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Packing your living room for the move

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When you take a look at your moving checklist, you might think that there is no way you can complete it on time. Well, at least not without the help of movers Apollo Beach FL. Even so, you still have to pack and get everything ready before the moving truck arrives. There are a few different techniques you can apply to your packing process. The room-by-room one seems like the option most people choose to go with. In order to start packing your living room for the relocation, continue reading. We’ve gathered a few tips on how to go about this in the most efficient way!

orange sofa in a living room
Preparing your living room for the relocation isn’t that hard when you start on time. Little by little, it’ll be empty and ready for the move!

Packing your living room doesn’t have to be a hassle

Let’s be honest, your living room can often become a throw-it-all place where most items end up. Even though you may not notice it, there are probably a lot of things in your living room that shouldn’t be there. First things first, you should get rid of the excess. Go through everything and decide whether you want to keep it or give it away. Make three piles:

  • Donation/sell pile – items that are in good condition, but you simply don’t need them anymore. Consider donating them to those who do!
  • Throw away pile – things that are broken or damaged that need to go in the garbage bin.
  • Packing pile – the final group is for items you want to bring with you to the new place.
woman looking at a bookshelf
One thing you can declutter is your bookshelf. If there are books you don’t want to keep, donate them to a local library or a school.

Once you do this, it will be much easier to prepare everything else for the move! Start your packing process on time and you’ll see it’s really not a big deal.

Pay special attention to packing your electronics

We’re willing to bet that 99% of homes have a TV in their living room. Not only that, but you may keep your video game console in there as well. Or maybe even speakers and a printer? Whatever electronics you pack for the move, you have to be very careful about how you do it. If you can, use their original packaging when preparing for the relocation. It’s the best way to ensure your electronics won’t get damaged in transport.

flat screen tv in a living room
Moving your TV is easy if you still have the original packaging. Take a look at your attic – maybe you’ve still got it!

Protect your living room furniture as well

Most long-distance movers Florida know that you have to wrap and secure your furniture when packing your living room. Make sure you empty all the drawers and take apart anything that you can. It’ll be easier to transport it when it’s in pieces! Of course, you should group it together and label it accordingly – so you can easily assemble it later. Moving isn’t difficult when you take our advice and make it easier for you – it’s the little things that count! 

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