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In-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for in 2022

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Those selling a home in Florida should know what the potential buyers want. And, what are the in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for in 2022? First, buyers want more spacious homes. About 46% of them are looking for four-plus bedroom homes. And, about 34% of the new buyers are looking for homes with at least three bathrooms. Besides, there is one of the trends that we could confirm with Big Man’s Moving Company FL. Recently, they have been moving many customers to suburban locations. According to other sources, such a trend is a result of the recent pandemic. In case of being asked to remain at home again, people want space and in-home commodities. Having their own laundry room, and a home office, are just some of them.

In-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for in 2022

It becomes obvious that a lot of Millenials (36%) and Gen X-ers (34%) have changed their preferences when it comes to home buying. And sellers should count on these two groups. Currently, they are the largest group that is looking for their own real estate. Both groups also have an eye toward energy efficiency.

So, if you are selling, consider investing in a home before listing. This can pay off many times over. Offering in-demand features you will attract more Florida homebuyers. Thus, you will be able to sell faster. And to get a better selling price.

Spacious Interior with Fireplace and Shiny Wooden Floor as a symbol of In-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for
Florida homebuyers are looking for a spacious interior.

Top features that Florida homebuyers are looking for

As per the experience of the interstate movers Florida, not all people like the same things. However, when it comes to houses in Florida, most potential buyers agree on several points. So, this is a list of features that most of them want for their new home.

  • Renovated and nicely looking kitchen
  • Modern and functional bathroom
  • Spacious, open floor plans
  • Low-maintenance features
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Own laundry room
  • Big patios
  • Large garages with storage space
  • Exterior lighting
  • Spacious, walk-in pantry

Renovate your kitchen to make it adorable at the first glance

About 81% of possible buyers are resolute that the kitchen has to be renovated. And it has to be appealing too. The modern look of the kitchen is a must. Otherwise, many buyers would simply turn away and leave. However, to get your kitchen look appealing, you don’t need to invest a fortune. For example, in an area where a house’s asking price is $300,000, you won’t invest $100,000 to remodel your kitchen. So, how to do it?

Consider repainting the walls

The kitchen is the most expensive room in your home to remodel. So, try to get the best effect by making the least investments. For example, a fresh coat of paint will make your kitchen look bright and clean. However, before you apply the nice, bright color on the walls, inspect them. Make sure to sand out uneven spots, and fill the nail holes. And to plaster the cracks. The paint alone will not cover them.

Also, in case your kitchen is too small, consider taking down a wall. Connecting the kitchen with the dining room will make it look spacious and inviting. Also, rearranging the layout can make a miracle. Besides looking nice, a kitchen must be functional. 

Renovation equipment in loft style flat.
Renovate your Florida kitchen to make it adorable.

Repaint the existing cabinets

New cabinets could easily account for 40% of the kitchen remodeling costs. So, in case your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition, consider repainting them. That option is much cheaper. And after repainting, they will look clean, fresh, and new. Also, take care of countertops. They also have to be redone. In case they are damaged, you’ll have to replace them. You should also replace the old sink. No repainting will really make it look better.

Additional kitchen renovation tips

It will be good to replace the faucets with modern ones. Also, add some additional lighting. Check all sockets and switches, as well. If they look old, or they are broken, replace them. Besides all mentioned, make sure that your kitchen flooring is nice and in good condition.

Applying such remodeling and upgrades, be sure that you will close the deal very soon. And that moving companies Bradenton FL will soon bring the new owners into your house.

Modern and functional bathrooms

Besides paying attention to the kitchen and living room, most buyers will carefully check the bathrooms. Therefore, make sure that the bathrooms in your home are in good condition. How much you will have to invest in bathroom renovation will depend on its condition. If the bathroom is modern and recently renovated, it will be enough to apply a thorough cleaning. And, you will maybe need to replace cabinet knobs, towel racks or rings, or some other minor things.

However, in case your bathroom is old, you will have to renovate it completely. No cosmetics will be able to make the outdated bathroom looks new. And thus appealing to your buyer. The truth is that you will have to invest. But, that investment will be returned to you. Such a modern bathroom will increase the market price of your house. 

Spacious, open floor plans are among the in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for

The basic thing the homebuyers are looking for is more living space.  Especially the first-time home buyers. In case they were renting apartments before, the whole idea of buying a house is to upgrade the previous living arrangements. Besides the modern kitchen and bathroom, Florida homebuyers desire open floor plans. Therefore, as a seller, you should have this in mind. So, walk through the house and try to figure out if taking a wall of two will make a significant change. That is not as expensive as it might look so. And, on the other hand, it will add to the value and the appeal of the house.  In fact, the less-confined homes are in – demand by buyers of all ages. Living surrounded by such beautiful scenery, the buyers love being able to see it from most parts of their new home.

Modern, spacious kitchen with light furniture -as a symbol of In-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for.
In case your kitchen is too small, connect it with the dining room.

All generations love open space plans

Noting is strengthening the family bonds like spending time together. Regardless of what they are doing, they will share one space. So, having some family members cooking, learning, or watching TV, the open space will allow them to easily communicate at all times. 

Organizing a home office

Maybe the buyer is working from home. This type of work become popular during the pandemic times. But, no matter that the pandemic has passed, this way of working has remained. And it gains in popularity. Or the buyer is a home-based business owner? In both cases, they will need a big space, like two rooms combined into a big one. That will give them excellent space to organize their office, soon the commercial moving Clearwater FL bring their office equipment.

Low-maintenance features are also in-demand by Florida homebuyers

With real estate prices rising fast due to the recession, home buyers are often looking for houses with low-maintenance features. Nowadays, many are finding it hard to handle the down payment, monthly mortgage, and regular house maintenance costs. Therefore, the houses requesting low-maintenance costs, are more in demand in Florida.

How to make your home appealing without spending a fortune?

As the homeowners selling the property, you don’t need to spend too much installing such features. For example, you can change the ordinary with LED lights. The LED lights last longer. And they spend less energy. You can also use:

  • Washable paint finishes (so in case the wall gets stained, it can be easily washed)
  • Engineered hardwood flooring (they are more durable than ordinary wooden flooring, and can be easily washed)
  • Composite exterior siding (many come with a 30-year warranty ensuring the longevity of your exterior siding)
  • Composite decking at terraces and patios
  • On-demand water heaters (using them can reduce energy use by 24% to 34% compared to traditional water heating)
  • Using good quality plumbing fixtures (faucets, sinks, baths, and showers) that are durable and will last longer

Saving money on maintenance is a strong selling point, and such a house will not be listed for long. And, all low maintenance improvements will increase the listing price of your house.

Energy efficiency is among the in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for

Sellers are usually advised to add energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. So, in case you are selling, you will sell the house much faster. And naturally, for a much better price. For example, you will have to use the AC to keep the house cool. So, with double-paned windows, it will be easier to maintain the desired temperature inside the house. And therefore, your buyer can expect lower electricity bills. The proper house insulation will also save a lot on their energy bills. 

Reliable wireless connectivity is important to many buyers

As we could already see, many people are working from home. So, reliable wireless connections are very important to them. You also have to keep in mind that many Florida home buyers belong to the group of people who want a home to meet their technological demands. So, a strong internet connection is not a luxury anymore. It is rather a necessity.

Women working retouching photos on a laptop at a convenient workplace.
To make your home office operational at all times, you must have a reliable wireless connection.

People working from home will also need a good internet speed. Therefore, before listing your home, make sure to meet all those requirements. Otherwise, your home will grow stale on the market. And that’s not what you want. You need to sell the home fast, hire packing services Clearwater FL, and move on.

The Florida house you want to sell must own a laundry room

Checking the priority lists of the in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for, it is easy to notice that the laundry room is always at the top. Some statistics show that 91.0% of Florida home buyers want laundry rooms in their new homes. And, such a room must have a space for a washing machine, a dryer, and some extra space for ironing.

The reasons for this demand might be various. Having a separate room for ironing will keep the rest of the home tidy. Also, most of the people who were living in apartment buildings are probably tired of using shared, communal laundry rooms.

A big patio is one of the in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for

About 87.0% of today’s buyers want to buy a home with a patio. Maybe that is not a surprise to Florida people. They love spending a lot of time outside. And, building a patio, unless you already have it, is not so expensive. Nor it is demanding. And, if such a feature will sell your hose faster, it is wise to make it.

Terrace with comfortable couches and armchairs around a table.
A big patio is one of the in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for.

Large garages with storage space

About 85.0% of today’s Florida home buyers demand that the house must have a garage. And it has to be spacious. Usually, they are later dividing the garage into separate departments. One is to keep a car in. The other garage department they like to use as home storage. Sometimes for extra belongings brought by Tampa movers from their old home. Or for some other purpose. Needless to say, if you have such a Florida house for sale, you will find a buyer soon.

Conveniently placed exterior lighting will sell your Florida house fast

First of all, the exterior lighting is functional. It is enabling residents to easily approach the house in the evening. Also, walking around the yard without lighting would not be an easy job. Not even to mention organizing a party. Or inviting friends for a barbeque. Moreover, it is adding to the house’s look during the nighttime. And, the exterior lighting is also an added safety feature.

Spacious, walk-in pantry

When it comes to in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for in 2022, we can see that everything revolves around as much space as possible. Therefore, in case your house has a spacious, walk-in pantry, be sure that it will attract many possible buyers. And, that your house will not stay on the market for a long time. It is more likely that Clearwater moving services will bring the new owner’s belongings soon. And that you will be free to continue with your plans.

Well-designed backyards are also in-demand

So, in case you are selling a house, make sure it has all or most of the in-demand features Florida homebuyers are looking for. By meeting the wishes of home buyers, be sure that your house will be sold fast. So, the sooner it is sold, the sooner you will be able to proceed with your plans. Also, you will return all the funds you invested in house improvement. That way, you will be able to complete the purchase of your new house. Or to accomplish any other goal, which was the primary reason for you to sell your Florida home.

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