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Moving with a newborn – Florida edition

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    Moving to Florida is exciting and should make you happy. However, doing it with a newborn makes it a lot trickier. For that reason, you need to pay extra attention to how you’re going to tackle this relocation. But don’t be afraid. We at the Big Man’s Moving Company have your back. Here are just some of the challenges we can help you with when moving with a newborn that we’re sure you’ll overcome.

    Keep the routine when you’re moving with a newborn

    However incredible it might seem, your baby has a routine. Yeah, that little baby that can’t stop snooping around has more or less a schedule. And what’s more important? That you and your baby get to sleep or a couple of moving boxes getting packed? Of course, you’re better off if you stick to the schedule. Our movers Lutz can also confirm that they do their best work when they’re rested. So please don’t overlook your parental responsibilities because of a relocation.

    Mom holding its baby
    Believe it or not babies too have a routine

    Create a moving calendar

    For any type of move, you need time to plan. That’s why many people create little calendars and depending on how close the move is they divide the tasks in increments. For that reason, it’s important to give yourself time. Our movers Palm Harbor FL even work on a schedule. So if professionals do it why couldn’t you? You can always have days where you’re completely dedicated to the baby, and on the other hand where you focus completely on the move. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be in Florida with a smiling newborn.

    Make a baby essentials bag

    If parents can get an essential bag when moving, why wouldn’t the baby? For that reason, it’s time to get to packing for the baby. Depending on where you’re moving and how long the move is you’ll have to pack different things. Our local movers always say that you need at least three days of essentials. However, the bigger the distance you move the more you should pack with you. Don’t forget toys and pacifiers for your little one when it gets loud.

    A family with their baby
    You should pack your baby’s essential bag according to the length of the move

    Talk to your pediatrician before moving to Florida with a newborn

    One of the biggest allies when it comes to your child is the pediatrician. You can always ask him about some information that you need and for tips on how to keep your child calm in such a turbulent situation as moving. You can ask him about how to find a pediatrician or if he can refer you to someone. But don’t forget the most important part, get all the medical records of your child so you have them when you move.

    Having a newborn is one of the greatest blessings someone can have, however, if you need to be moving with a newborn they can get in the way. That’s why you need to stay laser-focused and concentrate on the task that is in front of you. Above all, you should always ask for some help be it from your family or friends. No one should tackle a move without any sort of help so we hope that at least our advice will help out. We wish you and your newborn a lot of beautiful moments in Florida.



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