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Items you should leave behind when moving

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When the time comes to move house, the clutter somehow seems to have doubled. Or, is it only then that we realize just how many items we actually own? Either way, it’s a fact that we tend to accumulate a lot of things over the years. But what should you do with so many things? Should you relocate everything at a tremendous cost? Is it worth the time and labor? In this article, Clearwater moving companies share a few tips to help you decide which items you should leave behind when moving.

Items you hang on for “someday” are the ones you should leave behind if you’re moving

Those things you keep because of your “I might need it someday” syndrome are definitely the ones you should leave behind when relocating. These are the items you planned on reusing, recycling, or repurposing, but you never did. If you still think this day might come, let your history tell you otherwise. Either give yourself a few more days to do it, or discard them right away.

Items you bought and then regretted

Ah, consumerism. We’ve yielded countless times. Maybe that ugly t-shirt seemed chic at the moment of your purchase. Perhaps those rocker jeans are no longer your preferred style. Maybe that bag you already have, but in a different color, was on sale. Or maybe you got those heels for your aspirational self, because you know you usually never wear heels. This is a concept not at all uncommon, especially if you live in a metropolitan city such as, let’s say, Tampa. So, if you don’t need all of that clothes spilling out of your bedroom closet, or 4 hairbrushes and 3 rolling pins cluttering your new apartment, then simply get rid of it before contacting moving companies Tampa.

Store sale.
All of those purchases you regret are the items you should leave behind when moving.

Freebies are one example of the items you should leave behind when moving

For this one, our brain’s reward centers are to blame. Simply put, every time we take something for free, we’re glad we did not have to give anything in return for it. Automatically, we assign a certain value to this object and hang on to it. It’s human. However, a lot of those things are unnecessary. Think about it – if you needed something, you would’ve bought it by then. Therefore, if it is an item you don’t frequently use or has no value to you, then it is one of the first items you should leave behind when moving.

Same thing with those unwanted gifts

This one is a bit tricky. Most likely, thoughts are already swirling around in you hear about how it’s not an okay thing to do. Maybe a dear friend gave it to you, or you received it in the spirit of the season. Although your loyalty and gratefulness are delightful, a gift is definitely not a contract with permanence. If it no longer serves you, is no longer your style, or you’ve never liked or used it at all, just bid it a fond farewell. Although this doesn’t make you ungrateful, you might not be able to avoid feeling guilty. In this case, give it a purpose by making a meaningful donation.

Unwanted gifts may also be the items you might want to leave behind when moving.
Keep in mind that getting rid of unwanted gifts does not make you seem like you don’t value the relationship with the person who gave you the gift.

Useful, but a duplicate

Very often, and for some unknown reason, dozen of different versions of the same thing clutter our homes. Sounds familiar? Moreover, your most probably barely using any of them – either because you have that one favorite, or you simply can never find any of them in all the clutter. Therefore, if we look for belongings that we should discard when moving, replicas are an easy place to start

Additional tips

  1. Of course, some things are simply not safe to pack and load into your moving vehicle. Cleaning products and hazardous materials are some of the items you should leave behind when moving.
  2. If you were wondering what to do with these things, the answer is: sell them, give them away or donate them.

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