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How to handle disputes with movers?

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Disputes with movers are not common, but they are not uncommon as well. Many things can happen that might cause you to snap at your movers and have an argument or a dispute with them. We will see why disputes occur and how you should behave to avoid or settle them in this short guide. We really hope that you will find it useful and, more importantly, that you will handle disputes with movers more easily. So, without any further ado, let us begin!

Why disputes with movers happen?

Sometimes you cannot help but argue and fight with your movers. So, instead of thinking about what packing and moving supplies should you use, you will spend your time arguing. Here are some reasons why you might angry at your movers:

  • They made mistakes. Yes, this can happen sometimes. Maybe your movers broke your favorite chair, or they made other types of mistakes like doing the packing wrong. You need to understand that this is not a big problem. Mistakes can be corrected (most of them, at least). Besides, each and every one of us makes them sometimes, it is not the end of the world.
  • They deliberately made mistakes. This, however, is a problem. Most professional workers will never do this, but sometimes you might choose a wrong moving company. When you see that your movers are deliberately making mistakes, call the moving company and report them. There is no point in entering a dispute with them about it, but you should let them know that you know what they have been doing.
Two people arguing about something
Try to handle disputes with movers without an argument, if it is possible

More reasons for having a dispute

There is something else entirely as well which might require you to handle disputes with movers. For example:

  • Your movers are late without notice. This is never a pleasant feeling. Your time for the move is short as it is, and it will get even shorter due to your movers being late. This is not acceptable – you are paying for the service and you want the service to be done in the best possible way. If your movers are late without notice, wait 15 minutes and if they still are not there, call the moving company to see where they are. It might be a misunderstanding or it might be just an honest mistake. Still think about should you tip your movers if that happens.
  • Your movers showed up a couple of hours late, but with notice. This is a bad thing, really. However, if they called to let you know, they will probably make up for being late one way or another. They can do a faster and better job and they can reduce some moving costs as well. If you choose to enter an argument with them about it, you should know that it will not help. They are probably nervous about being late as much as you are – they will work longer hours without pay. Do not go too harsh on them.
Calling your moving company is one of the ways you can handle disputes with movers
A professional moving company will always be there to hear about your problems with their workers

Handle disputes with movers the easy way

There are some ways you can handle disputes with movers which are easy. So, before you make your ultimate packing checklist, check this out:

  • Be understandable. This is the most humane trait ever. If you understand that your movers have their story as well, you might not go too hard on them. A lot of things can happen during the move, both to you and your movers. You should never take things for granted and listen to what they have to say before arguing with them. Most professional movers are really good in what they do. However, some things can happen that none of you can influence. A big traffic jam or an earthquake or something can make your movers really late or not show at all. Understand them to the best of your ability, no matter how hard it can get.
  • Take a breather. This might be one of the best options. We tend to say a lot of stuff we do not mean when we are angry or stressed. Before taking any action, just take a short breather. Focus on something that makes you happy. You can visit Amazon and see if you can find something interesting there or you can take a short nap. Either way works – the most important thing is that you feel relaxed before you make any rash decisions. Remember, mistakes happen, and disputes can be settled, but if there is no reason for that, why do it at all? Take a short breather and focus on the day ahead!

Additional information

There is some additional information that goes well with this topic. You can handle disputes with movers indirectly as well. Depending on the severity of the situation, you can either choose to ignore it or to call a moving company. The first option should be used for something minor, as mistakes tend to happen during the move. The workers will apologize if something bigger happens and offer to make it better for you in any way. If that happens, do not enter any disputes or report their activity to the moving company. If they are responsible, they will report it themselves and ask how they can fix it. You will be surprised how things can turn out in the end!

A solution is possible only if you think clearly
There is a perfect solution for everything – you just have to find it!

Reporting your workers to the moving company should be done only in extreme cases. For example, your movers did something you cannot just let slide or cannot be repaired. Then it is understandable that you will ask your moving company for solutions. However, almost everything can be settled with talk, so try that out first. If it does not work, you know which number to call.


You can handle disputes with movers in a lot of ways. However, you should focus more that it does not come to that. Why? Well, your professional movers will almost never do anything bad to you on purpose. That can happen, but cases are so rare they are not even worth mentioning. For all needs, call your moving company and see what would the best course of action be. Remember, it is your move, you deserve the best!

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