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Tips to find reliable long distance movers in Florida

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Long-distance moving is always a big project. However, before you start planning, it often strikes you as it is quite simple and manageable. What’s so difficult about packing, loading, and moving? However, you will soon find out how wrong you were to assume that. There are a lot of things that need to be done before you move long-distance. One of them is to find the best movers Clearwater FL to help you with your relocation. But, how to find the best ones is always a big question. It’s not easy because you have to do some research and make an effort to find the best of the best. Therefore, we’re here to help you to find reliable long distance movers in Florida. So, let’s get started.

Find reliable long distance movers in Florida by browsing the Internet

Since you’re already here, it’s a fact you know how to use the internet. But, there’re some tips you can follow to find the best long distance movers Florida by using the internet. As the Internet is such a big place, you need to know how to filter it. There is an enormous amount of information it offers us. Moreover, you must be careful and attentive while you are searching for reliable movers in Florida. Avoid moving frauds by any cost.

Check Review websites to find reliable movers in Florida

One of the ways to find the best long distance movers is to browse through websites. There, you can find reviews of moving companies. However, while you’re looking at them, try to figure out if the moving companies are maybe paying them for the reviews. On the other hand, a good review website will post both the positive and negative aspects of companies. That will be a good starting point for you in your quest. However, while these websites can be a good source to find reliable movers in Florida, be careful. Don’t rely solely on them. Find a review from an unbiased source if you want to be reliable for sure.

A woman working on a computer
One of the ways to find reliable movers is to search moving company’s reviews online.

Company website as a source to find reliable movers in Florida

Another internet source to find reliable moving companies Tampa is the company’s website. Once you have a moving company in mind, always check their website. Any reliable company wants to prove to its customers that they are reliable. So, they usually post reviews and comments for customers. However, if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, be careful. It’s quite easy to manipulate your website. On the other hand, if you can find both good and bad posts, that’s good. You can be assured that they are honest and reliable. Also, be careful when it comes to online estimates. Even though some companies offer them, they are often just a guess. Therefore, don’t take it for granted. Note that the moving company isn’t obliged to charge you for the price you’ve received on your online estimate.

Personal sources and ways to find trustworthy long distance movers in Florida

After you finish your online search, it’s not over. Now it is time for some legwork. Sure, the information you got online is useful, but you need to be even more inquisitive. Simply, some things are not possible to check out over the internet.

  • Pay a visit to a moving company you are considering

After you check out the moving company online, schedule an actual visit. Once you get there, make sure to check out their equipment first. Be warned if it is brand new and unused. The reason is that a good and reliable moving company is always busy. Hence, if the equipment is brand new, you should be suspicious. Either they don’t have a lot of business, or they aren’t showing you the equipment they actually use. Hence, showing brand new equipment is a red flag, so pay attention.

  • Talk to the moving company’s representative

After you check out the equipment, it’s time for a conversation. Ask them first how they handle difficult clients and how they handle an emergency. A reliable and experienced mover will honestly tell you all about the difficult situations and how they’ve reacted. Also, ask them to explain the types of moving services they offer. It’s important you gain confidence if they’re going to transport your possessions long distance, right?

Two men talking during a meeting
Visit the movers and talk to them about your upcoming relocation.

Ask for referrals

While you’re talking to your movers, ask them if they can give you any referrals. Those are people who’ve used their services but are willing to tell you about them. There’ll probably be someone who lived close to you and who can give you valuable tips for moving to Florida. Reliable moving companies know how people can get nervous when it comes to moving. Therefore, they should be happy to connect you to people who can give you advice.

Talk with people who’ve recently moved long distance

It is always useful to hear from someone’s experience. So, talk with people or friends who recently moved to Florida. Ask them to help you to find reliable long distance movers in Florida. As they’ve gone through the moving experience, they can surely recommend reliable, trustworthy movers in the neighborhood. However, remember to be polite and not ask too many questions. Because usually when people finish their relocation, they are tired and not so talkative. Hence, keep your questions short and you’ll get the right information.

Make sure the moving company has a legal business

Be aware that many moving companies don’t have a legal business. Every moving company that has a legal business needs to be registered with the US Department of Transportation. Once they register, they get a USDOT number which you can use to look it up online. This USDOT number will provide you with some valuable information when you’re looking for reliable movers in Florida.

A man signing papers
Make sure the movers have legal business before you sign anything.

The conclusion

We hope that you found our tips to find reliable long distance movers in Florida useful. We wish you a successful long-distance relocation.

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