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Top places to retire in Pinellas County

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Retirement is one of the best periods of a person’s life. The time that doesn’t belong to anyone else but you and, if you allow it, your grandkids. So, feel free to be a little bit selfish when choosing a place where you plan to spend the next period of your life. One of the places which offer terrific conditions for life in retirement is Pinellas County. It has all the things you need. The weather is just perfect, people are nice and relaxed, retirement communities are really well organized and there are always options to have a dynamic or a calm lifestyle at the same time. Let’s see some of the best places to retire in Pinellas County.

Think before choosing between places to retire in Pinellas County

You need to set your priorities before calling your movers in St Pete FL. If needed, make a list. People have different preferences and what might be important to you, to someone else is totally insignificant. So, think carefully. You might like to start with the weather? Or maybe the prices? Let’s see some of the most important factors when choosing between places to retire in Pinellas County.

  • The cost of living – making it a priority is totally justified. You don’t want to live in an area where the prices are mad and you need to count how much money you just spent every time you go shopping. Finding a place with a good cost of living is really important.
  • Crime rate – It’s only natural to make sure you live in a good environment. You don’t want to live in an unsafe neighborhood. However, it’s not hard to find some low crime rate places to retire in Pinellas County.
  • Weather – Climate plays a major role in every person’s choice of place for living. However, retirees find the weather to be a much more important factor than other generations. Suitable temperatures and sunshine can make your bones, skin, and overall health much better. And the opposite can happen with a bad climate. So, we’ll put weather into account as well.
  • Diversity – One of the best ways to make your life interesting, colorful, and dynamic is to live in a diverse community. Living among other races, religions, and generations will broaden your horizons and keep you in touch with the present world and things that are trending.
A woman is counting the money she will use to pay fees and bills.
If you are searching for places to retire in Pinellas County, pay attention to living costs. It’s a really important factor.

St Pete Beach Florida

The first thing you’ll notice is that St Pete Beach is a relatively small place. It has something less than ten thousand inhabitants. However, it’s considered one of the best places to retire in Pinellas County. You might ask why.

Well, most residents own their homes so it kind of gives it an urban feel. There are many parks so you have a lot of green areas, as well as bars and coffee shops for some nice socializing or just enjoying a good cup of coffee. On average, the crime rate is five times lower than the national. That kinda gives you the picture of why people love it here.

It’s on the sea so the weather is warm and pleasant. Florida is the Sunshine State and that includes St Pete Beach. There’s plenty of Sun and a lot of fresh air. The subtropical climate makes it a perfect place for fishing, sunbathing, and enjoying the ocean. Don’t miss out on its magical conditions which will warm your heart and soul.

North Redington Beach

North Redington Beach is a relatively small place compared to others. However, with slightly more than a thousand inhabitants, it is ranked among the top 35 places to retire in America and one of the best places to retire in Pinellas County. If you are considering North Redington Beach, call your movers Pinellas county and reserve a relocation.

This place has everything a retiree needs. It has an urban feel that attracts many and most of the people are homeowners. It’s one of the safest places in Florida and the crime is almost nonexistent. Healthcare is very well organized and you can rest assured your health will always be kept safe.

Tourists may appear but they are aware of the importance of not disturbing local residents so you keep your peace and get the chance to meet new people. It’s a little bit pricy but it’s worth every penny.

A Florida city during sunset.
Pinellas County is famous for being a retiree heaven so don’t worry about not adjusting.

East Lake, FL

East Lake is a little bit bigger place but it doesn’t mean it can’t be called one of the best places to retire in Pinellas County. It has everything you’d want. The cost of living is relatively low so it’s a great place for downsizing after retirement. Great living expenses, crime rate lower than average, and a lot of interesting events and festivals. Don’t mistake it for exclusively young people’s place. Everyone is equally welcome to East Lake and that gives it its charm.

East Lake will gift you with an abundance of sunshine and a cool breeze every once in a while. If you are into ocean activities, just like any other coastal place in Florida, East Lake will provide you with many options.

A lot of older people are hanging out and resting.
Palm Harbor has a really well-developed program for retirees created to keep people in retirement relaxed and active.

Palm Harbor

Everyone knows about Palm Harbor. If you want to live in a paradise on earth, call your Big Man’s Moving Company FL, and relocate there right now. Students love it for the dynamical life. Families love it because of its very well-developed education system. But why do retirees love it so much?

A lovely thing about Palm Harbor is that, even though it’s around 60 000 people big, it’s still ranked within the 25 best suburbs to live in, within the Tampa area. So, it’s big but calm. It provides great healthcare, excellent service for the elderly, and it’s a very safe environment. Since it’s one of the larger communities, you shouldn’t expect any inconveniences caused by a lack of service.

The only disadvantage could be the tourists. They can be a nuisance sometimes, but it’s definitely rare. There are areas which are tourist attractions and that’s where they mostly stay. However, you do get a chance to meet some of the most exotic and interesting people on the planet if you decide to wander around Palm Harbor.

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