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Clearwater Beach moving guidelines

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You should definitely check out this Clearwater Beach moving guidelines if you are planning to move here! It will serve as your own personal packing guide we have prepared just for you. We hope that you will learn something more about packing priority and packing order, as well as proper packing sequence in this short guide. So, without any further ado, let us begin!

Clearwater Beach moving guidelines – fast packing

In order to learn more about how to pack your home in one day or even less, we highly recommend to do the following:

  • Make a checklist. A checklist should be your “to go to” card any time you are packing. You should make a detailed list about your inventory and make sure that you write down everything you plan to move to Clearwater. This way, you will secure your items in advance and you will be able to refer to it whenever you need it. Also, make sure to double-check everything just in case. You can never be too safe when packing is concerned, so do it as often as you can.
  • Packing order. There is something called the packing order of items and you should follow it as much as you can. So, you should pack your small items first because it is easy to lose them or to misplace them during your move. If you do it, then chances are you have lost the items for good. Also, a lot of bigger items are consisted of smaller items and you must keep them separated and safe at all costs or you will not be able to reassemble the item in question. Keep it simple. Small items first, then medium, then really big ones.
  • Packing priority. There is also packing priority and it is something you should follow as well. You need to pack some items before you pack anything else. However, more about that in the following, for now, you should understand that you must never leave your PC and valuables behind. You should leave your useless items tho, they will only take up space.
Packing is not hard if you know how to do it
Cardboard boxes are good, but they are not the best when packing is concerned

Priority of packing

Since there are certain rules when packing is concerned, we have decided to help you out with this as well. Thus, you should separate your items into the following categories:

  • Essential items. All items that are essential to your life belong in this category. Your PC, your valuables, your jewelry, your antiques and so forth are essential for you. The priority of packing should be given to them before anything else. Keep in mind that the rule for small/medium/large category is still valid. Although, you should pack your small essential items, then medium and then large before you move to necessary items.
  • Necessary items. All items that are necessary for you are in this category. Everything you will need after or during your move you should put on this list. For example, spare clothing, chargers, gifts from friends and family, and so on. Make sure to follow the same small/medium/large rule for this as well. It will help you a lot for your move.
  • Replaceable items. Most items you have in your household are replaceable. Dishes, notepads, pencils and so on. Those items can be replaced easily anywhere you move to in Clearwater, and they are not expensive at all. You can pack them if you have extra space only. If you do not, feel free to sell them, or leave them behind.
  • Junk items. All other items you never use or are worthless or broken are junk items. You do not wish to bring junk along with you for your move. What you can do is to store them somewhere or organize a garage sale or something. You should not waste your precious packing space for them.
Finding good storage is very important
Choose the best storage option when you are finished with packing

Clearwater Beach moving guidelines – packing equipment

You need to know what packing and moving supplies you should acquire before you start packing. It makes a lot of difference, trust us. Thus, check out the following:

  • Proper moving boxes and containers. You simply cannot use a cardboard box for everything when packing your items are concerned. There are items that demand special types of packing and protection before you can move them. Remember, you will be travelling (possibly a long distance) and you want to keep your items safe. You can check out Amazon or some other website to see what packing and moving supplies you can get. It will make a world of difference, believe us!
  • Packing protection. There are some items that help protect your inventory while packing. Bubble wrap, special packing boxes, inlaid packing boxes, plastic materials and so on help a lot when you are packing. So, you should try to protect your items in the best possible way. The best idea is to check specific guides about packing certain types of inventory. They will provide you with enough information about how to proceed with your move to Clearwater. Remember, use everything you can to make sure your move is safe.
  • Moving companies can help. You can also call for a moving company and think about some moving day meals ideas instead of worrying about packing. A moving company will take care of the packing for you. Why is this a good option? Because every moving company has great packing equipment that will help you with your move immensely. Give them a call and check out what they offer!

Additional information

Even if you are an expert mover, you might find some things useful. For example, a moving company is the right way to go in most cases because only then can you be really sure for the safety of your items. Besides, they are experts and they know how to pack anything! Definitely worth checking out, at least.

Feel free to check our Clearwater Beach moving guide if you have any questions about packing!
There is a guide for everything on the Internet, the same can be applied to packing


Whether or not you find packing interesting and boring, never forget that it is not the easiest part of the move, but the hardest. Thus, you should get all the help you can before you move. Hopefully, this Clearwater Beach moving guidelines helped you understand packing more and we wish you good luck with your move!

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