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How to pack your clothes for a long distance relocation

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Packing your clothes for a move is a very time-consuming process. Every single item you possess must be properly wrapped and protected. And that can be a very overwhelming experience. To help you with the packing process, we gathered a few tips and advice in this article. Check out our tips and you’ll find out how to pack your clothes for a long distance relocation. It doesn’t have to be so hard with a little organization and preparation. Follow these simple rules and you’ll pack like a true professional. 

Pack your clothes for a long distance relocation like a pro

If you moved before, you must know a few basic things about packing by now. On the other hand, if it’s your first time, then you should research the topic and seek some advice. Long distance movers Clearwater FL can help you with your furniture and bulky items, but you can easily pack your clothes on your own. This can take some time but it will save you some money. Most people leave packing clothes for the end and just shove them up in random boxes and bags. However this will complicate unpacking, and you don’t want that. If you pack well for the move, there will be no delays at the end of it. 

A woman sorting clothes.
Sorting is a crucial part of packing clothes.

Declutter and sort your clothes

This part is crucial because it can reduce the number of boxes and items you’re about to move. And that can reduce the cost of the relocation. So, be thorough and sort your things in detail. The common rule is to “keep, donate, or throw”. Start room by room, and sort clothes in piles. First of all, toss every damaged or stained piece of wardrobe. After that, separate things you didn’t wear lately. There is no chance you’ll wear them any time soon either. However, someone else maybe would. If they are gently handled and preserved, save them for donations. Your children’s overgrown clothes can go there as well. The rest of the clothes sort by room or season, or person. Don’t forget to tag the boxes once you pack them. Moving companies Clearwater FL can take over your relocation from there. 

Learn how to pack your clothes for a long distance relocation

After downsizing and sorting your clothes you can start packing. There are several ways to pack your clothes, depending on your time and your budget. Either way, you’re gonna have to get some moving supplies. And we know where to find the best moving supplies Florida can offer. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy crates and boxes, we can suggest a few ideas in that case as well. 

  • The easiest way is to pack clothes with the hangers. You can buy wardrobe boxes and simply hang everything from the closet to the boxes. You’ll unpack easily as well, and your clothes will remain ironed and with no wrinkles. They are a bit pricey, so consider buying just a box or few, just for delicates.
  • Folded clothes are easy to pack. You can either flat them and fold them and place them in boxes. Don’t forget to tape them and tag them. Jeans and sweaters can be packed this way. Or you can roll them and place them in bags. This is a good way for packing shirts, for example.
  • Vacuum bags are another very practical way of packing clothes. Especially useful for seasonal wardrobes, like winter jackets and ski pants. You can use them for all your clothes as a matter of thing. 
  • When it comes to packing on budget, you can even use regular garbage bags. Then you can either fill them with clothes or make a hole and pull through a hanger with clothes on it. An easy and practical way of packing, and on a budget. 
  • You can even leave your clothes in drawers, just make sure you secure them well with tape. 
  • Your old suitcases and bags can be a very handy and practical solution for packing clothes.

How to pack shoes for relocation?

Putting all shoes in one big box may sound like a good idea and easy way but it’s not. Shoes can be easily damaged and scratched during transport. To avoid that, stuff them with crumpled paper to preserve their shape. As for more delicate pairs of shoes, you can even wrap them one by one and place them in matching boxes. It would be ideal though if you saved original shoe boxes. Another way is to place them directly in hardshell suitcases. That way you can be sure they will be safe during the transport. Don’t forget to clean them and dry them before packing. You can entrust your relocation to Clearwater movers and be sure your shoes will arrive intact.

A woman packing shoes in cardboard box.
Pack your shoes in matching boxes.

General tips for packing clothes 

Packing clothes for relocation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Do all your laundry a week before, or do dry cleaning. Make sure everything is clean before packing. Sort before packing, and decide what to keep and what to donate. You can sell trendy and preserved pieces. If you are ready to declutter your closet try Vinted. Prepare a bag of essentials to use the first week before you unpack the rest of your clothes. Gather moving supplies. Find your suitcases and bags and find some more cardboard boxes. Pack with hangers whenever is possible. Sort by season or person, and label the boxes. Pay attention to delicate and sensitive fabrics. Always pack your shoes separately if possible. 

A woman packing her suitcase.
Learn how to pack your clothes for a long distance relocation.

How to pack your wardrobe for moving without stress

Wondering how to pack your clothes for long distance relocation? It can be fairly easy if you follow our tips. Just start early so you can give yourself enough time. That way you’ll avoid pressure and stress when you face the pile of clothes that awaits you. Get rid of the surplus right away and then work by stages, one by one. Pack and tag, and that’s all to it. 

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