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How to prepare for your Wesley Chapel move

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Is the date of your relocation just around the corner? If you are moving to the lovely Wesley Chapel, then you have definitely made a good decision. However, while your beautiful new life awaits, there are still many things to be done before you can greet your new neighbors. Today, we’ll deal with the ‘before’ period of your move, and we’ll focus on helping you prepare for your Wesley Chapel move. In this short guide, we’ll try to cover everything of importance. From finding the best moving companies Wesley Chapel FL to packing your belongings, we will try to leave no area uncovered.

Know how much money and time you have at your disposal

Before you can start taking care of actual tasks, you first need to deal with the organization part of the process. That means that you need to define your moving budget, for starters, and then be realistic about the time you have at your disposal. Just bear in mind that this is the first thing you need to do when approaching any relocation. Whether you are looking for movers St Petersburg FL or Wesley Chapel professionals, they are first going to ask about the two aforementioned aspects.

A person making a checklist - the way to prepare for your Wesley Chapel move.
A detailed moving checklist will be among your greatest allies in the process.

While you are organizing your move, we highly suggest you create either a moving timeline or a moving checklist. Your mornings will be much easier once you have a visual representation of everything you need to accomplish for the day.

Find movers to help you prepare for your Wesley Chapel move

We could all use some help from time to time, and that’s especially true in moments of great stress. And we all know that moving is as stressful as it gets. Therefore, the best thing you could do to alleviate some of that stress is finding a moving crew that you can trust. What you need to pay attention to when looking for a moving company is:

We completely understand that not everyone will have sufficient funds for an assisted move. That doesn’t mean you have to struggle during your Wesley Chapel relocation. Just call in the troops and let your family members and friends help you out. After all, the people who love you will most likely offer you their help before you even get a chance to ask.

Pack your items in a couple of stages

Packing – the most time-consuming and complicated part of the process. As if moving weren’t difficult enough, now you have to deal with the safety of your items and the chance of them going missing during transit. Not to mention the lack of time you will inevitably be faced with. So what is there to do when getting ready to pack for your Wesley Chapel move? We know – pack in stages! Or pay for professional packing services in FL. Either way, get to work on time!

A black alarm clock on a desk.
You really do not have as much time to prepare for your Wesley Chapel move as you think you do.

Start preparing for your move to Wesley Chapel by packing non-essentials

Do you think it’s too soon to start packing for your move a month before the moving day? It might be too soon to pack essentials such as the clothes you wear on a daily basis, but it’s definitely not too soon to pack your seasonal clothing. Feel free to start packing these items 6 to 4 weeks before your move. You will be surprised how much of your time this is going to save once the big day really starts to approach.

The right time to deal with your essentials is two weeks before the move

Think about it – how much can really be done in 14 days, considering the fact that you have a nine to five job that you need to tend to? So devise a good packing plan and start packing your furniture room-by-room. If you want to take the hardest part out of the way first, we suggest you start with the kitchen. Although, we have to admit that packing up your bedroom can be just as difficult and time-consuming.

Transfer the utilities before you move

It’s the 21st century and none of us can live without electricity and the Internet. Well, we can do it for a couple of days, but there’s no reason for you to have to go through this. That is why you need to take a day off from your preparation for your Wesley Chapel relocation and dedicate it to dialing numbers. Make sure everyone is informed about your relocation, as well as that all of your utilities are transferred to the new address. 

A person holding a phone and working on a laptop.
Dial some numbers and make sure you have electricity and heat at the new address.

We here at Big Man’s Moving Company Florida suggest that you schedule the shut-off date a few days after your moving day. Likewise, schedule the utility switch to the new address a few days before your move. You never know whether some unforeseen circumstances will pop up, and this is the best way to be prepared for them.

Learn as much as you can about Wesley Chapel before your move

Having to adjust to completely new surroundings is never easy. We know that and you probably know that. That’s why you need to take some time and dedicate it to research. Inquire about the coffee shops, restaurants, and amenities in Wesley Chapel and its vicinity. Learn some interesting facts about the place itself. Most importantly, find a place where you can do the things you love, be that taking a walk, or learning Spanish. And if you don’t understand how this will help you prepare for your Wesley Chapel move, just ask yourself how easier it will be to adjust to your new life if you meet new friends right away. That’s the way to cut your adjustment period in half.

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