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How to baby proof your new Tampa home

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Newborns don’t take their time at growing up. Right now, you might still be whooping up their successful rolling over onto their side. But, right before you know it, the moments in which they develop new movement become bittersweet. In a flash, their crawls and wobbles will start pushing your panic buttons, and that I-only-took-my-eyes-off-him-for-a-second mom guilt is bound to kick in from time to time. So, if starting afresh in Tampa with a recent addition to your family, as soon as your Tampa movers drop off your belongings and you settle in, start thinking about how to baby proof your new home.

Before you move into your new Tampa home, you need to baby proof all rooms.
Every parent’s number one priority is keeping their child safe.

How to baby proof your new Tampa home


Preparations begin long before hiring moving help in Clearwater to relocate you to your new place of residence. If the house you’re moving into has anything that needs repairing, we suggest you start there. Tackle the problems such as lead sources, a broken window, leaking water heaters, etc, to make your new Tampa living space a bit more child-resistant before you even move there.


Safety test your existing furniture before moving to Tampa. Sharp edges, unstable and wobbly elements, and pieces you’ll have to mount on the walls are bad news. Next, get down on all fours and start examining your Tampa home room by room from a child’s perspective to discover other potential danger zones you need to baby proof.

Baby proof the nursery in your new Tampa home

Moving with a baby isn’t easy since it demands lots of preparation before you can finally settle. The baby’s nursery will require your special attention since it’ll be the room where children will spend most of their time. To properly childproof the new nursery in your Tampa residence, you need to ensure that:

  • The rails on the crib are fixed.
  • The crib that doesn’t have the drop-side rail. If you have one of these, secure it with an immobilizer.
  • The slats aren’t wide enough for your child to fit his head between them.
  • There are no blankets, pillows, or toys in your baby’s crib.
  • The changing table is secured with safety straps.

Some basic ideas experts typically agree on

Experts tell you how to baby proof your new Tampa home.
Some great expert tips on how to baby proof your new Tampa home are up for grabs.
  • Soften up sharp edges with corner protectors, edge bumpers, etc.
  • Remove all old furniture from the house. I.e., anything wobbly or unstable is unsafe.
  • Keep all surfaces clear. Store all breakables and valuables, such as vases, picture frames, plants, floor lamps, etc., somewhere out of reach.
  • Secure TV, bookshelves, and dressers with furniture holders or tension straps, so nothing topples over.
  • Prevent all access to the TV and other devices with baby gates, or hide them by getting some out-of-sight storage TV stand.
  • Fasten TV and computer cords together and cover them. A cord manager device is a great investment.
  • Install outlet protectors. Make sure they are childproof and require both hands to open them.
  • Baby proof the floors of your Tampa home by putting down some non-slip area rugs with a felt surface layer for extra cushioning.
  • Replace floor-length curtains with window blinds. However, tie the cords of the blinds high, so your toddler cannot reach them.
  • Buying some restrictive gates is something your ‘babyproof plan’ should definitely include. Keep your child safe from all hot zones, such as the kitchen, stairs, or the fireplace in the living room, with some baby gates.
  • Cover all doorknobs on cabinets, drawers, closets, and doors with doorknob covers. You can install some safety locks and latches.
  • Adjust your hot-water heater to 120 degrees tops to prevent burns.
  • Bathroom doors should be locked at all times. Hide all cleaning products and medication in safe storage.
  • Secure the toilet lid with a lid lock.

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