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Packing for a Pinellas County move guide

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Pinellas County is located on the Gulf of Mexico and it is one of the best travel destinations in Florida. Usually, people fall in love with Orlando or Miami, but this little heaven on Earth, bordering Tampa and Clearwater is something really worth visiting. Fortunately for you, we have prepared a short guide to help you with your packing for a Pinellas County move! We hope that you will find the information in our guide useful and that it will help you with your upcoming move. So, without further ado, let us dive right in!

Packing for a Pinellas County move

The best method to proceed with this is to treat it like any other move. Sure, Pinellas County is both amazing and exotic, but a move is still a move. You should check a brief guide on long-distance moving if you are moving from far away as well. We are certain it will help you better understand the move. Now, as far as the move goes, follow this and you will be fine:

  • Make a checklist. As with any other packing, you will need a checklist. Moreover, you will need the ultimate packing checklist, actually! This way you can keep track of your items before your move. It is very hard to correct this mistake once it happens. We cannot go back just like that to pick up what we left behind. Usually, it will take a lot of trouble and effort. Not to mention the costs and everything that goes along with that. Thus, make the best checklist with all the details and stick to it. Do not forget anything!
  • Call a moving company if you need it. Well, if you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it. Packing for a Pinellas County move can be hard, so make sure that you get all the help you might need. Moreover, you can get an estimate early from a Pinellas moving company. So, if it suits you, you can ask them to pack your things for you. Also, do not forget that you will need a checklist for this as well, so, all in all, a checklist is a must.
If you make a good checklist, you won't have to worry about organization a lot
A checklist can help you with your packing for a Pinellas County move. Your friends and family can help as well

Additional things you can/should do:

There are some additional things you should do when your packing is concerned. For example:

  • Get appropriate packing supplies. Sometimes what you have is not enough. So, you should look for more packing supplies. You can get a good bubble wrapping material or something similar to that. A bubble wrap will make sure that your items do not get damaged during the transport. Moreover, it will make sure that your items remain safely packed as well. There are other moving supplies you can check out. Some duck tape will not hold the pressure from the moving boxes, so get an appropriate one. Learn a bit more about it on the Internet, it will make your move much easier!
  • Packing order. So, packing for a Pinellas County move is not easy, we know that. However, you can do something to make it easier. Learn the packing sequence. For example, start from the smallest items and progress towards the bigger ones. Why? Because small items can easily get lost or misplaced and you might never see them again. So, always take care of your items, especially small ones. You can pack your kitchen later, focus on the smaller parts of the home first.
  • Help for packing. There is no shame if you ask for some help for packing. Your friends and family can help out. Make a good packing plan and split the work. You should take the most important work, however, because it is your move after all.
A moving company will make sure that everything goes according to plan
Always rely on a moving company when everything else fails.

What to do when you are packing for a Pinellas County move?

There are also some things you should do when you are preparing to move to Pinellas County. This works in general as well, but it is best if we write it down separately. It revolves around the order of packing and priority. Thus:

  • Necessities. The items you can never allow to be left behind. For example, your laptop, your television set, your jewelry, etc. You do not want to move anywhere without the items you can’t live without or without the items that are the most valuable you have. Those items should be packed first (however, from smallest to largest). This way you will make sure that your move goes according to plan.
  • Essential items. Some items are not necessities, but they are essential for your new life in a new location. Such items are clothing, equipment, inventory, etc. You can manage without them, but it will be so hard and so troublesome. Thus, pack them second (also following the “smallest” to “largest” order). That way you will not have to buy more stuff when you come. Not to mention that items that belong to this category are usually very expensive and/or hard to find.
Packing for a Pinellas County move cannot be done with shopping bags. You need proper packing supplies
This can help you with groceries, but not with packing. Acquire better packing supplies

Other categories:

There are other categories as well. So we have:

  • Replaceable items. All of the items you can easily replace in your new location belong to this category. Moreover, you do not even need to bring them along, but if you have space, do not forget them! For example, your cutlery or your books can be easily replaced (depends on the value, but in general, yes). So, make sure to make space for them, for financial reasons.
  • Junk items. The items you do not want are called “junk items”. Broken pieces of equipment and inventory or something that is not working anymore belong to this category. You should either discard them or sell them, either way, works for you.


Overall, packing for your Pinellas County move can be hard, but it is manageable. We sincerely hope that you found our little guide helpful when packing is concerned. You can use it for any sort of move, both local and long distance as well. So, make sure to follow it and enjoy your move! We wish you all the best!

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