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What Lakewood Ranch and Trinity, FL have in common

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It is time to relocate! Every move is special in its own way. It combines both stress and nervousness. As well as nostalgia and a relaxed feeling when it’s all over. During the relocation, there are many problems that you have to solve. And also too much thinking about how to organize and whether everything will go well. If you have to do all that yourself, it will only be more exhausting. So it is important to choose a good and reputable moving agency. Luckily movers in FL are here for you. If you are thinking about relocating to Florida, there are two towns that you should definitely consider. Here you can read what Lakewood Ranch and Trinity, FL have in common.

Moving to Lakewood Ranch or Trinity

Before moving to another place, you need to consider a lot of facts. Besides the characteristics of that town, firstly, you need to consider the moving agency. If you don’t have reliable and helpful movers with you, relocation will be very tiring. If you know the right steps, packing tips, and time that you’ll need for preparation, your moving will go easier. Proper organization will help you a lot with packing and moving. Make your relocation plan with the right moving agency. It should contain a list of weekly tasks that must be performed before or after the move. Also, make a draft schedule for the new apartment. You can also make a list of renovations in the new apartment that need to be done before moving in. All of this can go easy if you have the right movers.

Similarities between Lakewood Ranch and Trinity

Even if you still haven’t decided whether to move to Lakewood Ranch or Trinity, you need to be sure that your relocation within Florida will go smoothly. But, before engaging in the moving process, you need to choose the perfect home for you! Let’s see what Lakewood Ranch and Trinity, FL have in common:

  • Great community
  • Sport and recreation events
  • Weather
  • Excellent food
  • Reasonable costs of living

Two towns

Both towns are small and family-friendly. Lakewood Ranch is originally known as Schroeder-Manatee Ranch. In 1994 there was a transition to a well-planned residential development. Today, it is home to many top-rated schools, golf, and country clubs. And also community centers, and sports facilities. Town Trinity is named after Trinity College of Florida. This city is known for its’ dedication to schools and students. There are also many parks and ranches. That’s why Lakewood Ranch and Trinity are one of the top-ranked places to live in Florida.


Both towns have a nice climate. Lakewood Ranch is famous for the warm and sunny weather all over the year. An average temperature is more than 50 degrees throughout the year. And there estimated 249 days of sun. For that reason, if you decide to move to this town, contact movers Lakewood Ranch FL to ask for the right time for moving. However, in Lakewood Ranch and Trinity there are rainy and humid periods. Those are in July, August, and September. In Trinity, there is also warm and nice weather. Snowfall is a rare occurrence.

Lakewood Ranch and Trinity have similar weather

Costs of living

It is good to know that in both these towns, costs of living aren’t above the U. S. average. In Lakewood Ranch, as a master-planned community, most homes are made of new construction. Or of recent resales built in the 1990s to 2010s.  There are different home prices. If you want a luxurious house along the water then the price can go up to $3 million. In other neighborhoods, the price can be as low as $200. Still, those prices are in the median of average home cost in Florida. In Trinity, the costs of living are also below the average in the U. S. If you want more information, don’t worry, movers in Trinity are always ready to tell you everything you need to know.


Trinity is a fast-growing community located north of the Pinellas and Hillsborough county borders in West Pasco County. So it is optimal for commuters. Trinity is also part of the New Port Richey area. Although residents hope it will soon be recognized as its own someday. Lakewood Ranch is also a master-planned community. It is located between Sarasota and Bradenton in Sarasota County and Manatee County, Florida. Since both towns don’t have many residents, they are excellent for making close friendships, spending time in (beautiful) nature. Also, there you can find many interesting things to do.

Sport and recreation

In Lakewood Ranch and Trinity there are many events for those who love the sport. Lakewood Ranch can offer you year-round outdoor recreation. There are many trails and sidewalks. Most of the streets are designed for people to ride a bike. Here you can also find many polo and golf matches. Actually, Lakewood Ranch is popular for its’ polo matches. From December until April, players from around the world come to compete on Sunday afternoons. Where the public is welcome to attend the 130-acre facility. Lakewood Ranch can also offer you many golf courses. There are four golf courses that are certified by Audubon international sanctuaries. However, if you are a baseball fan, then look for one of many Trinity baseball matches to watch. Especially during the summer, you can enjoy watching the baseball league.

Group of men riding horses
You can enjoy various sports events


You’ll definitely enjoy the food in both Lakewood Ranch and Trinity! They are home to more than 200 restaurants, eateries, and shops. The cuisine has many varieties and it will definitely suit your taste! High-quality restaurants and eateries can be found easily. Many restaurants can offer you a great atmosphere too so it is a nice idea to spend the evening there with your beloved.

Vegetables on the plate
There are different types of food for you to choose

What Lakewood Ranch and Trinity, FL have in common

Of course, there can be more reasons for you to move to any of these towns. It is always a smart idea to get as much information as you can. Find out more reasons to move to Florida and see what Lakewood Ranch and Trinity have in common.

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