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Spring cleaning tips for your new Florida home

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The spring is a perfect time for thorough cleaning of your home. Especially, in Florida’s dry and sunny springs. There is so much dust and dirt piled over the winter. So roll up your sleeves and refresh your place. We enlisted a few spring cleaning tips for your new Florida home, that might help you. But first, get some additional help since you might want to take out your furniture while cleaning. And we advise you to hire professional movers Clearwater FL in case you need help or a storage unit. 

Make a cleaning checklist and timetable

Write down all the tasks you need to do and make a schedule before you start. Follow these spring cleaning tips for your new Florida home. If you plan thorough cleaning you may want to hire movers St Pete FL to help you with bulky furniture. In the beginning, do general tasks like polishing windows and cleaning floors. After that, continue room by room to avoid being overwhelmed. Once you finish cleaning one room, move on to the next. Take more time for the bathroom and kitchen. Also, you can prolong work for a couple of days or weekends. Think about gathering your family and assigning chores to each family member. 

Spring cleaning tips for your new Florida home and for a boy and man cleaning the floor.
Gather your family for the spring cleaning.

Clear the clutter and gather some cleaning products

This means purging your closets, cabinets, and pantries. Throw out all things you don’t need anymore or you don’t use for some reason. Donate all preserved and gently-used items, furniture, utensils, clothes… Movers Bradenton FL can send their capable crew to help you with loading and transportation. Everything that is broken or damaged should go to the trash pile. Don’t hesitate, if you start doubting throw it out.

Once you downsize your inventory, you can move on to the cleaning process. You surely have already microfibre cloths, scrub brush, and sponges. All you need is a cleaning solution. It’s best to buy a universal product for all purposes, such as Puracy multi-surface cleaner. Safe for kids and pets and one of the best rated according to the New York Times. Or you can make a natural cleanser with water and baking soda or vinegar. To sum up, all you need is:

  • Microfibre cloths
  • Scrub brush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Universal cleaner
  • Mop and bucket
  • Rubber gloves and a mask

Clean your home from the top to the floor

Avoid re-cleaning by starting from the ceilings downwards. Dust and wipe the tops of the closets and cobwebs in the corners. Don’t forget to clean chandeliers and lighting. Once you clean the heavy debris of the furniture, vacuum the floors and carpets. Take the microfibre cloth and the cleaning product you bought to polish the surfaces. For heavy stains in the bathroom and kitchen, you can apply the product and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then rub it off with the rough side of the sponge and rinse. As for the rugs and carpets, we advise professional cleaning. Consider hiring Manatee County movers if you need help with taking out or moving the furniture and carpets. 

A man with the earphones vacuuming..
Follow these easy spring cleaning tips for your new Florida home.

Finishing up with spring cleaning

Leave the polishing windows for the end. As well as washing the linen and the curtains. Don’t forget the mattresses and pillows. These were some of the spring cleaning tips for your new Florida home. Follow these and then relax and enjoy your clean home and Florida’s mild spring. 

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