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The benefits of living in Pinellas County

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If you are thinking about moving to Florida, considering living in Pinellas County is a great choice. When searching for a new place to relocate to, there are quite a few things you should consider. There is the weather. Some people like colder climates and some are into tropical conditions. There is the safety of the place you want to move to (the crime rate, healthcare, etc). One of the most important factors is the life standard. So, let us help you find out more about all these things before you opt for living in Pinellas County.

Weather is a big benefit of living in Pinellas County

The first thing you will enjoy once your movers St Petersburg FL relocate you to Pinellas County is the climate. With a humid, subtropical climate, it is similar to the rest of the Tampa Bay area. Summers are warm and full of sunshine while winters are quite timid. Freezing temperatures occur only once in several years. The rains pour between June and August and brighten up the place, making the air fresh. Fall, just like spring, is dry and mild. Humidity is always around an optimal level. So, no matter if you are a student or a retiree, you will feel comfortable living in Pinellas County.

A beautiful, sunny beach in Florida
One of the perks of living in Pinellas County is the sunshine and warm sea.

Opportunities in cities are high

You might be a person whose carrier is only about to begin. You decided to move away from your former environment because of a lack of opportunities using movers Pinellas County has to offer. Living in Pinellas County will provide you with quite the opposite. Here, chances to prosper are immense. People highly value art and history. Diversity is present both in rase and in religion. Finding a good place to settle that suits your character is not easy. Here are some of the best cities with rapid development and great conditions to start a life.

St. Petersbourg

Also known as “The Sunshine City”, St. Petersbourg is heaven on earth for people who love sunny weather and one of the top ten fittest cities in Florida. It holds a world record for the most consecutive sunshine days ever (768 days). St. Pete, as the locals call it, is a mid-size city. It is known for its vibrant art scene and that’s why it’s been proclaimed “One of the Best Street Art Cities in the World”.

It has a very rich history. The native tribes left their mark, Spanish explorers followed, and European settlers gave it their own touch at the end of the 19th century.

The city’s tourism industry is very well developed. It creates job opportunities for thousands of people. There are other industries as well so don’t worry about being jobless.


Located between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, Clearwater is the county seat of Pinellas County. It easily provides opportunities for bureaucrats, lawyers, and other government employees. The tourism industry is very well developed in Clearwater as well. This city’s type of tourism is a little less dynamic and a little more educational compared to St. Petersbourg tourism.

Just like St. Petersbourg, Clearwater has a very peaceful vibe. You don’t feel the hustle of the big city and yet, you can enjoy all the luxuries. The weather is perfect and the place seems like it was basically built for a cozy, healthy lifestyle.

So, if you’re into life at a faster pace, choose St. Petersburg and enjoy the ride. Tourism is dynamic, job opportunities are wast and you get a chance to experience something totally new. If you like a more timid environment, try out Clearwater. Rising a family in this city will provide you with great conditions. The education system is really well developed, healthcare is on a high level and life is better than average in the country in general.

Windows on a building behind tree branches
If you are planning on studying in Pinellas County, education is one of its best assets.

Education is developed in Pinellas County

Education is an important element when considering living in Pinellas County. You might be a student yourself. Or, maybe you have a family you want to raise in an environment of high-quality education and good educational institutions. If there is a place in Florida where you won’t need to worry about that, it’s Pinellas County.

It is the nation’s 24th largest district. The school system is well developed and opportunities for young people to prosper are big. There are 143 schools, many universities, and some of them are Floridas finest. What’s interesting is that living in Pinellas County will provide you access to many libraries. Libraries in this area are known to provide great information, they are used to organize events and people regard them as County’s treasure.

Here are some of the great colleges in Pinellas County:

  • Eckerd College
  • University of South Florida St. Petersburg
  • Multi-campus St. Petersburg College
  • Stetson University College of Law
  • Schiller International University

The situation is constantly improving

In 2018, Pinellas County, FL had a population of 975 thousand people living in the county. The number of people arriving in the county is constantly increasing. More and more people want to experience life in a rapidly developing community. The median age is more than 48 years, 10 years more than the national average! It’s not really that hard to believe. The climate is very good for a person’s health. All that sun and vitamin D can only do a person well. The food is fresh and nutritious, coming straight from the sea or fruit farms. You don’t need to search for long before you find a good place to buy fresh produce. The crime rate is really low and most crimes are just minor offenses like crossing on a red light or littering in public. So, the city is really safe for being a student or starting a family. There are many reasons for living in Pinellas County.
Panoramic view of a big Florida city during night
Cities of Pinellas County are rapidly improving and opportunities are bigger than ever.

There are some great moving companies

When looking for a place where to live, you should pay attention to the moving companies. You need a reliable company which can take care of your needs. Experienced movers, like Big Man’s Moving Company Florida, are a necessary part of a successful and safe move. Search the area and find out as much as you can about relocation companies available in the county.

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