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How to prepare your home in Florida for sale

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You are planning to move out of Florida soon, but you have a house, and you need to sell it before leaving. It might look like an easy task at the first moment. But is it? Putting a sign “For sale” in front of the home is far from enough. You will need to decide the selling price of your home before any further action. Moreover, you should check the housing market in your area and see what the prices of other homes are. Besides, in order to get a good price, you will have to do some work. Your house might need cleaning, repairing, and staging. And you will need to depersonalize it too. Once you prepare your home in Florida for sale you can contact Big Man’s Moving Company FL and ask them to help you move your furniture to your new address or a storage unit.

To prepare your home in Florida for sale, check the housing market

First and foremost, you have to find out about the value of your home. You can start by visiting the local real estate websites. When checking the sales figures in your neighborhood, pay attention to the price of the square foot. Here are also several other things to pay attention to:

  • condition of the property listed for sale
  • location of that property

This can give you a general idea about the asking price. However, your house could be in a better location. Or could have better access. If so, your asking price should be higher. But to be fully sure, it would be good to hire a reputable real estate agent.

a real estate agent touring the family inside a house telling them the best ways to prepare your home in Florida for sale
The real estate agent will give you useful advice on how to prepare your home in Florida for sale!

Hiring a good real estate agent is key

When you are hiring an agent, your goal is to have someone help you. So, you need to be sure that the agent is competent. And that you will not be disserved. Therefore, to choose a real estate agent, you have to pay attention to several things. During the interview, ask the agents about their experience in your neighborhood. Also, check their connections to potential buyers, and their social media expertise. The good agents should also come up with a selling plan for your home, and a plan on how to prepare your home in Florida for sale.

Well, the best would be to get the agent recommended by your friends or relatives. Maybe they were already using the services of a certain person. And, in case they were satisfied, you can contact that agent for your case too. You can also ask for recommendations from moving companies Largo FL. They are cooperating with real estate agencies. And they should be able to direct you to a reliable one. 

Reasons to stage your Florida home before selling

The main reason is that your home should be more attractive to buyers. A well-staged home, you will also sell much faster. And finally, you will achieve a better selling price. However, there are some things that you will have to keep in mind when staging. First, you shouldn’t invest too much. The maximum investment for staging should be no more than 3% of the total hose value. 

When staging your home, you will have to:

  • add several attractive furniture pieces
  • move away surplus things from the house
  • rearrange furniture
  • do throughout the cleaning
  • do necessary repairs
  • make the house appear brighter and more spacious
  • paint walls using neutral colors
  • remove personal items, like photos, etc.

For listing your Florida house, you will need some good, eye-catching photos. The real estate agents will advise taking those photos after staging. Also, it would be good to hire a professional photographer to take the photos.

a bright kitchen
Home staging is very different from decorating

Staging is very different from decorating

Although staging and decorating are different, many people are mixing them up. The difference between those two is in the final effect and purpose. Decorating, people are adding paintings, interesting figurines, bookshelves, etc. The aim is to have a comfortable space to their liking.

On the contrary, staging your home for sale, you have to make it appear depersonalized. It has to be nice, attractive, and appealing. But you have to make buyers able to mentally add their personal touch to the space. And for that, the house has to be without your private belongings. The best would be to rent the storage unit and temporarily move some of your belongings there. You can even hire movers Bradenton FL to transport them for you.

To prepare your home in Florida for sale, start with decluttering

By having too much furniture inside, each of your rooms will appear smaller than it actually is. And the buyer will have a general impression of the messy and untidy home. As a matter of fact, something like that will make them turn around and leave. So, to attract potential buyers, get rid of all surplus items. Especially take care to move away all furniture pieces with are torn and scratched. Or damaged in any other way.

Get several extra furniture pieces if necessary

While decluttering, some of your rooms may appear too empty. In that case, you may purchase several nice pieces. They don’t need to be expensive. And you may be surprised how nice, and well-preserved things you can buy in second-hand shops. As well, you will have to organize their transport to your home. If so, count on reliable movers Dunedin FL. They can also help you to move the pieces to the respective rooms. And, skillfully positioned, the furniture will make your home look bright, light, and more spacious. Also, keep in mind that the potential buyers will be mostly focused on the appearance of the master room, kitchen, and living room.

a Living Room
Too much furniture makes a room looks smaller

Prepare your home in Florida for sale and impress your buyers by re-arranging the furniture

People have different tastes. Some prefer classic furniture. Some enjoy modern lines and shapes. You can’t do much there. You can mostly concentrate to arrange furniture nicely. And can take care that the furniture matches each other, without mixing different styles. However, while arranging furniture, you may decide to move some pieces to different rooms. For example, the big sofa could look much better in the living room, and moving it from the guest room is not an easy task. It is heavy. So, you can’t pull it yourself. During the process, you may even destroy the flooring. Therefore, it could be much wiser to get the labor only services FL has to offer.

Strong colors may chase away your potential buyers

So, when it comes to colors, you have to be careful. People may have really special preferences when it comes to colors. However, experts noticed one regularity. No matter what shades they like, no one will particularly mind neutral colors. If necessary, repaint your home using bright colors. That investment will pay off in the end. And since a larger number of buyers will be interested, be sure that you will sell the house for a better price.

Your Florida home has to be spotless

Before you list your Florida home for selling, you will have to give it a deep clean. Try to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Entering the house with stained walls, a dirty kitchen, and messy rooms, you won’t have a wish to see seeing the rest of it. Therefore, every single surface in your home has to be clean. We already pointed out how important is to have another coat of neutral color on walls. The same goes for doors and windows. Inspect them for any possible damage and fix them. Painting windows and doors will also give your Florida house an extra touch.

Also, make sure that all premises in the house are cleaned properly. Although the buyers will concentrate mostly on several rooms, they will also spot any poorly maintained surfaces in the other rooms. Cleaning, pay special attention to kitchen and bathroom. They must be absolutely spotless. If it is hard for you to complete this part, hire professional cleaners. And, if you have a problem finding some, ask your moving companies in Belleair. They will be able to recommend you several cleaning agencies.

Bathtub in a stylish bathroom
When potential buyers come, your bathroom must be spotless

For how long would you stay inside the bad-smelling house?

Yes, your Florida home could be nicely staged. It could look bright, clean, and spacious. But, when you have buyers coming to check it, the air inside it has to be fresh. Nobody will be interested to check the house that stinks. So, be sure that you regularly ventilate all rooms during the sale period.

Also, adding some air fresheners will make the house feels more appealing. Doing so, you don’t need to really hide the fresheners. But you can place them in less conspicuous places. Also, avoid using strong fresheners, such as those of tropical fruits scent. Like with colors, it is better to choose something neutral. Something that just will enhance the overall sensation of the house clearness.

Check everything that has to be fixed at your Florida house

Houses in Florida are strongly exposed to elements. So, everyone living there knows how necessary it is to check the house exterior regularly. And how often you have to fix damages caused by sand and salt. So, when getting your Florida house ready for selling, check for exterior damages. The last thing you need is to leave an impression on buyers that you were not taking care of your home.

Also, you should fix everything inside and outside your house. For example, you will not bring the potential buyer inside the bathroom with leaky faucets. After noticing what has to be fixed, it would be good to hire a handyman. That will speed up the repairing process. And you are probably not qualified to fix plumbing works. Or the electric fixtures. Moreover, you probably don’t have the proper tools for fixing carpentry, running toilets, or squeaky doors.

While preparing your Florida home for selling, you can decide to sell some of your furniture

Moving out of your Florida house, you probably already have a place where you intend to move. So, checking the things, you may realize that some of your furniture will not match your new home. Some pieces could be new, or they can be of a high value. But they may be simply too big for your new home. So, you can sell them.

Or you can decide to present them to your good friends. For sure, you have friends who loved some of those pieces. You can hire movers Lutz to help you move those items to your friends’ homes. That will certainly pleasantly surprise them.

House with Green Grass Lawn
The potential buyers will pay attention to your home surroundings

Preparing your Florida home for the market is not ending with the house’s interior walls

To sell your house faster in the state of Florida and get a better price, you also have to take care of your porch, loan, and front and back yards. Be sure, the potential buyers will pay attention to your home surroundings. And, approaching your home, that is the first thing they see. And we all know how the first impression is important. So, your lawns, hedges, and trees have to be neatly pruned. In case you have flower beds in the yard, make them look good.

When you prepare your home in Florida for sale, decide what you are going to do with the porch furniture

Nice porch furniture can greatly contribute to the attractive appearance of the house. So, when you prepare your home in Florida for sale, don’t forget this detail. First, give your porch furniture the proper cleaning. Doing so, inspect every single piece. In case of finding cracks or some other damages, try to fix them. If that is not possible, replace those pieces. Don’t forget to ask the moving companies Palm Harbor FL to help you. At your request, they can take away the old pieces, and transport the new pieces from the store.

a person packing a chair
Don’t forget to replace your porch furniture too!

Staging your Florida home for sale doesn’t need to be expensive

We have presented here the main reasons why it is good to prepare your home in Florida for sale. And we know now that the main reason is to make your house attractive to buyers, and, to get a better price for your property. Therefore, when staging your home for sale, you actually have to make some minor corrections. You don’t need to spend too much money on staging. Concentrate, first of all, on fixing the damages. And that would be the most expensive part of preparing the house. All the rest you can do with smaller funds, a little bit of imagination, and redistribution of furniture around the house.

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