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Best places in Pinellas County for young parents

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As a young parent, you’ll probably be looking for a quiet and quality place to live in with your kids. That way you can enjoy raising your family in peace. While this is really important, your new place of residence should also meet other conditions. Those are education, healthcare, low rate of crime, polite neighbors that are there to help you, etc. A lot of places in Pinellas County fulfill these conditions. In the rest of the article, we will go more in-depth about the best places to live in Pinellas County for young parents. When you decide which one you want to move, Big Mans Moving will help you get there with no problems.

Things you should know about Pinellas County for young parents

The main subject of this article is about the best places in Pinellas County for young parents. There is a lot of good reasons to move to Florida as a young parent. Let’s start with a little bit of geography. Probably some of you don’t even know the exact location of this beautiful area. It’s located on the west-central coast of Florida and some of the well-known cities and towns are located in it. The biggest city is St. Petersburg, while Clearwater is the county seat. Interesting places in Pinellas County are also Seminole, Gulfport, Dunedin, and many others. Now let’s go over some cities that in our opinion are the best places for you and your family.

St. Petersburg is one of the best cities in Pinellas County for young parents

St. Petersburg is located on the Pinellas peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and is connected to mainland Florida to the north. It’s also the largest and most populated city in Pinellas County. Nearly 300 000 people are enjoying the charms of this lovely city. So, what makes St. Petersburg so great? The things that young parents will appreciate the most are nice weather conditions, a clean environment, and good neighborhoods. There are a few neighborhoods in St. Petersburg that are considered the best places to live in Pinellas County. The top 3 are Crescent Heights, Holiday Park, and Euclid-St. Paul. If you decide to settle down in one of these neighborhoods, moving company St. Petersburg FL is at your disposal.

Bird-eye view of a beach in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg has a lot to offer and improve the quality of life for young parents


Moving on, we have yet another great and desirable place to live in Pinellas County. Seminole is like a dream come true for young parents. You will truly find everything you need for a perfect life. Warm weather, great schools, kindergartens, parks, playgrounds are just some of many reasons to raise your family in Seminole. People in Seminole are also extremely friendly and will help you at any time. Neighborhoods in Seminole are among the best in the county. If you decide to move here, it could be the best decision you ever made. Movers Seminole FL can help you move here in no time.


Gulfport is a suburb of St. Petersburg. According to residents and visitors, it’s a small town with a big heart. We must agree with that and we highly recommend considering it as a place to move. In Gulfport, you will find a lot of friendly people, greenery, great beaches, playgrounds, parks, etc. Overall a perfect environment for raising a family. Throughout the year, Gulfport is hosting a number of interesting events you might want to check out. It’s something new that you and your family will enjoy. If you would like to have a taste of this life, contact moving companies in Gulfport and arrange the move.

One of many parks in Gulfport
If you want to relax in nature then Gulfport is the best place to live in Pinellas County for young parents


Dunedin is a beach community located on the Gulf of Mexico. This city has plenty of fun things to see and do. You will especially enjoy this place and everything it has to offer with your little ones. There are a lot of parks, playgrounds, sweets shops, and an abundance of other interesting things you need to check out. Dunedin has a strong sense of community so you don’t need to worry about that. People are friendly and they will make you feel like you belong there. Needless to say that moving to a neighborhood in Dunedin is a smart decision. If you want to live an active and exciting life with your family, Dunedin might be the best place for you to settle down in.

Clearwater is among the best places to live in Pinellas County for young parents

Clearwater is a county seat of Pinellas County. Just like many other cities in the Tampa Bay area, Clearwater is also well known for its sunny weather and gulf coast beaches. Clearwater beach stretches over 3 miles and it’s a perfect place to relax with your family. This city is also full of playgrounds, parks, and a bunch of other activities for you and your family. Clearwater is also close to some destinations that your kids will find most attractive. For example, Walt Disney World is less than 100 miles away. All these things combined make Clearwater a viable option when deciding where to move with your family.

Beautiful beach in Clearwater FL, one of the best places to live in Pinellas County for young parents
The best beach in Pinellas County is right here in Clearwater FL


Largo is the third-largest city in Pinellas County. It has a lot of things in common with other cities in this area. Even though Largo is centrally located, there are some beautiful beaches in its proximity. The Downtown Largo District is a family-friendly hub with recreational opportunities for you and your family. Beautiful parks, playgrounds for kids, restaurants, and all sorts of other entertainment for your family to enjoy. A friendly community that will welcome you with open arms is guaranteed. When deciding where to move, give Largo a shot. People have been living here for decades and loved every second of it. You and your family can be among them.

Final thoughts

As we can see, you really can’t go wrong when choosing a place to live in Pinellas County as a young parent. Every city has something that is unique and it’s just a matter of your preference where you want to live. Hopefully, we helped you in narrowing down the list so you can move immediately and create a better life for your family.

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