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Popular reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL

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Florida is one of the most popular states to move to. With great weather, friendly people, and an affordable cost of living, this state is perfect for those who love the outdoors and hanging out with friends. One of the popular destinations lately is Clearwater FL. We will talk about reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL and hopefully help you decide. If you decide to move here, residential movers Clearwater FL will be ready to assist you.

About Clearwater FL

Located in Florida’s Tampa Bay, Clearwater is home to 116,674 people (as of 2021). This city is known for its white sand and clear blue waters on the Gulf Coast. Clearwater has two beautiful beaches that make this place look like heaven on earth. Many people visit Clearwater when they are traveling to Florida. The city is too pretty not to see. And to be lucky to live there means you will be waking up and looking at beautiful scenery every day.

Residents of Clearwater usually have fun swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking. If you love summer, you will love it here. The hot season lasts for 4.5 months. From late May until early October. The average daily high temperature goes above 86°F during these months.  The hottest month of the year is August, with an average high of 90°F and a low of 78°F.

3 moving trucks
Clearwater has long summers, which is why many people hire reliable movers to relocate here

If you’re worried about the winters here, don’t be. Winters here remain warm, and the beach still looks beautiful in the winter. The average Clearwater temperatures during the winter range between 73° and 66° during the day and between the mid 60°s and upper 50°s at night. Pretty good, right? Many interstate movers Florida offers have been assisting customers who decided to move here and enjoy some hot breeze. The weather is most certainly one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL.

What are some pros and cons of living in Clearwater FL?

Like every other place, there are pros and cons of living here. It’s important that you are informed about both before making the decision to move there. While it is a fact that the majority of newcomers that use Clearwater moving services are very excited about their move, let’s see what you can expect.

Pros of relocating to Clearwater FL

Let’s start with the pros. You will decide if the pros outweigh the cons. The major pros of relocating to Clearwater FL are:

  • The cost of living. This is a very important one. Usually, it is the main reason people decide to move to a location. Compared to Florida state average living cost, Clearwater’s cost of living is slightly lower. Even tho it is a bit higher compared to the national average, it is still deemed affordable. With such wonderful living conditions around here, people say it is definitely worth it.
  • Amazing food scene. Food might seem like a silly reason to some, but don’t be fooled. When there is no good food around, nothing can make up for it. With a variety of great dining spots in Clearwater, you will never run out of things to try or stay hungry. From beach cafes to fine dining, you will find thousands of great flavors around the city.
  • Outdoor activities. You will find a wide range of outdoor activity options. Hiking, fishing, canoeing, and cycling are just some of them. The 40-mile Pinellas Trail is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Clearwater. It was constructed on top of an abandoned railroad line. You will go across several rivers and creeks while passing friendly communities and public parks.
Man fishing in the sunset
Fishing is one of the fun outdoor activities you can enjoy in Clearwater most of the year

What are the cons of living in Clearwater FL?

As we said before, there must be some cons to a place, too. Even though a place like Clearwater makes those cons seem minor, here are some of them:

  • Hurricane season. Living here means that you will have to be prepared for hurricane season. This is typically from June through November. If you are moving from a different city in Florida, you already know the drill. The whole state is prepared for hurricane season during these months. Even though it’s never guaranteed something will happen, being prepared is better. However, please note that this area has been without any major hurricanes hitting the region in recent years.
  • Traffic can be annoying. During peak hours, you might experience a traffic jam. This happens mostly when people are trying to go to the beach and there is construction work on the way. While it’s nothing to be terrified of, be ready for some traffic every now and then.
  • Public transportation. Public transportation is not the most convenient in Clearwater, so if you have a vehicle, stick to it. Walkability is not that high, so a car will be needed. If you have to rely on transportation, you better get a clear schedule of buses and other transportation means.

What are some of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL?

We spoke about the pros and cons, and while the pros are some reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL, we will go into some more detail. The local movers Clearwater FL have been busy helping people move here, so let’s see why that is.

Plenty of things to do

If you are moving to a new place, you don’t want to be bored after one month. It’s important to have a wide range of things to do in order for life to stay fun. Especially if you are a family with kids, it will be so convenient to have entertainment in the area. With the ocean being in your front yard, things such as dolphin tours and day cruises to sea sailing and sunset vistas will be a part of your life. You could also do one of these things:

  • Take a ride on an Illuminated Kayak Tour
  • Enjoy a day at Clearwater Beach with family and friends
  • Check out Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  • Go on a pirate cruise
  • Discover the Dolphin Trail
People kayaking in the blue water
Kayaking in Clearwater is a unique experience

These are just a few fun things movers Pinellas County recommends you check out. If you want to take a trip outside the city and discover the area, the closest towns and cities to drive to are Largo, FL, Dunedin, FL, Safety Harbor, FL, Palm Harbor, FL, Seminole, FL, and others.

A good real estate scene is another one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL

There is a variety of housing types to suit your needs in Clearwater FL. However, the most popular design is that of the single-story home. But, depending on where in the city you want to live and what kind of a home you’re looking for (downtown, suburbs, etc) you will be able to find the perfect home for yourself.

The median sale price for a house in Clearwater is $384,000 (all types of homes). For a single-family home, this price is $424,900. For townhouses, it is $320,000, and $252,500 for condos/co-ops. The average rent in Clearwater is $1,846 and the average apartment size is 926 sq. ft. 42% of people in Clearwater are renters, while 58% of residents are homeowners.

Beautiful house as one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL
A great house market is one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL

If you are looking for good prices, the most affordable neighborhoods in Clearwater are Amber Glades. Alcove, Coachman, Coachman Ridge, Marymount Park, and Raintree Village. If you are looking for luxury, you should check out Keene Acres, Morningside – Meadows, and University Park. If you need help moving into one of these neighborhoods from far away, long distance movers Clearwater FL will be with you every step of the way.

Great community size is a reason to move to Clearwater

With some 117,000 residents, Clearwater is neither small nor too big. It’s a good community size that allows you to know your neighbors and people in the city, create connections and network, but still be able to meet new people occasionally. The largest Clearwater racial/ethnic groups are White (65.7%), Hispanic (17.1%), and Black (11.3%). With the community being so diverse, you will be able to experience a mix of cultures, customs, and traditions. This usually results in great food, music, and parties. Other than English and Spanish, don’t be surprised if you hear French, German, Italian, and Greek around Clearwater.

The median age for Clearwater residents is 45.2 years of age. The average household income in Clearwater is $72,536. The average family size in Clearwater is 3.13, and the average household size is 2.36. The overall marriage rate in this city is 44.0%. 32.51% of the residents were born in Clearwater, 82.82% are native-born and 17.18% are foreign-born. 9.57% of the residents are naturalized, and 7.61% are not citizens.

A group of diverse people is another one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL
Living in a diverse community is one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL

Education in Clearwater FL

Clearwater offers good education to all ages. There are 51 schools, 37 public schools, and 14 private schools. Here are some of the best public schools in the area:

  • St. Petersburg Collegiate High School
  • Osceola Fundamental High School
  • Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School
  • Plato Academy Clearwater
  • Largo High School

If you wish to enroll your kids in a private school, there are also plenty of options. Our Clearwater Beach movers recommend these private schools:

  • Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Calvary Christian High School
  • Clearwater Central Catholic High School
  • Solid Rock Community School
  • Keswick Christian School

Depending on what your kid is looking for and what you would like them to get from their education, you will be able to find the right match. Overall, all the schools are dedicated to their students and offer great academic opportunities. There are also great colleges and universities in this area, make sure you check those out.

The job market in Clearwater FL

If you are moving here to look for a job, there are plenty of opportunities. The job market is another one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL. The unemployment rate in Clearwater in May 2022 was 2.4. The most in-demand jobs in this area are:

  • Sales Associate
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Registered Nurse
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Manager Positions

There are many more different jobs you can search for in Clearwater. The median annual salary in this location is $42.000, while the average salary is $51,540. A good hourly wage in Clearwater is $20.19 per hour. The highest-paying professions here are Physicians, Internists, CEOs, Pharmacists, Pathologist, engineers, and others. With a lot of new companies opening or moving their businesses here, commercial moving Clearwater FL has been on a rise.

Are many people relocating to Clearwater FL?

Clearwater has been rapidly growing and it has welcomed many new residents. People are mostly moving here if they are looking for the ultimate beach town feel and good weather. Together with all the other pros of this city that we have mentioned, people from other parts of Florida, the US, and overseas have found their homes here over the years.

Being a beach town is one of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL
Many people move to Clearwater looking for the beach town atmosphere

Now that you know some of the reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL, it’s time to prepare for your move

Once you are ready to move to Clearwater, it is important to plan your move accordingly. Talking to different moving companies is essential, you need to learn about different options and find the best one for you. Big Man’s Moving Company has been around for some time and we specialize in Florida moves.

As a family-owned company, we make sure each customer feels like a part of the family. Other than just moving, you can find different services that could make your move easier. For example, packing services Clearwater FL provides you with packing and unpacking, making it easier for you to utilize your time and take care of moving-related tasks. With all the information and reasons people are relocating to Clearwater FL that you now know, we hope you are ready to make the move!

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