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How to pack for a long distance move to Florida

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If you’re planning a long-distance move, packing is often the most despised part of moving. It’s time-consuming, stressful, and exhausting. However, it’s important to stay organized and properly pack your belongings. The bottom line is to prevent damage to your belongings. The following guide will help you prepare to pack for a long-distance move to Florida. Do it like a pro with our expert tips and tricks.

Before you start to pack for a long-distance move to Florida, downsize your belongings

When you decide to move, the first thing to do is to book the best moving companies Clearwater FL. Then, long-distance movers will estimate the cost of your relocation. It will depend on the number of your goods and the distance you are traveling. Therefore, it’s not advisable to have a house full of unnecessary items and useless junk. Hence, sort through and purge your belongings. 

How to lighten your load before you start packing for a long-distance move to Florida?

  • First, to declutter before moving to Florida, you can organize a garage sale or sell stuff online. Do that before you start to pack for a long-distance move to Florida. That will bring you some extra cash for moving-related expenses.
  • Then, when it comes to furniture and clothing, consider giving them to friends and family. That will be a nice memory from you.
  • Finally, donate unwanted items to charity for those who are in need.
A messy room with many pieces of old clothes
Remember to declutter before you start to pack for a long-distance move to Florida.

When you pack for a long-distance move, use professional supplies

It’s a fact your belongings can easily get damaged while moving locally. Even more, long-distance moves will only increase that risk. Logically, your beloved possessions will be traveling on the truck for miles. Therefore, it is crucial to hire the best long-distance movers Florida. Afterward, pay attention to some details and you’ll be all set. One of the ways to ensure your goods arrive without a scratch it to use high-quality, professional moving supplies.

Moving boxes of high-quality

You can purchase them from a moving supply retailer. However, be careful when it comes to free boxes. They will simply not have the same strength and integrity as new ones. Use the previously used moving boxes only for non-fragile and resistant items.

Packing paper

It is useful to use packing paper to wrap your belongings and protect them from damage or scratches. You can also use unprinted newsprint for this purpose.

Packing tape

Finally, you will find packing tape necessary to secure boxes and prevent the collapse of your items.

An opened cardboard box on a desk
Use only sturdy boxes to pack for your relocation.

Stay organized when packing for a long-distance relocation to Florida

After you’ve hired the best moving professionals, it’s important to manage your time wisely during your long-distance move. Don’t forget that packing can quickly become a chaotic experience. Packing also takes time and meanwhile, you’ll have to continue living in your old home while packing. That’s why it’s important to keep track of what you’ve packed.

Pack least important items first when you pack for a long-distance move

First, think about what items are the most important for your daily routine. Then, leave them for last. This includes bedding, toiletries, and cookware. However, when it comes to packing properly, begin by packing books, DVDs, and out-of-season clothing first.

Label while you pack for your move

Another important step is to label everything. So, clearly label each moving box with the room and a brief description of contents. Also, label it fragile for delicate items. Not only this will keep you organized during the packing process, but it’ll make unpacking a breeze.

Keep an inventory list

Before you start packing, make a list of everything you have to pack. Then, check off each item as you wrap and box it up. This little trick will help you keep track of what’s already been packed and what is still left to handle. However, we advise you to focus on packing one room at a time to limit confusion.

Color-code your moving boxes

There are ways to make moving fun. One of them is to assign each room in your new home a color. Then, purchase tape, stickers, or markers in those shades. Afterward, label each box in the color of the room it belongs in. That will help the movers to know which rooms to bring the boxes in.

How to pack valuables for a long-distance relocation to Florida?

When it comes to valuable items, you should be extra careful. This refers to delicate china, glassware, and other fragile, oddly shaped, or sharp items. So, don’t save on the packing materials for fragile items. Get all the essential packing supplies as soon as you can. Get moving boxes that should be strong and sturdy. Also, use plenty of protective wrapping. However, bear in mind that packing fragile items requires diligence and care. Don’t let the moving stress cause rushed packing, especially when it comes to delicate breakables. Also, don’t leave any space in your boxes. Avoid the items to shift during transit. Especially when you’re moving long-distance. Hence, fill in any space with crumpled packing paper or foam peanuts to keep your items stationary on the moving truck. We advise you to test your padding’s effectiveness by carefully closing the box and shaking it. Then, if you hear the items moving inside, add more padding.

Fragile sign on a box
Lebel the boxes where you pack your fragile belongings.

The conclusion

After you’ve gotten to know the essentials on how to pack for a long-distance move to Florida, you’re set. You are prepared for such a complex endeavor. We wish you good luck and a great new chapter of life in Florida.

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