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How to prepare your kids for a family move in Odessa, FL

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Moving doesn’t come easy on anyone, especially kids. It is a stressful endeavor for both your and your children, regardless of whether you are relocating across town or the country. It’s a good thing to have professionals such as long distance movers Florida by your side during that time. Young kids get emotional about leaving the old house, and teenagers often become moody during and around the relocation time. Kids need some special devotion and attention during the transition.  We have come up with some ideas on how to prepare your kids for a family move to Odessa, FL.

Toddler crawling on the empty clean floor
Prepare your kids both emotionally and physically for the move

Family move to Odessa, FL – how to prepare kids

Here is the list to follow if you want to make the whole moving process a lot easier for both parties:

  • Talk, talk, talk to your kids about the move, be patient and understanding
  • Explain to your kids why exactly you are moving, where to, and what is expected from them
  • Include the kids in the moving process
  • Hold on to the routines
  • Ask your friends to babysit for you on a moving day or arrange a babysitter
  • Let your kids do the packing
  • Throw a goodbye party

Knowing that move is tough on kids, will make you prepare them both emotionally and physically. As far as this physical and practical preparation is concerned, don’t forget to feed and hydrate them well during the move. Have a special foody bag ready just for kids, in case of sudden hunger pangs. However, avoid sweets at this time because you don’t want your move to turn to a sugar-hyperactivity show. Instead offer fresh fruit, an apple for instance. Simply put, follow the principles of healthy eating for kids even on a moving day.   Have plenty of water with you, keep the kids hydrated at all times. Follow weather guidelines and dress your kids accordingly so they can feel comfortable all the time.

A lot of moving companies in Odessa, FL will be happy to entertain children, and by doing so they will help the moving process go even smoother.  So, arrange a 5-minute show with the moving crew for kids to break the ice and get the whole process going. Children will love the whole move thing if they are having a good time. So, keeping the kids entertained is partly the secret to a smooth relocation.

family move to Odessa
Keep the children entertained during the move

What else is there to do to prepare kids for the big move – play some anticipation games

Prepare your kids for their new home by helping them visualize it. Google photos of your new home, school, and city and show them. Find entertainment places and make a plan with your kids to visit as soon as possible  — a trampoline park, an ice cream shop, a great playground — and talk about when you can go and how fun it will be. The best thing to do would be to visit the school, city, or your new home ahead of time.  This will make the day of the move feel more familiar and less frightening. We hope you will find these tips helpful when considering options on how to prepare your kids for a family move to Odessa, FL.

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