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Top Restaurants to Visit After Your Move to Clearwater

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So, you’ve made the big move and you’re now a Clearwater resident. After settling in and unpacking boxes, you’re probably in the mood to explore your new community. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself and your family to some delicious meals. Our list of top restaurants to visit after your move to Clearwater is here to guide you. As you’re getting to know the area, indulging in local flavors can be a delightful part of the experience. Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you. With help from moving companies Clearwater FL, you’ve got the moving part covered. Now it’s time to discover where you can satisfy those taste buds. Welcome to your new home; let’s make your culinary exploration enjoyable!

Exploring the food variety in Clearwater

Clearwater, Florida is a food lover’s dream, particularly if you’re into seafood or looking to try different international dishes. The city offers a wide array of choices that range from freshly caught fish to sushi, and even flavors from around the globe. Local chefs use the bountiful resources from the Gulf of Mexico, ensuring you get top-quality seafood options. And hey, after a long day of moving with Clearwater Beach movers, a fulfilling meal is just what you need! Top dining recommendations:

  • Pier 60 Grill – For the freshest catch of the day.
  • Keegan’s Seafood Grille – Ideal for crab enthusiasts.
  • Morton’s Steakhouse – If you need a break from seafood.
  • Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza – For authentic Italian flavors.
  • Chiang Mai Thai & Sushi Bar – For a taste of Asia.
  • Columbia Restaurant – Offers Spanish and Cuban dishes.
  • Clear Sky Café – Breakfast fans will love their extensive menu.
people eating in one of the Top restaurants to visit after your move to Clearwater
There are many great options for the top restaurants to visit after your move to Clearwater

Pier 60 Grill

This spot is a go-to for anyone seeking the freshest seafood. Situated close to the famous Pier 60, the restaurant takes full advantage of its location by sourcing local fish directly from the Gulf. The atmosphere is relaxed, making it a great choice for families or casual dinners. Lastly, fish tacos and grilled snapper are must-tries.

Keegan’s Seafood Grille

Crab lovers, this is your haven. Keegan’s specializes in all things crab— from crab cakes to crab-stuffed flounder. It’s a cozy establishment that provides a homely feel, coupled with delectable seafood options that keep people coming back. Therefore, after moving with household movers Clearwater FL, you should come here for some amazing seafood dishes.

Morton’s Steakhouse

When you’ve had enough fish and crave some red meat, Morton’s is the place to be. This upscale steakhouse is famous for its high-quality cuts and impeccable service. Moreover, the atmosphere is classy yet welcoming, perfect for special occasions or business dinners.

steak on a grill
Everyone loves a good stake here and there

Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza

Craving Italian? Cristino’s offers more than just pizzas. From pasta to antipasti, this place captures the essence of Italy. Their coal-fired pizzas, however, are the star attraction, baked to perfection in traditional ovens for that authentic Italian taste. For this reason, make sure to put this Italian restaurant on your list when moving interstate movers Florida.

Chiang Mai Thai & Sushi Bar

Chiang Mai offers a delightful blend of Thai and Japanese cuisine. The sushi is fresh, and the Thai dishes pack a flavorful punch. The decor adds to the experience, providing a genuine sense of being transported to Asia, even if just for a meal.

Columbia Restaurant

This restaurant brings Spanish and Cuban flavors to Clearwater. Established in 1905, it’s one of Florida’s oldest eateries. It’s a hotspot for lovers of Spanish and Cuban cuisine. You can start your meal with a variety of tapas, and small dishes that you can share with friends or family. Then move on to the main courses like paella. Not to be outdone, the Cuban sandwiches are an absolute must-try. Finish with their iconic sangria. This fruit-infused Spanish wine is a perfect companion to any dish you choose, enhancing your dining experience.

Clear Sky Café

Your breakfast just got a lot more exciting. Clear Sky Café offers an expansive morning menu that ranges from waffles to huevos rancheros. Additionally, it’s also open for lunch and dinner, featuring an array of dishes that cater to different tastes. Ideal for breakfast enthusiasts or anyone looking for diverse meal options.

people eating waffles
Waffles are a good breakfast option

Top restaurants to visit after your move to Clearwater and entertainment options

Clearwater offers a variety of entertainment options that cater to all kinds of interests. For art lovers, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is more than just a place to see marine life; it also hosts art exhibits that focus on ocean conservation. If you’re into performing arts, Ruth Eckerd Hall is the go-to venue for concerts, plays, and ballet performances.

Outdoor enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either. The 1,200-acre Philippe Park is ideal for hiking and picnics, and it has a dedicated area for frisbee golf. Kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico is another exciting option, and local businesses like Clearwater Kayak Tours offer guided experiences. As for nightlife, Shephard’s Beach Resort is a popular spot. With a beachfront bar and live music, it’s perfect for those looking to unwind. Another option is The Shipwreck, which is famous for its signature cocktails and upbeat environment. So, whether it’s the arts, the great outdoors, or a night out on the town, Clearwater has something for everyone.

Wrapping up your culinary exploration in Clearwater

After settling into your new home, you might be curious about the dining options Clearwater has to offer. Look no further! The top restaurants to visit after your move to Clearwater range from sushi spots to classic American diners. With choices that can please every palate, you can satisfy your cravings and get to know your new community. Dining out is also a great way to take a break from unpacking and setting up your living space. It’s an opportunity to become familiar with your surroundings while enjoying a delicious meal. So go ahead and give your cooking utensils a rest. Explore, dine, and feel like a part of the Clearwater community. Your taste buds will thank you!

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