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Essential packing supplies for your Florida move

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While moving, there are some materials that you will most likely need. By organizing your supplies right away, you can plan your move in the most efficient and time-saving way. Here is our detailed checklist of essential packing supplies for your move with one of the Clearwater moving companies.

Basic essential packing supplies

The most common moving materials are boxes and bubble pack. You can do a lot of small moves with these basic items. There is a couple of ways to get them, but probably the safest is to get them from your long-distance movers Florida. There are also some other supplies you will need for packing your belongings.

Essential packing supplies
Here are some of the packing materials you will need

Moving boxes

Use different boxes and protect your valuables by reducing the amount of extra space around each item. This important step will ensure that your property is not damaged during the move. Each box size has its own use, so you should follow the packing guide for the best results. For example, small boxes are suitable for kitchen spices, CDs, pencils, stationery, dishes, and other delicate items. You should pack books in small boxes instead of one large box to avoid the problems that come with heavy, bulky boxes.

Customized packing and shipping options are available for special items, but you should be aware of these packing services Clearwater FL in advance. Any fragile items or other special items must be packed and shipped separately using non-standard boxes, which are designed for maximum safety in transit.

Bubble pack, protective wrappers, and corner protectors

Once you’ve decided in what boxes you will pack your items, the next step is to prepare the specific types of protective materials. For example, picture wrap kits, quilted spacers, paper spacers, bubble pack, and stretch wrap. Always use bubble pack when packing delicate glassware, antiques, electronic equipment, and glassware. As a general rule, use a little bubble pack for small items and large anti-static bubble wrap for large wooden furniture. Use some bubble pack to line up your moving boxes and limit the possibility of any movement.

You can also use protective wraps to protect fragile items. They are made from cushioning materials and are very economical. Protective foam shells are lightweight and flexible and are often made from recyclable materials. Protective corners prevent damage to the edges of furniture and walls. Sometimes large pieces of furniture will not fit in containers and the edges may scratch against the walls when loading or unloading. This can happen when you move tables and couches. Use corner protectors to cover the edges of furniture and prevent scratches.

Scissors, tape, markers, and labels

Use scissors and tape to secure the open sides of the moving boxes. For best results, always buy more tape than you think you will need. Always use heavy-duty packing tape. For example, aluminum foil tape, transport tape, box tape, and duct tape. Using the box labels removes the guesswork from the moving process. Quickly label moving boxes, containers, and tubes with bright labels.

Label Fragile
When moving the items that require special care, “Fragile” labels are also essential packing supplies

Special supplies for office moving

Business moving supplies differ mainly by their capacity, which is often very high. Packing business equipment and moving it from one location to another often requires large carts or hand trucks. Use this special equipment if you are moving a lot of heavy objects. You may need to rent a jack that can handle very heavy loads. When moving any heavy equipment with wheels, loading ramps are essential. They go above curbs or gaps and allow you to move equipment.

1. Dollies, carts and furniture pads

Dollies and carts come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them have handles, while others are positioned vertically or horizontally. You can make moving your home much easier by using a simple handcart to stack moving boxes of different sizes. However, to move your office, you may need an industrial-grade platform truck instead of a light truck. Always check the lifting capacity of any cart or platform to ensure a smooth move. Keep the pad next to your cart to avoid looking for it when moving furniture.

2. Various fasteners

Bungee cords and other fasteners can secure your belongings in a moving truck. They are also useful when transporting stacked items on a handcart. You can use rubber straps and various hooks in combination with bungee cords to secure the load vertically and horizontally. Also, use these hooks to secure the ends of the bungee net. Wrap the net around large, bulky items and secure the ends with hooks.

3. Hazmat labels

Hazardous materials labels are essential elements for businesses transporting certain types of materials that must be labeled in a specific way for O.S.H.A. standards. Always check it to ensure that you pack, load, and label all hazardous materials as required by law.

Other moving supplies

1. Cleaners

Although they are not essential packing supplies, you will still need different cleaning products before and after you move. The cleaning step is easy to overlook, so be sure to assemble the kit with a broom, dustpan, paper towels, sponges, and degreaser before starting the packing process.

Cleaning after the move
And be sure to use them after you move

2. Personal protective equipment

Use personal protective equipment to avoid harmful bacteria and reduce exposure to detergents. If you are working in a dusty environment, take a box of dust masks, for example. Plastic gloves, trash bags, and hand wipes are essential materials. Use a moisturizer to revitalize your skin after wearing gloves for an extended period of time.

3. Protective covers

Protective covers are designed specifically to protect common household items such as mattresses, furniture, and perishable food from dust, moisture, and other contaminants. To avoid scratches, use felt floor pads when working with large pieces of furniture.


Making an ultimate packing checklist is the fastest way to organize. Collecting all of your moving materials before packing will help you keep track of each category, keep you safe while driving, and improve your overall experience. Identify the most important packing materials for your overall situation. Repeat this process for each room until you have packed all your belongings. Consider how many people will be involved in the move, and make sure additional supplies are available when needed. Protect your valuables and save time by preparing essential packing supplies ahead of time.

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