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How to move from Wesley Chapel to Odessa on a tight budget

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Moving costs depend on several factors. The main costs are the size of your move and the moving distance. However, there are many other costs. And, once you start planning your move, they will add up quickly. So, what to do when you need to move on a tight budget? First, to move from Wesley Chapel to Odessa, you will need about half hour drive. And, according to Big Man’s Moving Company FL, the average price for such a local move ranges from $400 to $3,500. In the case of a local move, the main cost is the size of the move. And, it translates to the number of hours and manpower needed to complete it. 

When you move from Wesley Chapel to Odessa, declutter as much as you can

Decluttering is very important when you move on a tight budget. The thing is that the lighter move will cost you less. Therefore, before the arrival of the moving company estimator, get rid of everything you don’t need anymore. Go from room to room in your home and check your possessions. That includes clothes, furniture, or any other item which you won’t need.

Once the estimator comes, he will make an inventory of the things you intend to move. So, he will be able to give you a rather precise cost calculation. Ask him to send you a copy in writing. And, that will be the base to establish your moving budget.

A women taking a photo on the beach after a move from Wesley Chapel to Odessa FL
Moving from Wesley Chapel to Odessa FL is considered a local move.

Drafting your moving budget

Drafting a moving budget is actually very easy. You will start with cost estimation. And, that is the highest cost of your move. To that amount, you have to add the costs like :

  • packing supplies
  • cleaning the house after moving
  • transfer of utilities, etc.

Simply said, just add up any moving expenses you can think of. In the end, you will know exactly how much money you will need. In case it is exceeding your saving, you will have to find ways to cut some costs.

Don’t forget the contingency fund

Your move between those two places will not be very long. Still, movers Wesley Chapel FL always advises the customers to have some contingency funds. Even with such a short relocation, some unforeseen things can happen. And that is the basic purpose of the contingency fund – to cover unexpected costs.

If you don’t spend the contingency fund, even better. That money will come in handy when decorating your new house.

With a tight budget for moving from Wesley Chapel to Odessa, it is good to make savings

Talking about savings, we already saw that decluttering will make the overall moving costs cheaper. But, you can also sell some of the things you are not taking along. Some of your furniture and clothes pieces will be in excellent condition. So, you can organize a yard sale. Or you can sell them online. In both cases, you can add up that money to your moving budget.

In case you are donating some things, contact the organizations that have their own transport. As they will come and collect donations, you will save up on fuel costs.

A couple calculating expenses
If you have to move from Wesley Chapel to Odessa on a tight budget, there are ways to save money.

Dont’s spend double on your utilities

You can try to optimize your utility end and start days in Wesley Chapel and Odessa respectively. That way, you will avoid overlapping the utility costs. Also, check the utility companies in Odessa. And see if you can get the best deals on your new utilities.

Consider costs of the DIY vs. moving company costs

For local relocations, people are often considering a DIY move. The general opinion is that such relocation is much cheaper. However, instead of following the general opinion, make your own research. In case you want to calculate the DIY move costs, you need to consider:

  • size of your move (more things, you will have to rent a bigger truck)
  • time of use (usually, you have to return the truck until a certain time. In case you are late returning it even for one hour, you will have to pay rental costs for one more full day)
  • daily labor (that you will pay per hour)
  • various moving and lifting tools (that you can buy or rent)
  • transportation insurance for your load
  • fuel
  • highway tolls

Calculated all those costs. After that, you can compare the DIY moving cost with the cost of hiring movers Odessa FL. People are usually surprised to see that the costs don’t defer much.

Ways to save when you are moving on a tight budget

Besides the already proposed ways of saving, we will here present several more. The main goal of the savings is to ensure a sufficient amount for covering the moving costs. Also, make sure to note down any income, or any expenditure from your moving budget. That way, you will know exactly how much money you have at your disposal. And, use this fund only for moving purposes. For example, for buying the moving supplies.

Getting moving supplies

There are several ways to get moving supplies cheap. Or even for free. You can get it from people who were moving recently. They are usually selling surplus supplies cheaply. Also, you can get moving boxes from local stores. This way, you may save a lot on moving supplies.

However, take only supplies which are in good condition. Dirty bubble wrappings or moving boxes wouldn’t be good for your belongings. You can also get excellent moving supplies from Pasco County movers, at affordable prices.

A person holding a moving box
Get moving supplies from people that have moved recently

DIY packing with help of your family and friends

When you are moving on a tight budget, you can do the packing yourself. Also, you can ask your friends and family to help you with packing. If so, make a packing plan. Explain to your helpers how to do the packing. Also, show them how to properly seal and label the moving boxes.

Move from Wesley Chapel to Odessa out of season and during the workdays

The moving companies are, in general, charging less when you are moving out of season. And, as you are moving from Wesley Chapel to Odessa FL, even in wintertime the weather will be nice. Moving out of season, even in case of DIY moves, you can expect less traffic. So, you will complete moving faster. Thus your costs for the truck rental will be lower.

Also, the moving companies are usually charging more for weekend moves. Therefore, you can expect lower prices if you are moving during the workdays.

When moving on a tight budget, you have to take care of expenses

You were wondering how to move from Wesley Chapel to Odessa on a tight budget. Well, as you can see, it is possible. It only demands a bit of discipline. First of all, you have to declutter. And to get rid of surplus items. And, you must consider the ways for saving on your moving budget. As we showed, there are several ways that can help you with this task. Applying them, you will ensure nice and comfortable relocation to your new home. 

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