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How to prepare for moving in together?

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How to prepare for moving in together? It is not easy finding that special someone who we would like to move in with. One of the great questions of life is whether we are going to find that person and if that person even exists. Going through life looking for the answers to these questions is not always an easy task. We will stumble and get burned from time to time and the doubts may overtake us, but it is important to continue onwards hoping for the best. And once we do find ourselves in a committed relationship, then thinking about moving in together is the logical step after some time. However, it is important not to rush in something like this without preparing asking around for some moving tips.

man and woman holding hands together in field during daytime
Moving in together is a huge step, so make sure that you are both ready

Luckily we live in such times that moving in with someone is not a taboo anymore. A hundred years ago, when you prepare for moving in together, you were basically planning to marry each other at the same time. Living with a partner back then was not really a regular thing. And we are not talking just about the way the people in the community would think about it. No, it was something that everybody saw the same way. However, nowadays, moving in with someone does mean that things are quite serious between the two, however, it is easier to back out of there. So, what matters most before you start to prepare for moving in together, is mental preparation.

Before moving in together…

Asking some questions and making sure that everybody is on the same page is a necessity before moving in together. How long have you been together? The duration of a relationship is not a 100% accurate sign of the relationship’s quality (as probably most of us have learned at some point), however, it can also be quite a good parameter of seeing how far you have come and are you ready to move in. If your relationship has lasted for a couple of years, for instance, then you probably know each other well enough to make such a step. In contrast to this, being in a relationship for a couple of months is rarely a basis for planning to live together. On the other hand, it is still possible that you can know each other well enough because you have perhaps been friends before you started your relationship.

In order to prepare for moving in together, you must talk
Asking the proper questions is crucial for coming to the right decision

Such a backstory gives strong foundations and can really make all the difference for you. So, basically, no matter the length of your relationship, you have to try and be objective before rushing into something. Often times, of course, moving in together can strengthen a relationship and make it bloom. Asking a few essential questions and answering them truthfully and in-depth is the best thing to do here. What are yours and your partner’s plans for the future? Do you honestly see each other with that person living it out together? Knowing the answer to this should probably be obligatory before asking this question. Or answering positively if you are the one who has been asked. Where will you live? Are you both moving from your homes to the new one?

Which apartment are you going to use?

This is one of the key questions you must think through together. It also gives you a chance to see how you two actually work together as roommates. You have probably been sleeping over in your partner’s apartment, or they in yours. However, spending a few nights per week in the same place is not like living together. So, go for a test run. Live for three or four weeks together and make sure that you act as you have truly moved from your old place to the new one. This will give you a real taste of what living together will be like. After or during this time you can also talk about hiring moving help in Clearwater or anywhere else you would actually live. Does either of you own a place? If so, then that makes the choice an obvious one. However, if you are both renting, then finding a new place together might make more sense.

How to practically prepare for moving in together?

Space and finance are the two crucial aspects if you are to prepare for moving in together properly. We all have our own things that we have gathered over the years. From clothes, books, kitchen items, electronic devices, there is a lot to go around. Now, having those items times two means that you two will have to find a way to share the space with each other. So, the storage solutions should be one of your top priorities when choosing the place in which you will live. This can be a chance to get rid of some of the things that you do not actually need. Decluttering is always a smart move, especially when you are thinking about all the things your chosen movers will have to transport. And you should also think about your habits and hobbies. You will both need space for yourselves at some point.

grayscale photo of books
Plan how you will organize all of your belongings before moving in

Now when it comes to the financial aspect of the situation, you should both in one way or another be ready to contribute to the household. The obvious question here is whether both of you, or either of you, are working? This plays a significant role in finding the perfect place for you. Now if one of you is working longer hours, then perhaps the other one should do more chores? The most important thing to remember here is that this is not a competition. You are both able to provide resources for the household. You are both there to complement each other and not compare to each other. Living together is about teamwork, so be honest, objective and respective towards each other’s time and health. If you do this, then there is a lot of wonderful things coming your way and the moving day is just around the corner.

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