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Things to do with kids in Trinity, FL after the move

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    Settling into a new community when you have kids can sometimes be a bit tricky. There are only so many places you can visit as a family. But, once your movers in Trinity FL have left, and you have unpacked, it’s time to start exploring the area. Not to worry, there are plenty of things to do with kids in Trinity! We’re going to give you a few recommendations and tips, so you don’t waste too much time on that. After all, you’ve planned your entire relocation – the aftermath should be relaxing!

    parents overlooking a girl in a cardboard box
    Moving with kids takes a lot of energy. It’s time to unwind and start exploring Trinity as a family!

    What are the things to do with kids in Trinity?

    On a nice summer day, when it’s not too hot, you can always opt to be outside. Even though Florida is full of lovely beaches, a beach day isn’t the only option for good fun! For instance, some local movers Clearwater FL will recommend a place that you probably haven’t heard of before. One of them being Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary. The owner of the sanctuary takes in animals that were hurt or left behind and nurtures them back to health. You can book a regular tour, as well as a private tour, and even get to pet some of them! From cats and dogs to zebras and bulls, there are plenty of animals that your kids will be happy to see. 

    Hanging out in the park is always a great idea

    If you don’t want to go anywhere special, and simply need to get out of the house, you should visit W H Jack Mitchell Park. This is a lovely little park where your kids can have fun on the playground, and it’s not too crowded either. We all know that a playground is a perfect place to meet new friends! It’s clean and shaded, and there’s even a lovely little pond to look at.

    girl on a swing in the park
    You’re bound to meet some new friends when you take your kids to a nearby park. They’ll have fun and you’ll meet your neighbors as well.

    Rainy day? Your local YMCA comes to the rescue!

    James P Gills YMCA is a great place to bring your kids to have fun when the weather isn’t the best. They offer plenty of courses for both kids and adults, and there’s a pool if you want to cool down and have a swim. No matter if you’ve moved a long distance, a YMCA is something you will recognize and know how it works. Among the thing to do with kids in Trinity, this is the one that guarantees a lot of fun!

    two girls in a pool
    Your local YMCA offers a lot of activities you can enjoy with your children.

    Moving to Trinity, FL with children is definitely a good move. If you’re sure that this is the right choice for you, give Big Man’s Moving Company Florida a call so we can start planning your relocation!

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