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Best cities for millennials in Florida

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As a millennial, you will have a lot of needs to lead a happy lifestyle. For that reason, it’s important that you find the right place that you can call home. There are many factors that will impact the decision of millennials when it comes to choosing the place to live in. Florida attracts people of all ages and hiring movers Clearwater FL to complete your relocation anywhere in Florida will be the right thing to do. Check out the best cities for millennials in Florida and find out what makes them so special in comparison to others.

What are some of the most important factors to consider a place great for millennials

  1. Are there jobs in the area? We analyzed unemployment and average wages using the latest data from several reputable sources. We determined the average salary in several parts of Florida and compared it to the cost of living. Of course, details like the cost of living and many others will have an impact. But for young people having a job in the area is a crucial first step you want to consider.
  2. Can you afford to rent close to work? Besides the cost of living, a huge detail is the cost of housing. Be it that you want to buy a home or rent it’s necessary to get as much information as you can. We’ll offer you the rent and average prices of homes in the best cities for millennials in Florida.
  3. Do other millennials in Florida live there? As a millennial, you want to have a supportive community. And what better way to get that than by knowing where the population of millennials is the highest? That’s why we have the percentage of millennials as a deciding factor when it comes to picking out a place to live in.
A young person using their laptop
Know the criteria when picking among the best cities for millennials in Florida

There are some trends that will stand out when you look at the best cities for millennials in Florida

One thing is certain, bigger cities offer more opportunities for millennials. Especially as you will have better job opportunities and a better salary. Perhaps it is no coincidence that millennials are hiring long distance movers Florida and flocking to urban areas. With so many cities having big companies in them, it’s a good idea for young people to find jobs in those areas. Along with established commercial centers in these cities and surrounding metro areas, there are several Fortune 500 companies that stand out.

Affordable rental prices will usually be an important factor. Especially when you consider that the majority of young people will rent their homes. Finding places to rent, not buying, also matches the behavior of millennials. But, there has been a trend of higher prices when it comes to real estate. Whatever the option might be, renting or buying, it’s important to have it in mind. For that reason, housing costs will be a detail that impacts the list of best cities for millennials in Florida.

Here is the list of the best cities for millennials in Florida

With all the things taken into consideration, it’s finally time to get into the cities that will ensure that you get everything that you need to feel great as a millennial. Overall, there are many things that will make sure that you feel just at home. From a no-state income tax to being in an overall beautiful area of the US, you won’t find many cons of living in Florida. But there are some of the cities that you will find great for you to live in. Let’s get more in-depth about the best cities for millennials in Florida.

What can you expect from St. Petersburg as a millennial?

This city on the outskirts of Tampa Bay is home to a thriving economy with an average income of $33,000, which is above the national average. On top of that, the average household income will be up to $80,000. Raymond James Financial and EverBank are headquartered here with Jabil Circuit, a Fortune 500 company. The average rent with utilities is around $1,300 per month in a city with many restaurants and entertainment along the Grand Central District. Not surprisingly, many millennials in Florida are thinking of hiring movers St Petersburg FL and relocate here. As this place offers so many benefits. As a young person looking at Florida, St. Petersburg will be a very welcoming place for you.

A Big's Man Moving Company mover
St Petersburg will offer you just what is necessary to have a quality lifestyle

Palm Bay needs to be considered among the best cities for millennials in Florida

Palm Bay is at the center of the expansion of Emerald City. But above all, it’s a place that has been attracting more and more benefits and amazing opportunities. From jobs to entertainment options, you will be able to experience everything you want here. This is a $101.8 million project that will create a city center on Interstate 95. There are also several large enterprises in the city, including Harris Corp., an international information technology company. You can expect your average rent to be around $1,470 in the area. However, the top-level jobs that are available in the area will make the rent absolutely worth it.

Tampa will be a very welcoming place for students and young professionals

Thanks to the University of Florida, Tampa has a strong millennial presence that has grown a lot in the last few years. And currently, millennials make up 25% of the population. That explains the reason why the city has one of the largest millennial populations of the cities in the state of Florida. The median income is around $40,000 a year, which is going to be a pretty good salary. Companies such as KForce and World Fuel Services, a Fortune 500 company, are located in Tampa. Therefore, hiring Tampa movers and relocating here could be one of the best decisions in your life. Your rent can be around $2,000 so make sure that you prepare financially to move here as a millennial.

Orlando is one of the best places to live regardless of your age

As one of the largest cities in Florida, Orlando has more than 200,000 millennials living in it. And above all, there are around 500, 000 students that are seeking moving services FL and getting their education in the greater Orlando area. A high average salary may be associated with the ability to work in corporate banks, healthcare companies, and Fortune 500 companies. The average rent will be around $2,000. Which is a pretty high amount, but will come with a lot of benefits. But it’s also important to underline that Orlando is one of the entertainment capitals of the US. Having a mix of fun, great job opportunities, and education is what awaits you in Orlando.

Two millennials in front of the moving trucks
Hire movers to relocate you to Orlando as it is one of the top cities for you as a millennial

Ocoee is the proof that the best cities for millennials in Florida don’t have to be the biggest

Ocoee is the perfect place for you if you like smaller communities. As a city of around 45,000 inhabitants and the median age is about 35 years, you can be sure that you’ll feel at home as a young professional or even student. It’s not a surprise that it’s among the top 25 cities to live in Florida as it has a lot of benefits  The fact that Orlando is just around the corner is great as you can always be near big city centers. The fact that the average rent price is around $2,000 will mean that it’s more affordable than in some cities in the area. While the average salary you can expect in the city is around $43,000. All these details will make the city very welcoming and enjoyable for the younger generations.

A list of the best cities for millennials in Florida will have to include Miami

With a relatively high average salary of $62,000 and an average rent of around $2,300, Miami combines affordable housing with a strong local economy. It has the headquarters of World Fuel Services, Ryder System Inc., and many other companies in a growing urban environment. With all its advantages, Miami is one of the best places to live in Florida, and for a good reason. Besides that, it’s one of the most popular cities that local movers FL are relocating people to when you compare it to the other cities in Florida. It’s truly one of the most amazing cities in the US and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. From amazing jobs to all the entertainment and fun, Miami won’t disappoint.

Miami Beach will be the best choice for you if moving to Miami isn’t the best choice for you

Is living in a big city like Miami too much for you? Then one of the best cities for millennials in Florida might be Miami Beach for you. Its population is just under 50,000 and you can be sure that it’s the best place for you to have some fun. It’s more affordable than Miami especially when you include the average moving cost in Florida and everything else. Overall it has a booming nightlife and it’s extremely entertaining. Getting around Miami Beach is also very easy, but it’s also well-connected to the whole of Florida. Besides that, it will have a plethora of job opportunities for young professionals. The average salary will be around $38,000 and you can expect rent to be around $2,700.

A girl at a beach
Miami Beach is fun and enjoyable

Miramar offers you the right opportunities if you’re young and eager to create the best situation for you

Be it that you’re one of the millennials that want to have some fun or want to start a family, Miramar will be the right place for you. It’s a very popular city when it comes to younger people as it offers the perfect mix of opportunities and entertainment. Make sure to find movers that offer quality packing services FL, and find the apartment before you relocate here. The average rent will be around $2,600 will make it an expensive place to live, but the upsides will be worth the cost. On top of that, the average salary in Mirimar you can expect will be around $35,000. Overall, it will be a very convenient place for millennials to live in. Especially as you will have everything that is necessary to enjoy your time and have a perfect balance.

Sarasota is attractive to millennials for a plethora of great reasons

With an increase in the millennial population every year, Sarasota takes a deserved place on our list. It’s a perfect city for the younger population as it has a lot to offer. There are many interesting places where young people can go and find what they need. As well as many events and popular festivals. On top of that, being among the best places for renters in Florida will have its benefits. Young workers who live here will also find average monthly rents of $2,150 and an unemployment rate of 2.6%. With an average yearly salary of $43,000, it can be easy to manage to live in Sarasota. With such circumstances, you can easily figure out why it’s among the most popular Florida cities for young people in general.

If you’re a millennial that appreciates smaller cities, Winter Park will be right for you

Despite the fact that a little less than 30,000 people live in the city, Winter Park compensates for its size with an average salary of around $60,000 and the highest growth of millennials as it offers so many benefits for younger people. It is considered one of the best places to raise a family in Florida as it has the perfect mix of a small and big community. Park Avenue serves as the center of the cosmopolitan city center, with upscale restaurants with beautiful parks and Rollins College, Florida’s oldest recognized college. The average rent for an apartment will be somewhat less than $1,700. And if you don’t like the crowd Orlando will bring with it, Winter Park will be the best alternative.

A moving truck in the yard
Winter Park is a small community with a lot of benefits to offer

Consider moving to Plant City if you’re a young and motivated person

In Plant City, you will have a community that will be made up of the majority of young people. But besides that, it’s also a city where you can find affordable housing. Especially if you consider the fact that the average rent will be even under $1,400. And in combination with the average salary being in the area of $46,000 it will make it a perfect area to live in if you’re living on a budget. But overall, it is worth it to hire Hillsborough County movers and relocate here as it is an enjoyable place to live in. With so many festivals and entertainment options, you will never feel like it’s dull in Plant City.

Are you one of the millennials that want to have it all? Then don’t overlook Boca Raton

Boca Raton has a very high average salary with it being around $69,000. Although rents here are usually higher, with an average of $2,850, this coastal city offers a thriving business environment with over 150 companies and cultural events in the city center. When you follow the useful tips for moving long-distance the whole relocation to Boca Raton will be much easier. You will absolutely enjoy the beautiful beaches and outdoor areas that will be a whole mark of Boca Raton. But one of the main things, why it’s considered one of the best cities for millennials in Florida, is that it will be easy to find a job. And this is the main reason why millennials from Clearwater decide to hire local movers Clearwater FL and relocate here. Be assured that as a millennial you will find it easy to get around Boca Raton.

You can be sure that Cutler Bay will make you feel great as a millennial

As an important hub for students, you can expect Cutler Bay to be among the best cities for millennials in Florida. In combination with being a very affordable part of Florida, you can be sure that it’s one of the best places for you if you’re younger. The only task you’ll have is to avoid moving scams when moving and everything will be easier when it comes to adjusting to Cutler Bay. But besides being primarily for students, you can find jobs that will pay around $30,000 on average. With the rent standing at $1,650 you can be sure that it won’t put too much pressure on your finances. Cutler Bay is a very vibrant city, so we’re sure that it’s the right pick for you.

Girls enjoying their time outside
Millennials will have their own needs to feel great in a place

Fort Lauderdale deserves its spot among the best cities for millennials in Florida

This city north of Miami is a city that heavily relies on tourism and it has a strong business center. The rental price is higher than the average for many places in Florida, with an average of around $2,700. The Fort Lauderdale cultural pulse is noticeable, especially along the picturesque Riverwalk, the location of the Broward Performing Arts Center, various museums, and restaurants. When you consider that the average salary is around $68,000 you can be sure that you’ll have great conditions as a millennial.

Gainesville is an important city for young people that want to call Florida their home

Among the best cities for millennials in Florida needs to be space for Gainesville. It’s a fairly big city and will offer a lot of opportunities accordingly. On top of that, the fact the rent prices are pretty low will offer you a huge benefit. The average to be precise is around $1,500 and will get you top-notch quality housing. The biggest task will be to determine the moving budget and everything will be much easier to do. Be it that you’re a student or a young professional, finding a job won’t be too hard of a task. A more than average salary of $50,000 will be enough to make any millennial lead a great lifestyle. Especially as Gainsville will provide you as a millennial with everything you need.

More and more millennials have been choosing Tallahassee as their place to start off

You can’t talk about the best cities for millennials in Florida without mentioning the capital of Florida. With a high percentage of college students living in Tallahassee, it’s only logical why it’s a popular location among the younger population. Just make sure to prevent moving injuries and you will have it much easier. There’s a lot to do in the area and there will never be a dull moment for you as a young person in Tallahassee. With an average salary of around $55,000, you can also afford to do a lot of fun things. Especially as you consider that the average rent is somewhat under $1,500, you can consider Tallahassee a very affordable city even if it’s big and has a lot of benefits that come with living in it.

A group of millennials
Tallahassee is very enjoyable and fun, and at the same time offers a plethora of opportunities

When you have the benefits of Palm Beach Gardens you will have everything you need as a millennial

With an unemployment rate of 2.9%, you can be sure that it’s easy to find a job in the area. It also maintains a relatively high average salary of $73,000 which attracts a lot of young people. The business environment of the city includes trading, commercial, and other enterprises, including the PGA national headquarters. The average rent of $2,680 is pretty high. But a low unemployment rate, as well as a growing local economy make Palm Beach Gardens one of the best cities for millennials in Florida.

You can’t overlook all the benefits that the best cities for millennials in Florida have. Every single detail can make a place more or less attractive for you. However, all of the cities on our list will ensure that you have just what you need or quality living in the state of Florida as they have their benefits. From job opportunities to the cost of housing and living, everything can be an important decision for your relocation. Pick the city that fits you best as a millennial and we can guarantee that you won’t regret your decision.

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