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Most popular moving destinations for families in Pinellas County

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So, you are interested in moving to Florida. This beautiful Sunshine State has so many amazing cities. And it is difficult to choose where to relocate. However new Florida residents shouldn’t look over the Tampa Bay area. And the great Pinellas county. This place has an astonishing culture, diversity, and rich history. There’s so much to do. For people of any age. It is a great place for families, seniors, and young professionals. Pinellas County has its own unique qualities. And Big Mans’s Moving company in Florida is here to guide you through popular moving destinations for families in Pinellas County.

About Pinellas County

The word Pinellas comes from the Spanish words Punta Pinal. Which means the point of pines. This area was discovered by Panfilo de Narvaez back in the 16th century. Pinellas County was established on January 1, 1912. Also, this county is highly populated! There are 3,347 residents per square mile in Pinellas County. When it comes to green surfaces, Pinellas County Park Department has 4,242 acres. Of most beautiful landscapes. There are also other beautiful landscapes. Such as sun-drenched beaches, tranquil lakes, and emerald green areas of native habitat. Along with many playgrounds, learning centers, and facilities. Those provide park visitors various opportunities for relaxation and recreation! If you are interested in swimming, boating, and fishing, you can’t resist Pinellas County’s 35 miles of white beaches! And almost 588 miles of coastline.

Pinellas County as a perfect destination

Pinellas County is one of the places for you to choose if you love beaches. Because beautiful Clearwater Beach is located here. As well as many other beaches on the Gulf. Even if you don’t like beaches, you’ll enjoy vibrant St. Petersburg. Also, clearwater beach movers operate many relocate here. Pinellas County is very popular among retirees. Because of the laid-back atmosphere. However, many young professionals can find their niche here. Since St. Petersburg welcomes many large corporations. And businesses too. This County also welcomes many colleges. There are numerous campuses. However, St. Petersburg College is a favorite among students. The best attraction amongst locals is to visit the beach! There is a diversity of beautiful and sunny beaches. You should definitely visit Honeymoon Island. And Caladesi Island for a luxurious beach. Also, Pinellas organizes many other activities. For instance, there is The Salvador Dali Museum in Downtown St. Pete.

Aerial view of a city
Find out the most popular moving destinations for families in Pinellas County

Most popular moving destinations for families in Pinellas County

Pinellas County is one of the best places to raise a family. Especially in St. Petersburg and Clearwater. There are other popular neighborhoods such as:

  • Crescent Heights
  • Euclid-St. Paul
  • Snell Isle
  • Holiday Park
  • Crescent Lake

If you are planning to relocate with your family to one of these places, you can always consult moving companies at St Pete for help.

Crescent Heights

Crescent Heights is a place located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Here, the population is 1,465 residents. Crescent Heights is in Pinellas County. And this is one of the best places to live in Florida. This place offers residents a rare suburban feel. Also, most of the locals own their homes. In Cresent Heights, you can find a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Hence many families and young professionals live in Crescent Heights. Also, locals tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Crescent Heights offer many opputrities for students. If you want to relocate here, be sure to ask the right long-distance movers for help!

Euclid-St. Paul is another moving destination for families in Pinellas County

Euclid-St. Paul is another neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida. The population is denser than in Crescent Height. There are 3,183 residents. Here you can find many historic homes. Those have been restored to their original state. Also, this place has a hot climate. But the shade that big and old trees provide does a great job of cooling down the neighborhood. Here you will notice mostly small bungalows and other variations of family homes. There are only a few apartment complexes. Those are located on the outskirts of this area. Some single-family homes have legal rental apartments on their property. This place is family-friendly with Woodlawn Park. It is located right off the western side. And there is Crescent Lake Park. It is located a few blocks east. In these parks, you will find baseball and tennis courts. With a dog park. Among with walking/jogging trails to enjoy beautiful nature.

Wooden bridge
There are many beutiful parks in Euclid-St. Paul

Snell Isle

Snell Isle is a peaceful and tranquil waterfront community. Which makes it perfect for families. This area has European architecture. There are many original classic homes. Those are located among well-kept lawns and tree-lined streets. This place is known for luxuries waterfront living. Since residents enjoy many unique sports. Such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing. And motorboating too. All the way from private docks on a protected, deep, waterway that opens out on Tampa Bay. This neighborhood has a rich history. It is also known for its affiliation with various nearby clubs. For instance, there is a historic Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club. Which is one of the nation’s premier golf courses.

Golf equipment
In Snell Isle there is a famous golf club

Holiday Park is among the most popular moving destinations for families in Pinellas County

This is a great area for families. Since it is a quiet neighborhood. With a good choice of schools. Most people here own their homes. Also, the statistics show that this is a low crime area. Holiday Park is close to the Tyrone Square shopping center. As well as other outlets, and a wide range of eating places. Although it’s some way to the west of Downtown, it has good connections to major roads. So it is cut off from other neighborhoods.

Cresent Lake

Crescent Lake is another good place in Pinellas County with a population of over 1,000 people. It is named for the 54-acre park. And, of course, the lake is at its heart. This place is an oasis for wildlife. As well as a perfect place for recreation and outdoor activities. There are many dog parks, playgrounds, walking trails, and tennis courts. Additionally, the wildlife life is beautiful. Which makes it a brilliant place for all to enjoy.

So, there are many place for you to chose to relocate with your family. We hope you will enjoy these popular moving destinations for families in Pinellas County!

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