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How to declutter your wardrobe before the move

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Packing before a move is probably your most-dreaded moving task. Only when you begin to put stuff in cardboard boxes do you realize how much you actually own. That is why so many people choose to do some kind of decluttering before they begin packing their moving boxes. If you opt to declutter your wardrobe before the move, you will also help out your Belleair movers in a way.

How will you help them, you may ask? There will be fewer boxes to carry onto a truck, and therefore you will end up paying less money to the moving company. But more so, you will feel like you’re getting a fresh start completely:  a new house, and a decluttered life – what’s not to love?

two pairs of jeans on hangers
Decluttering your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean getting rid of everything you own!

Preparing to declutter your wardrobe before the move

Our first advice to you will be this: start by making a plan for how you’re going to approach this task. Think about which method you are going to use during the decluttering process and which items you might need to purchase. We know, it seems odd having to buy something if you’re trying to lessen the number of your belongings. But hear us out. Wardrobe boxes might just be very useful in this case. They come in various sizes, and have a metal bar on which you can actually hang clothes! This will make your relocation packing so much easier and more practical. By simply hanging them in the wardrobe boxes, and loading them onto a truck, you will be packed up in no time!

clothes sorted in a drawer
Approaching this decluttering task is so much easier and less daunting when you’ve got a great plan.

Declutter your wardrobe before the move like a pro

There are many methods to decluttering your wardrobe. It’s up to you in the end whether you will apply any of these or do it your own way. However, there is one that sticks out in recent years. KonMari method for decluttering doesn’t only apply to clothes, but it can be very useful for decluttering your wardrobe (and your entire house!) before you move. It will make you really think about what you want to keep and what you don’t really need.

hanged clothes in a closet
Once your wardrobe only contains items you actually wear and love, you will feel so refreshed and like you’re starting anew!

Make three piles in order to be more effective while cleaning out your wardrobe

While sorting out your things, it is a good idea to separate them in three piles:

  • What you will keep. These are items you wear regularly, throughout the year. Seasonal clothes also count, even though they might be in storage right now.
  • What you will toss. In this pile, there are clothes that have served their time. They either have holes or are damaged beyond repair and simply don’t have any use anymore.
  • What you will donate/sell. The rest of the clothes that you don’t want to bring, but are in good condition, go into this pile. It’s your choice whether you want to donate or sell these items.

In any case, when you get moving help in Clearwater, they can give you more tips on how to properly prepare for the move.

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