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How to handle old furniture when moving

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Have you decided it’s about time to start your new life? Whether if it’s moving to a distant location or within the same city. It’s just the right time for a change. That’s exactly the time for some purging. Because every relocation is a good chance to purge your household of unnecessary items. That way, you can enjoy having a clutter-free house. But before you can enjoy it, you first need to know how to handle old furniture when moving. Especially when it comes to those pieces that are massive in size and weight. That’s where movers Dunedin FL can come handy. Why handle robust furniture by yourself? Anyway, as it’s difficult to get rid of the furniture you can’t throw in the trash, this task isn’t easy. But we are here to help you handle old furniture when moving. Stay tuned.

Can you handle old furniture when moving by yourself?

Sure, one of the ways to handle the furniture you no longer need is to do it by yourself. You can call a few friends to help you carry the burden, and put your items on the curb. All you have to do afterward is to put a ‘free’ sign right next to your old furniture. There’s no doubt there will be other people to take the problem off of your hands. However, we don’t think that’s the best solution. Just the opposite, hiring some of the best interstate movers Florida could be the right answer. They can handle old furniture without too much trouble, as they are trained professionals. However, whichever option you pick, the bottom line is to get rid of the old furniture you no longer need. All the other arrangements are up to you.

Three chairs and a table
Handle your old furniture with ease by following our tips.

There are different ways to handle old furniture when moving

Be charitable- donate your furniture

Everyone should always help those that аre less fortunate. This is one of the good chances to do something good for the community. Not only for yourself. So, consider donating your items and call the charity organization so that they can organize the transport. If you live in a big city, you will have plenty of luck with easy donating. This is a win-win situation. You handle your old furniture and someone who needs it gets it for free.

Find junk removal companies

One of the ways to handle old furniture when moving is to have someone else tow it away. All you have to do is to spend a bit of your time on research. Then, you will be able to find private junk removal companies. However, you should know that this service is costly. If you have to move on a low budget, maybe this isn’t your option. Because you will have to pay a good sum for the services of junk removal companies. Although that will sometimes still be a more affordable option than relocating your furniture interstate.

Handle old furniture when moving by selling it online

Nowadays, the average person doesn’t have to work too hard to find information. Everything is only a click away from you. So, if you need to handle old furniture, the Internet is coming to your rescue. Just like you are looking for buyers for your pieces of furniture, other people are looking for sellers. No matter how old you think your furniture looks, you should still try and sell it. There are surely other people who will love renovating what you don’t use anymore. However, your furniture has to be in decent condition. Then, you’ve got several good options to try to sell them and handle your old furniture.

The steps for selling your old furniture

  • First, clean the furniture pieces you intend to sell. They must look presentable.
  • Second, research how much used furniture pieces go for in your area, and then set a price accordingly.
  • You can also organize a garage sale. This is a good opportunity to try to sell all the household items you’re not moving with you. Including the furniture pieces.
  • There are also some options to sell your furniture online, including some innovative mobile applications. They allow you to sell your furniture locally, which is also a good option.
A men using a computer
You can always sell your furniture online and handle it that way.

The downsides of handling old furniture when moving by selling them

By offering your furniture pieces for less than you paid for, you may feel like you’re losing money. However, looking long-term, you should factor in the cost to move those furniture pieces. If you aren’t prepared for selling, prepare furniture for storage and you’ll be fine.

Offer your unwanted furniture to friends

If you think that selling your unwanted furniture isn’t worth the hassle, you should seriously consider offering it to friends. However, before you do it, decide if you want to give your furniture to friends for free. Or if you’ll offer them your used furniture at a big friendly discount. It will all come down to one question. How close are you with those friends? So, it’s logical to give some of your old furniture to your best friends without asking for money in return. This will also be a nice gesture, showing your best friends that you care about them and their friendship. That way, you’ll never feel sorry that you couldn’t get any money out of it. However, if you sell your old furniture to acquaintances, you should offer them a discount on the price. Anyway, getting rid of the unwanted furniture will make packing your living room for moving easier.

Three friends chating
One of the good ways to handle old furniture is to give them to your friends if they need them.

The summary

As you can see, it isn’t easy to handle old furniture when moving. As getting rid of your old furniture will take some time, don’t wait until the last moment. Hiring Big Man’s Moving Company Florida will surely help. The sooner you manage to donate, sell, or dispose of the old and unwanted furniture, the easier for you. You will have more time to concentrate on other equally if not more important aspects of your household move.

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