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Summertime relocation in Florida: dos and don’ts

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    We’re all familiar with the benefits of moving in the summer – wonderful weather, days off of work, etc. However, Florida summers bring some pretty high temperatures. So, how to beat the heat, and conquer the task of moving at the same time? Of course, before your long-distance movers Florida arrive to load your items into the moving truck, it’s in your best interest to know about some dos and don’ts about the summertime relocation in Florida.

    1. Start as early possible

    Summertime relocation in Florida–dos

    About a thousand people move to Florida every day for its beautiful scenery,  ample beaches, abundant wildlife, relatively low housing costs, and no state income tax. And, with summer being the busiest time of year to move, it is very important to get to moving companies in Belleair on time. Secondly, do your best to try and get reservations in the middle of the month and weak. Thirdly, when dealing with a summertime relocation in Florida, it’s always best to aim for an early-morning move when it’s much cooler.

    Summertime relocation in Florida–don’ts

    In this case, the dos directly apply to the don’ts. Summer is the prime time for moving. Therefore, don’t wait too long to book the moving company of your choosing, since the most respectable moving companies, like Big Man’s Moving, fill up their schedule quickly. Moreover, the majority of people reserve moving companies for weekends and at the end of the month. This is when rental leases tend to expire. That’s not a secret. Therefore, do your best to avoid these periods. Lastly, the intensity of the sun and UV rays are the strongest from the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Opting for an early start is a much better thing to do.

    2. Dress appropriately

    Summertime relocation in Florida–dos

    • Wear something light. Dress in something made of lightweight, loose-fitting and breathable fabric (cotton or linen clothing provides much better air circulation – a critical part of preventing heatstroke, heat exhaustion and other heat-related ailments;
    • Go with neutrals. Light-colored clothes are your best bet to stay fresh and cool when planning your move to the Sunshine State in summer;
    • Bring sunglasses, a portable fan, and a hat. These will protect you against the intense summer heat.
    Stay cool during your summertime relocation in Florida.
    Remember to bring sunglasses, a hat and a hand fan to stay cool and protected against the summer heat.

    Summertime relocation in Florida–don’ts

    • Avoid synthetic fabrics. Anything made of rayon and polyester should be avoided when planning a summertime relocation in Florida;
    • Stay away from black. Remember that dark-color clothing absorbs more sun;
    • Don’t forget the most important accessory. Besides your sunglasses, fans and hats, bring a bag with essentials. This bag should hold water bottles to keep you hydrated, and sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the sun.
    Man drinking water.
    It’s important to stay hydrated during your summertime relocation in Florida.

    3. Follow certain rules when packing your items

    Summertime relocation in Florida–dos

    Just like we’ve said, moving companies will be in high demand during the peak season moving in Florida. Same thing with the major packing supplies. Therefore, secure everything you need well in advance. Moreover, start your preparations as early as possible. It takes more time than you think. So, don’t keep postponing it!

    Summertime relocation in Florida–don’ts

    Those objects sensitive to dry air and hot weather need to be packed and transferred in a different manner. Therefore, avoid handling the packing yourself. Instead, hire moving professionals to do it for you. Also, when packing those heat-sensitive items, such as electronics, don’t pack them with other items. Instead, pack them separately, and get them inside the air-conditioned house as soon as possible.

    Stay cool out there!

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