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Should you move to Seminole FL?

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Located in Pinellas County, Seminole is a small city with a lot to offer. That‘s why it‘s no wonder many people consider moving there. Seminole is founded in 1970 as a sleepy town for retirees. However, through time, it has become an in-demand area full of people of all ages. And all of them want to be centrally located, near the beach and close to activities and amenities. However, you shouldn‘t be concerned about the relocation itself, as Big Man‘s Moving Company Florida will do all the work. So, if you want to move to Seminole FL, here are some reasons why you‘ll be thankful you did.

If you move to Seminole Fl, you will enjoy Seminole City Center, for starters

After you handle your relocation to Seminole with the help from the best moving companies Seminole FL, it‘s time for exploring. In that sense, you will find Seminole City Center as an essential part of the appeal of this city. It is originally known as Seminole Mall and the previous indoor mall opened in 2016 featured a variety of stores. However, as of early 2018, this mall is still adding in stores. With all those stores and the movie theater, it‘s creating an increased demand to live in Seminole, FL. Also, this is great for the local economy, bringing in entertainment, events, and commerce.

For park lovers, moving to Seminole FL is a perfect choice

The residents of Seminole have possibilities to enjoy nature and have a place to bring families. Some of the well-known parks are Seminole City Park, Lake Seminole Park, and Boca Ciega Millennium Park.

  • One of the reasons to move to Seminole is to enjoy Seminole City Park

This park is one of the most favorite places for families. Seminole City Park is large, clean, and features a great playground. Also, you can find picnic shelters for eating and seating areas for events. With plenty of trees and shade, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the water. There are also plenty of events that are held in the park. One of the local favorites is called Music In The Park. This event is an annual music festival featuring local artists.

  • Lake Seminole Park

This park offers a variety of activities, such as multi-use trails for running, walking, and biking. Also, the water view is stunning and you can rent a small boat to enjoy it, especially with your kids.

  • Boca Ciega Millennium Park

Another great park to check out is Boca Ciega Millennium Park. It has a dog park, an observation tower overlooking the intercoastal, picnic shelters. There is even a spot to launch kayaks. This park is also ideal for walking, as there are many winding paths to take including a boardwalk.

A park on the beach
If you move to Seminole Fl, you can relax in some of the most beautiful parks in the area.

Move to Seminole Fl if you wish to live close to the beach

If you decide to move to Seminole, you will be from a minute to a 10-minute drive close to the beach. One of the best tiny town beaches is Indian Shores and it can be reached directly from Park Boulevard. It is bordered by Redington Shores and Indian Rocks Beach. Also, you can ride your bike or run to the beach, which is not uncommon. Depending on the beach you wish to go to, you can find many places to park your vehicle.

The entrance to the beach
What’s not to like about living near the beach in Seminole, FL?

Walkability is another perk of living in Seminole FL

If you want to walk through shaded parks or down the many sidewalks, you will choose wisely. Throughout the whole city, there are plenty of options for people who like to walk or ride their bikes. As Seminole is a small land area, you will be able to live without a car in this city. More people begin to find work from home positions as it has more financial sense. Therefore, walkability in Seminole depends on your objective. If you don‘t want to deal with traffic and to be in an urban environment, Pinellas Trail is your place. It runs through the heart of the city and is the preferred route of many runners and bikers. Also, if you live along 113th Street, you‘ll have access to sidewalks. That will keep you free from having to worry about traffic.

Family-friendly environment

Another advantage of moving to Seminole is that it is a great place for families. It helps to move with children easier. With great schools, low crime rates, and plenty of options for entertainment, you can‘t go wrong. Simply, Seminole has a specific charm. Furthermore, Bauder Elementary is one of the most positively rated public schools in the area. However, depending on where you live in Seminole, you may find many more reliable schools. Also, Seminole FL offers plenty of great eating options for families. There are many restaurants in the central location, as well as on the beach. There, you can relax and enjoy after the relocation.

Good weather

The weather in Seminole Fl is quite nice most of the year. However, if you choose to move to Florida, you have to accept you‘re living in a tropical environment. On the other side, endless summer and high temperatures are quite appealing, especially if you spend your time on the beach. Also, there is a difference between the weather in counties that border the sea and the ones more centrally located. Simply, the coastal winds make a huge difference in the temperature. That is maybe one of the under-realized advantages of this area.

A palm tree in the sun
Enjoy the sunny weather after you move to Seminole, FL.

The conclusion

Now that you have all the answers about why to move to Seminole, Fl, you are all set. You can only pack your items, and hit the road. We wish you good luck in this next chapter of your life.

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