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Tips for moving with pets to St Petersburg, FL

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    When you’re hiring movers in St Pete FL for your upcoming Florida relocation, you have to keep in mind a few things. First things first, the moving crew will be ready to help you out with many aspects of your move. Sometimes, they will even pack your belongings for you! However, there are still limits to what your moving company can do for you. For instance, when you’re moving with pets to St Petersburg, you will have to handle this part of the relocation on your own. Preparing your furry friends for the move isn’t simple, but it’s not that hard either. With a few tips from the professionals, we are positive you won’t have any issues!

    boy playing with a dog
    Your kids and your pets are the ones this relocation will affect the most. If you prepare well, they will be less stressed about the move!

    Things you need to know when moving with pets to St Petersburg, FL

    First things first, you need to understand that moving will affect your pets as well. They may adapt to the new environment easier than you or your kids, but they will still feel the difference. That’s why you should make them feel as comfortable as possible throughout this entire process. For example, bringing their bed and their toys to the new house is very important. These are the items that contain familiar scents and it will help calm them down in an unfamiliar house. They don’t know if you’re moving locally or long-distance – all they know is now they have a different home.

    Also, pets can sometimes stand in your way when you are preparing for the move. This can be the case with your kids as well. If they are running around the house while you are packing or when movers Clearwater FL arrive, you may want to have someone look after them for a little bit. Even one afternoon away from them will make it easier to prepare for your upcoming relocation!

    can sniffing a can of paint
    Remodeling your new home is tricky if your pets are around. It can be very dangerous for them, too!

    Don’t forget their medical records as well

    Before you start moving with pets to St Petersburg, take them to their vet. They will give you all the necessary documents and records you need when moving house. In the case when you’re moving to a new state, moving companies Pinellas County will tell you that these are necessary in order to move without any issues. Each state (and county) will have to know you’re moving with a pet and will have you register them once you’ve settled in. This is because they will need to know if the pet got all the necessary shots and won’t disrupt the neighborhood. 

    vet holding a lizard
    It’s a good idea to have a vet take a look at your pet before the move. They will also give you useful tips on how to prepare them for this change.

    In case you are moving internationally with a pet, you might need more documents. Start preparing the paperwork for your pet weeks (if not months) in advance, so you don’t stress out on your moving day!

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