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How to safely move a fridge to your new home

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    Moving bulky and heavy items is not only difficult, but it can also be very dangerous. Serious injury can occur if you’re not being careful when transporting such belongings. Whether it is a sofa or a fridge, you need to have the proper equipment to safely relocate it. However, if you want to avoid the hassle and the trouble of moving it on your own, hire professional movers Brandon FL to assist you! Not only do they have the knowledge, but they also have all the necessary equipment as well. With it, they will safely move a fridge to your new home if you need them to. Here’s how to do it efficiently and without any mistakes.

    woman opening a fridge
    Moving your fridge is a task you should probably leave to the professional crew.

    Move a fridge to your new home with ease

    We all know that packing your kitchen for the move may be the single hardest task on your moving checklist. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming and tedious that you end up asking professional packers for assistance. And that’s perfectly okay! Not everyone has the time to properly pack for their relocation. But, there are a few things you should do before they arrive when you’re moving your refrigerator.

    First things first, make sure the fridge is completely empty. That includes taking out all the food. Moreover, most Clearwater moving companies will not transport perishables, and can only take in unopened canned goods. If you have any food you don’t want to bring with you, you can always donate it or try to use it up before your moving day rolls around. Then, you want to make sure you take out the shelves and drawers. Once that is finished, completely defrost the fridge and give it a thorough clean. Your future self will thank you!

    fruits and vegetables in a fridge
    Before you pack it for the move, your fridge needs to be completely empty.

    Pay attention to how you wrap the fridge for the relocation

    Let’s be honest, fridges aren’t cheap and damaging one would definitely cut into your moving budget. That is why you want to make sure it is properly wrapped and secured before movers load it onto the moving truck. No matter if you’re moving across town or you’re moving long-distance, it needs to be completely secure during transport. You need to carefully coil the cords and lines and secure them to the side of the fridge with strong tape. After that, you want to make sure the doors are sealed shut, and for this, you will need to use packing tape.

    ice cream in the freezer
    After you defrost your fridge and freezer, take some time to clean it so you can have a clean fridge as soon as you move in.

    To further ensure the fridge doesn’t get any damages, your movers will recommend that you use moving blankets. Wrap your fridge in moving blankets and secure them with straps or bungees. Use a moving dolly to safely load it onto the truck and if possible, leave it on there for the duration of the trip. This way, you will rest assured knowing that the fridge will arrive at your new home in one piece!

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