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How to pack for a move to St Petersburg, FL

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Moving is a fun and at the same time troublesome business that needs the right approach. It is not enough just to hire professional movers and think that everything is ready. Although Big Man’s Moving Company Florida offers a variety of moving services, there is still a little more you need to do yourself. It is best to start preparing for the move at least 4 days in advance. In fact, it’s best to do this 7 days before so that you don’t forget anything. You will save yourself a lot of time, nerves, and money if you do everything right. One of the things you need is stress-free packing. Therefore, we decided to provide you with a quick guide on how to pack for a move to St Petersburg, FL.

What you need to pack for a move to St Petersburg, FL

For convenient packing, you will need cardboard boxes of all sizes and shapes. You should inspect the garage, storage room, and attic, ask friends for a couple of cardboard boxes. And if not enough, you can always find packing materials on sale. Old and new newspapers, bubble pack, or foam pieces are also suitable for this. You can seal boxes and torn corners with tape. You will also need heavyweight wrapping paper to safely wrap paintings and mirrors. Tie up a stack of books, drawers, and furniture pieces. Therefore, it will be more convenient to carry them from the apartment to the car and back.

Clothes for packing
You should pack clothes in boxes or fold it in large bags with sturdy handles that cost a penny

Books and dishes

First, grab items from open shelves and closets to make sure you have everything. Books and important magazines should be sorted by size and folded into small stacks wrapped in paper. Place the brown paper in a box, seal, and sign, then place it in a corner. Don’t lug around dusty physics textbooks or clippings from old newspapers. It is better to give it to a neighbor or local library.

Moving is a great excuse to get rid of unnecessary things. Set aside cracked dishes, cups with clogged handles, leaking pans, and other utensils that are not suitable for further use. They can later be thrown away, adapted for bowls of stray cats, or given to children to play in the sand. And if you have something that can be useful, but you simply don’t need it, you can donate it to a charity. The rest should be wrapped in newspapers and easily packed in bags. Place large pots and pans on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Place cups and plates inside, with paper or soft cloths in between. For crystal and other fragile items, take a separate box so that valuables do not turn into shards of glass during transport.

Clothing and cosmetics

Take out your clothes and sort them by season. Put aside jeans that were small ten years ago. Things that no one is wearing should be given to friends or taken to an orphanage. If it’s summer, first pack your winter jackets and spring jackets, put terry robes and fleece pants in your handbags. In a separate compact bag, store the clothes you will need in the coming days, linen, and towels.

Pack cosmetics, detergents, and other hygiene products in cellophane bags separately from shoes and clothing. Bottles, even well clogged, can open at any time, and then you will have to wash off your favorite blouse from eau de toilette or massage oil.

Man playing with packing peanuts
These are some small tips on how to pack for a move to St Petersburg, FL

Small household appliances

You can pack the hairdryer, electric kettle, microwave oven, and curd bar in individual boxes. Or you can put them in one large box, separating each item with a thick paper wall or bubble pack. An alternative is to wrap it in terry towels and put it in bags. It is necessary to arrange all objects as compactly as possible so that there are no empty corners. Stuff the empty spaces with balls of newspaper. You can also use folded socks, curtains, and other soft items that don’t take up much space.

Large furniture

When transporting sofas and cabinets, there is a main rule: disassemble everything, and then reassemble it. Stickers and a marker come in handy here. When disassembling the headboard, be sure to note where to return it. If the house has several similar lockers with removable doors, you can designate the details with numbers. If you need to move valuable large items, you should hire people from moving companies St Pete who are trained to do that.

Large home appliances

When moving large appliances, it is best to take packing services Clearwater FL. But, if you decided to do the packing yourself, we have some advice. Pack your refrigerator, washing machine, and other large appliances in the factory boxes. If you don’t have them or they are unlikely to survive the move, use new cardboard boxes. Wrap the devices with bubble pack, fill the empty space inside with expanded polystyrene. Finally, use tape to hold the top together in several layers. So you can be sure that you pack for a move to St Petersburg, FL safely. Be sure to pay attention to where the bottom is so as not to turn the refrigerator over.

Fragile box
Do not forget to label everything, especially if it is fragile

The nuances of packing for a move to St Petersburg, FL

  1. Put your shoes in boxes or wrap them in plastic bags, and then compactly pack in a suitcase or travel bag. Leave only one pair of shoes or boots for each family member.
  2. Clothes that cannot be folded should be wrapped in covers and placed in a long drawer. This will simplify packing.
  3. Free kitchen cabinets from packages of cereals and spices before packing your pantry for a move. You can put the seasoning bags and tea jars in the kettle, and put the rest in a separate box. You should not mix food with cosmetics, clothing, or tools.
  4. Twist the rugs into tubes, tie them on both sides, and in the middle with a rope. After that, load them into the truck.
  5. You can sign the boxes with numbers, making a list on a separate sheet of what is under what number. This can really make a difference when you pack for a move to St Petersburg, FL.
  6. The truck is first loaded with items that are resistant to mechanical damage. Place boxes of crystal and other fragile items on top. It is desirable that boxes and furniture are sealed and do not sag when the truck turns.

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