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Moving with kids to Largo, FL: what you should know

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Nothing speaks more of a supernova crash than telling the kids that you are hiring movers Clearwater FL and moving to a new city. The feeling of comfort in children is based on familiarity: the same house, room, bed, sidewalk, and friends. But if moving with kids to Largo, FL is your plan, at some point, you will have to inform them about it. We’re here to help you navigate your interactions with children as gracefully as possible, starting with avoiding these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not telling your kids why you move

You might think you are protecting them from stress by hiding the real reason for your move. But kids will figure it out one way or another. It will be best for everyone if you make a plan and call a family meeting to explain clearly and truthfully why the family is moving – up to a certain point, of course. Children will need to make sense of such a big change in their own way. Make enough space to answer their questions about travel, what they can take with them, seeing their friends again, etc. As a parent you already know: kids ask the most interesting questions. And they tend to freak out when change is imminent.

Mother and daughter talking
Reduce their worries with honesty and tenderness

Mistake #2: Waiting until the last minute to tell them

Again, you have their best in mind, but mentioning the move at the last minute is guaranteed to trigger anxiety. They need time to move away from their current lifestyle and be happy about their new home. So start discussing the move with them in advance. What will your new home be like? What attractions are there in your new city? Can you show them pictures, maybe using Google Streets? There are ways to keep kids entertained by giving them time to get excited.

Mistake #3: Moving with kids to Largo without professional help

Do you really want your kids to argue when they slide boxes of utensils or electronics down the stairs? We didn’t think so. No matter how polite and helpful your kids may be, you will be happier if you can focus on making the transition smoother and more enjoyable for the family. Hire movers in Largo FL and let the professionals handle your heavy lifting and truck organization while you focus on remembering where you put your child’s favorite toy.

Mistake #4: Pretending that children can help pack everything

The kids will have more fun and you will be more effective if you ask grandparents, siblings, or a nanny if they will take the reins for a while. We know they will have the very best of intentions, but small hands will inevitably make you pack longer. And also make you more anxious about many sharp objects, stacks of boxes, and fragile items scattered around your home. While you’ve made every effort to childproof your home for the move, kids too will be safer if they spend their day away from packing tape, scissors and electric cords, focusing on playing in the park instead. It sounds a lot more fun.

Mistake #5: Excluding them completely

It will probably be best if you take packing services Clearwater FL and let the professionals finish the packing process. But you can ask your kids for a little help with packing their own items. They will be comforted to know that all of their favorite toys are packed in the box they’ve marked and that their bed is actually going with them. On the other end, ask the children to help you set up a new room, decide where their toys will live, and find a good spot in the new bathroom for their toothbrushes.

Teens often feel like you are trying to control their lives. But if you can make them feel like they are important in the process, it might help. Let them choose a paint color for their room and ask if there is anything on your checklist that they feel comfortable to do.

Mother and daughter packing boxes
The more they feel like they are part of the process, the easier moving with kids to Largo, FL will be

Mistake #6: Traveling unprepared

You already know that every trip requires a bag of kids’ goodies, and this one is no different. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks, some of their favorite toys, and some comfort items if you are moving with a baby. This trip may seem more stressful than usual, so a well-prepared pastime will help everyone relax on a moving day.

Help your kids plan a goodbye party with friends. Perhaps, if it’s on a budget, a new camera would be a great gift right now. If they have something to wait for, they will be able to associate this step with something positive. It could be a new dance class, popular rides, or activities that the new school has to offer but don’t exist in their current school.

Behavioral problems after moving with kids to Largo, FL

So, once you’ve settled in your new home, the essentials are unpacked and your new life begins, how will you address any problems that you begin to see your child have? These problems may include anxiety and depression, developmental regression, or general sadness.

As difficult as it is, in the first few months your kid may just go through it on his own. It will be difficult to adapt to any big changes. And sometimes the only way for your child to deal with them is to power through. They will have a tough couple of months, and all you can do is be by their side. However, if the problems persist and begin to affect their performance, they may need additional help. This help may include psychiatry, mentoring, or pediatric therapy.

Professional therapist
Make sure you explain to them that there is absolutely no shame in seeing a therapist


The harsh truth is that even if you follow the advice in this article perfectly, there will always be tears. It’s easy to forget that – if you don’t move often – your child’s entire developmental life has been within one relatively small area. Regardless of how it is framed, rooting them out will always be a frustrating experience. All you can do is try to make moving with kids to Largo, FL as smooth as possible. And make sure your kids have an enjoyable moving experience.

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