing you wear on your moving day. Moreover, you can avoid this problem easily by following our short guide. Your safety is our primary concern, do not do anything that might put it in jeopardy! Long-distance moving is not easy on its own, do not make it harder!


While someone might argue that it is not important what you wear, we assure you, this is not true! Knowing what not to wear is equally as important as knowing what to wear. This way, you will prevent some potential damage and make your move a much safer and better one. Furthermore, you need to understand that your clothing is as important as moving equipment. This means that you can’t do your local move without one or the other or both.

In the end, it is of crucial importance to understand that your safety is in the first place. Your clothing might influence that factor a lot. Please keep in mind that you must wear only clothing that is suitable for the working conditions and nothing else. We sincerely hope that you found this short guide useful and that you will refer to it whenever you need to move. After all, knowing what not to wear does not cross our minds often, but it can mean a world of difference when moving is concerned!

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