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Organizing your new home after moving: a brief guide

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So, the moving process is finished! You are finally in your new home! And that is great news! But now comes the part that leaves a lot of people worried and uncertain about what to do. Once your local movers leave your home, and all the boxes are unloaded – comes the question. Where to start first? How to start organizing everything? After all – all of your belongings are there. Organizing your new home after moving might seem complicated but with our few tips and tricks, you will be able to do it easy and fast.

When it comes to organizing your new home after moving – give yourself time!

A lot of people want to unpack as fast as possible, but also as soon as possible. Although that seems logical – it is not a great idea. Give yourself a little bit of time. You can have a family meal once you have arrived in your new home. If you are wondering what to eat – there are some rather great ideas for moving day meals. Give yourself time and take it slow. Create a priority list and follow it. And by doing so – you will se how fast you will actually unpack. Planning is part of every process, so don’t skip it.

woman drinking coffee before Organizing your new home after moving:
Give yourself some time to relax in your new home

Packing before the move is important

We can not stress enough how important is to pack everything properly and use good and sturdy materials. Of course, keep in mind that you can always use professional packing services FL and avoid any possible troubles.

Nursery and children rooms come first

So, if you have kids the first room that you should unpack is their room. Moving is stressful, and it is very stressful for children. Especially if they are young and they can’t quite understand what is going on. They can feel the change, but they also feel uncertain. And by unpacking their room, and their toys first – you give them some stability and routine. Although you might have done a great job preparing them for the relocation – they still might feel uncomfortable in your new home.

unpacked kids room after Organizing your new home after moving:
Children room should be first on the list

Make sure to assemble beds and cribs. You can check with your movers is there an option for them to assemble all of your furniture for you. Make designated baskets and drawers for toys, diapers, etc. And keep in mind one golden rule: Unpacking first – decorating later. You can create a fun corner for your kids – but don’t lose time on decorating as soon as you have moved in.

If you are organizing your new home after moving – cords should be a priority

When it comes to cords – they can be your worst enemy if you don’t take care of them. And, besides that – they can make your home look really unpleasant and messy. You need to manage all of your cords, and there are a lot of ways to do it properly. For the cords that you are not using at that moment – assign a drawer or a box. Make sure to wrap them securely before putting them inside of a box or basket. With that little trick, you will avoid a lot of possible problems.

Organizing home after moving starts by outlining where will go all of your furniture and electrical devices. The best way to keep all the cables in one place is to either make a tube by yourself doing some DIY projects. Another option is to purchase different little gadgets that can help you organize your cords.

Take care of your linens

Although this might seem silly at the first look – organizing your linens can help you a lot along the way. A lot of people often overlook what they actually need in their new home. People usually focus on what packing supplies should they use, how to label boxes, etc. Organizing your new home after moving is more than simply unpacking boxes. You should plan your first few days in a new home and pack an essential box. In that box – you should have towels, bed sheets, toiletries and similar.
Linens are belongings that get lost very easily among all of your belongings that you are unpacking. So – to avoid that – assign one closet or a place where you will unpack them. You can roll your towels so they take less space. Sort them through categories, so you can easily access them. A lot of people often wash all of their linens – a clean and fresh start in your new home!

towels in a shelf
Linens are very important when moving and unpacking

Organize your kitchen

Once you have moved to your new home, besides the bathroom – you will need the kitchen to be up and running almost immediately. Your kitchen should be a top priority when it comes to unpacking, so don’t delay it. Make sure to unpack first the most essential things – plates, dishware, etc. If you packed your kitchen properly you will be able to unpack it very fast. You can organize it in any way you like. It is important to be functional and that you can easily reach all the things that you use on a daily basis. Organizing your new home means organizing room by room and making it functional!

When organizing your new home after moving – entryway is important

This is a place that is very important but it is often really forgotten. We often overlook the fact that entryway is the first thing people see when they come into our home, but it is also the last thing they see. So, it is important to organize it very nicely and make it comfortable. If you did not pay attention to it in your old home – this is a great opportunity to correct that. It is easy to create a chaos of shoes, jackets, and boxes in the first few weeks after you move in.

entryway door
The entryway is often forgotten – decorate it!

And there is a rather easy way to avoid that – hooks! You can hang everything on them. And you cna have a small shoe rack. Also, once you have settled in – feel free to decorate it and make it more comfortable and functional!


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